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  1. USF 2018 Football Schedule

    Think we can be 6-1 or 7-0 going into the Houston game. Think we end up 9-3 at the end. Drop one of the two against Cincy and Temple, drop GT and Houston.
  2. USF new requirements

    SAT of 1300* Dont think it will hurt the process as much. I think academic requirements were still higher than UF or FSU for athletes under Taggart and now Strong. Besides I think becoming more selective will help the university from the standpoint of having students that can be successful with the rigors of the rising academic standards. Also it helps the value of our degree and helps us shed that "lower tier" perception versus FSU or even UF. Its actually harder to get into USF than it is to get into FSU now. From a STEM standpoint, I think we may be surpassing the Noles pretty soon if we haven't already.
  3. USF Future Scheduling Strategy

    I like the strategy here, especially if the next round of realignment occurs in the next 3-4 years and we luck out and get a spot. We'd have a bunch of mid level P5's to help boost the out of conference instead of cupcakes. Regardless of if that happens they have to stay on the schedule. Thought how we structured the games vs NC State was good so they can't screw us over the year before without paying a hefty price. Louisville deal structure was alright too I guess.
  4. TE Kano Dillon Leaving USF

    CCS can't develop players because a second string TE decided to transfer?? Seriously? Dillon was losing minutes in 2016 under CWT. He was gonna sit behind Wilcox under CWT or CCS regardless.
  5. TE Kano Dillon Leaving USF

    Heard rumblings about this a few weeks ago. Not surprising. Great talent, but he was losing reps even under Taggart once Mitch got here. Good for him for graduating and trying to get meaningful minutes.
  6. Quinton Flowers leaves east west shrine game

    Show out at the combine and get that paper. He deserves it not only for himself, but to support his family too.
  7. Gilbert Rumors

    Fair point about Flowers not being back next year - but I think the process becomes even more important when you don't have his improv skills to bail you out and simply outtalent the opposition. Your point about the Houston game being meaningless is only validated because of hindsight. At the time, we didn't know what was going to happen next making it very important. There were quite a few variables where that loss bites us in the ass. Just because it ended up not really effecting our season doesn't mean that it should be treated as no harm no foul. Again, process over result. Also, if you are a G5 school trying to get respect in a P5 CFB world you need every victory you can get. Don't care against who - you play to win and we should have against Houston. Also, he had D'onta Foreman to bail him out at Texas and I think had Garrapolo at another stop too . His offenses are too predictable and it showed towards the end of the season last year at Texas - defenses keyed into the fact that he runs four plays without any variations.
  8. Gilbert Rumors

    Don't want to keep harping on this - but if minor tuning is all that it would have taken to fix the offense then why didn't Gilbert put those easy changes into place during the season? Pride? Incapability to understand the talent on offense? I really don't care about the reason. All that matters is that it didn't happen. Another sign that he's not fit to be an OC. He inherited one of the most exciting and powerful USF offenses and ended up handcuffing their abilities throughout the whole season because of his play calling. If we can get some sort of buyout from a larger school for him I will consider that a win.
  9. Gilbert Rumors

    Against who? You're looking at the result when the process was way more important to look at here, especially given our weak schedule and the talent gap between USF and its opponents this year. We do not score 38 points per game and rack up 500 yds if we play a harder schedule. The offense never really got into rhythm. Besides the UCF game and the second half of the Texas Tech game, where Q either went superhuman or decided to go rogue from the play calling and try to will his team to victory, the offense was downright frustrating from the start and no real adjustment was made to work towards our strengths.
  10. Gilbert Rumors

    Its not just the fans - you could tell some of the players, Quinton in particular, were visibly frustrated on offense. He underutilized Johnson- the stats don't lie there - and tried to turn Q into a pocket passer. There were a number of different instances where he neglected our strengths in crucial situations in order to implement his vanilla offense and it didn't work - happened in the houston game once or twice in the first half and again late in the 4th. An offensive coordinator that calls 4 straight HB dives in the red zone on multiple occasions throughout the game especially when he has as elusive as a QB as Flowers is probably doing something very wrong.
  11. Gilbert Rumors

    Twitter blowing up about him leaving for LSU... apparently they are "closing in" on him...whatever the hell that means. I mean it is LSU the same program that fired Les Miles, brought him back and then fired him for real midway through the next season. But if these rumors are true and pan out then Christmas has come early in 2018. If he leaves we need to bring in Weist or Reeves ASAP....or promote King ( that would protect him from getting poached by Taggart too)
  12. Arizona may be interested in Charlie Strong

    I wouldn't be completely upset if he left although I don't expect him to. He got 95% of his recruiting class signed so you won't see any prospect attrition upfront like with other programs in between coaches. Hooray for early signing day! Just gotta get a good hire to keep the players from transferring out. Also, the new coach would have a full year to build out his class for next year so that's a plus if you think Charlie will leave at the end of next season.
  13. USF's possibilities to crash the 2019 CFP

    My concern is taking a P5 offer and having the league disband after 2 years, wasting resources that could have been spent to lobby for a better conference, but being stuck in the same predicament again. Outside of Oklahoma and Texas the Big 12 gets no respect in football even though it's a P5. Also those two teams are probably the conferences meal ticket to getting more TV dollars in the football side of things. Those two teams leave and the Big 12 essentially becomes the AAC 2.0.
  14. USF's possibilities to crash the 2019 CFP

    In the bigger picture do we really want to accept an offer from a desperate Big 12? It's a power conference now but certainly the least powerful out of the 5 and most likely to disband if a couple of teams decide to split - Kinda like how the Big East on the football side was when it hit us up. Taking an offer from the Big 12 if they don't have their house in order financially might just be another dead end and a repeat of past mistakes. I wonder what it would take to join the ACC - I know there are roadblocks with FSU and Miami but it's a more sustainable conference than the Big 12.
  15. USF's possibilities to crash the 2019 CFP

    I agree. Taggart was able to recruit the 2014 class after a 2-10 USF season and a UCF victory in the Fiesta bowl. They had a good season this year, but I wouldn't be scared of that program, their delusions of grandeur will bring them back to reality...that and losing key pieces on a defense that was already pretty bad.