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  1. USF vs Temple Game Line

    I’m perfectly fine with being wrong about that.
  2. Scheduling a 12 game for 2017

    If we schedule GA tech, that gives us a better chance to prove ourselves against another P5. If we’re as good as we think, we should win the game.
  3. USF vs Temple Game Line

    Mistakes do happen indeed, but we have seemingly one of the worst special teams in kick protection in the country. That shouldn’t happen at Usf. It seems like if we’re great at one thing, we have to suck at another. Last year, dynamic offense and atrocious defense. This year, great defense/offense, atrocious special teams.
  4. Temple will be a test for us

    I did a few days ago and just about everyone had us easily winning this game. They have zero confidence and I don’t think we have much to worry about.
  5. Temple will be a test for us

    That’s quite the interesting take. I highly doubt anything like that is going on. Sure, we’ve seen our share of “home field advantages” but I can’t see the commissioner of our conference doing this.
  6. Which one (or two) will the Bulls drop?

    As weird as it sounds the more I feel like Disney’s football team won’t be as much of a threat. I’m still not sold on their QB, and with our improved defense I think we can handle them. We’ll see.
  7. interesting. Would he offer much more than our backups now?
  8. Deangelo Antoine Status

    Darnell Solomon should be back too. I'm still pretty convinced he's a gamer.
  9. Wake The Bulls Inside

  10. USF vs Illinois TV Rating

    An obvious sign it's good in my eyes is that none of the Tampa beat "writers" have tweeted it
  11. Wear White?

    By all means. It's been a tragic week for many. I honestly didn't even expect this game to be played. With that being said us not knowing if there was a color theme was an issue for our first home game as well before Irma was a threat at all.
  12. Wear White?

    I'm wearing green. I wore it last game and it was good luck. Don't mess with the juju. If usf had advertised this more I would have worn white. Also, our media and marketing departments seem like they took a step back, much like our offense, from the past two seasons.
  13. Joel Miller passes away at 29

    I wonder if it's hurricane related?
  14. Ray Jay

    the only thing I'd be able to think of would be the rowdies stadium. But now it's saying it'll be a category 1 by the time it hits Tampa, so I highly doubt that'll happen.