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  1. Tulio Da Silva No Longer With Team

    Is that really that shocking? Our football team hit its lows pretty hard but this is a lot worse than that. It’s behond embarrassing.
  2. Q will have go throw to beat UCF

    What do you guys think the actual reasoning the media wasn’t allowed at practice this week might be?
  3. Q will have go throw to beat UCF

    I’m more concerned about the mobility of their QB. We haven’t shown that we can stop that very well.
  4. UCF is going to beat us down

    Their fans have to salivating over a post like this.
  5. And yeah, this offense looks spectacular right now.
  6. No it’s not fully on the offense. But we’ve scored 27 points against a really bad defense. Our offense this year lacks the excitement it used to have. So yes, back to my statement, I don’t know what to think of them.
  7. I don’t even know what to think about this offense anymore. We should be blowing teams out yet we like to let teams think they have a chance against us.
  8. Boise State ahead of us now

    We will have 1 loss and a win over the highest ranked group of 5.
  9. This weeks rankings

    None of this makes sense. How dumb can they possibly be? I CAN’T STAND Miami but Clemson over them is absurd. Clemson lost to Syracuse, how are they rewarded for that?
  10. Offense Question

    No, we’re a team with a talented offense that should be used in multiple ways, especially when we were going against one of the top defensive tackles in the nation.
  11. Offense Question

    We didn’t game plan anything special. We ran the same thing we were running and hoped it would get us by.
  12. Five 3 loss teams.

    This would put into play a glaring issue in the eyes of “brand names.” This leaves a wide open hole for one of us (g5) to upset teams that are more nationally prominent, and I have a feeling the people throwing money at these schools would cry themselves to sleep until the following season if this happened.
  13. Offense Question

    This entire season would be different (offensively speaking) if Taggart were still at the helm.
  14. UCF Tickets

    Just call them. I did last week and they said I was good to go.
  15. CCS and Coaching Openings

    Surely there would be more talk floating around if this is actually the case. I’ve heard he’s a high contender for the job, but I’ve also heard there are bigger names that are frontrunners over him. & No, I can’t provide a link to that because it’s all hearsay. Until something comes out saying that Frost was offered the job but turned it down, I have a very hard time believing this is what really happened.