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  1. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    My name is Fennelly. I try to write articles but they come out like a 3rd grader's poem. Maybe one day a story of mine will break. Who knows? I don't.
  2. Never Again

    I do admit I jumped the gun a bit, but this one just rubbed me the wrong way. Anytime I've asked him a question about USF (not in a sarcastic manner) he replies with some snarky comment. I just don't remember Auman being like this. I've just gotten the feel that JK isn't a big fan of what he's doing.
  3. Never Again

    Exactly. I have no idea what brought this about.
  4. Never Again

    Will I read another JK article. Unbelievable. http://www.tampabay.com/sports/college/new-era-of-liberation-under-ucf-coach-scott-frost/2330785
  5. USF Football Preseason Favorites

    I graduated from USF in 2013, and this is the biggest hype I've ever seen around the program hands down. I've done plenty of research and know about our 2007 history and whatnot but it's really nice to get to experience this, and to see the growth of our program. The weekend before my first class as a Bull, I was able to sneak into the room of where my first class was and decided to write "beat Notre Dame" on the whiteboard (and sure enough, we did). It was incredibly cool seeing that still on the board when I walked in on Monday after we got the W.
  6. Really want to see Salomon this year. He seems like a beast and has the chance to be a big part of this program imo
  7. Classic Football Game Videos

    PSA...there are enough videos on here to watch 1 a day until the start of the season.
  8. 18-4

    Im excited to see our defense, but more so for the fact that we really weren't great on defense last year. I expect to see a great combo from both sides of the ball under Strong and Gilbert. This has the potential to be the most lethal team in USF history, but I just hope we can live up to the hype. Really wish there was a more significant game on the schedule but I'll take what we can get.
  9. Super Early Bowl Projections

    I was part of that crowd. We were definitely the minority, but we got pretty loud.
  10. I looked at the lady and said "that score is pretty nice." It started to get a little chippy but they didn't have a leg to stand on after we kept putting runs on the board. She went home by the 4th inning
  11. I absolutely LOVE how USF didn't include ucif in this picture hahah
  12. Was at the game, and the USF crowd that was there was great. Got a few dirty looks and was also told that I can be shown the parking lot by some lizard fans who didn't like me cheering by them. GO BULLS!
  13. 5-Star Defensive Tackle Marvin Wilson visits USF

    We're at one of the highest points this program has ever been. If we have a good season we'll be fine.
  14. Bruce Judson

    How long do you think he'll stay at Oregon? Got a Strong feeling this may end up being another Asianti Woulard case.
  15. For tomorrow night's game against UCONN. Anyone have any good deals for good seats?