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  1. Linebacker Shortage

    Gonna have to switch a safety perhaps? Heard they were trying something with McGee or Dixon can't remember exactly though.
  2. Never Again

    Not gonna lie - Collin and team's articles about The Holtz New Error are pretty entertaining though.
  3. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    Brett Venebles or Lane Kiffin (because he just fits the sliminess of this situation so well) - considering the hassles Charlie had to deal with at Texas with the boosters, I'm not sure if he's too keen on going into an environment where there is a lot of pressure because of a delusional fan and booster base as well as the uncertainty with NCAA sanctions (I don't think the self imposed bans will be enough, especially with the Freeze misconduct and the lawsuit from Nutt). Not to mention that the SEC west is great at kicking the **** out each other every year - it's an uphill battle if you're not Bama. Also, I heard that Charlie had to deal with some racism with boosters at think he wants to deal with an even more backwards situation at Ole Miss?? And with far fewer resources than UT?
  4. CFB Championship

    Have a ticket for sale if anyone wants to take out a second mortgage and put a kidney on the black market to pay for it.
  5. Charlie Strong

    Trading in the bus for the #CharlieTrain Bulls Unite!!
  6. I want Charlie Strong!!!!!

    Comparing Antigua to Strong is apples and oranges. Recruiting dynamics between Basketball and Football are completely different. Also, if that doesn't convince you take a look at Strong's teams at Louisville. Half of his 2011 class went to the NFL...including a guy named Teddy Bridgewater who he was able to recruit away from UM. That's the type of stuff we need.
  7. I want Charlie Strong!!!!!

    Anyone doubting Strong is crazy. The guy actually won conference championships (which none of these others guys and Taggart have done) and was a hell of a recruiter while at UF (alot of his players have gone on the NFL - highlight was the 2008 UF defense where practically everyone went to the league). He was Louisville's Taggart after their program was decimated and if you take a look - Herman's going to have a 10 win team in year 1 because of his TX where he supposedly didn't have as robust of connections as he does in FL. He will crush recruiting here and take us to another level. He's not perfect but I think he was dealt a bad hand at UT (probably because he was their obvious second or even third choice). Nonetheless he's the guy we want. Don't need to be a tactical genius to coach the AAC - just ask Coach T. Love the guy, but its true.
  8. USF can't turn the corner

    You may be right, but I think he is building the program back the right way - beating people we are supposed to beat (ie not dropping stupid games against teams like ECU, UConn, and Syracuse). The game against Temple was going to be a dog fight regardless of the athletes and speed on our team so it shouldnt be considered a missed lay-up. Our team is doing what those "good" teams back in 07 and 08 couldnt do - finish out teams that have no business beating us. This is a gradual process and I think people are being a bit too impatient now due to an overhyped off-season and our great start to the 2016 season. Honestly, I think we are where we're supposed to be (losing to FSU and splitting the Cincy and Temple games on the road, while winning all other games.) College football seasons will have curve balls (Navy performance so far, and UCF resurgence) and we have to roll with the punches. That's what championship teams do. The next 4 games this season will gauge how ready we are now to take that next step or come back next season with a more mature team as I think we have a solid foundation going forward. We've gone I think 13-4 in our last 17 games since we started hitting our stride last season? All 4 losses were either 50/50 or should have been outright losses (FSU). The next step is taking those 4 losses and making 2 of them victories in the next 17 games. Thats how we build and thats how we create a consistent winning culture. Starts next week when we play Navy. The silver lining is that this team doesn't fold. Study those 4 losses - 3 of them went deep into the fourth quarter when we were down double digits at a point earlier in the game. The issues with defense are what they are but I don't think this team goes down without a fight. Taggart wont let it.
  9. USF can't turn the corner

    Season's not over. If you poll anyone before the season a majority of them would have been pretty happy with a 6-2 start. Everyone needs to stop freaking out and calling for Taggart's head and dumping all over our team. Besides a flukey blocked punt, and sequence of unfortunate events inside 5 min of the fourth we played the game that we typically play. Penalties are a result of youth (looking at you Norman) and that's only because he's a backup and injuries on the line plague every team. Nobody complained when we beat Cincy, ECU, or UConn like this and were waving the USF flag oh so proudly. I've seen other posts where people are completely flying off the bus - seriously? Get a freaking grip and support this team. Going 11-1 and undefeated in conference is really f**cking hard, and not a lot teams can do it regardless of what conference they are in. I really don't care how much speed we have or FL talent, you play the games on the field for this reason. Sure we haven't turned a corner yet, but at least watch how this team responds and believe that we will persevere. You wonder why people on the fringe don't fill the stands? They take their queue from the diehards who lose their **** when we drop a game. You wanna build tradition? Try having some f**cking persistence and faith in your team. Yeah I ranted, so sue me.
  10. What's with FSU ticket sales?

    Never thought I would take a loss on FSU tickets...hopefully we see an uptick in purchases the week of.
  11. FSU Game Time

    Does this start time mean that I should sell my extra tickets in the nosebleeds at fire sale prices? We know how many tickets are left?
  12. New Ticket Holders

    Got my first season tickets too. Question: I have a few friends that still are able to sit in the student section. Can you get into the student section w/o a student guest ticket if you just show your season ticket? Heard that you could, but I'm not sure about it. Just wanted to double check here. Thanks!
  13. USF Football: Put Up or Shut Up

    Just a “few” words now that fall practices are right around the corner. Saw a lot of encouraging things during spring practice, but there are a couple of things that I’m not completely sold on either. Anyway, there’s no denying that this offseason feels a lot different than the last few and I think expectations will only continue to grow in the remaining 50 or so days until we kickoff against Towson. With that, I leave you with my three big points for the upcoming season. We need to take 2016 one game at a time or we are going to blow it . We went 3-4 in conference, and lost 5 out of our last 8 that year. Believe it or not, FSU is kind of on the back burner in my mind (don’t get me wrong, I have fantasized about storming the field a time or two and think that we will need to get after it in that game) but I don’t think it defines our season if we win or lose. Refer to 2009 to see if winning that game really mattered in the grand schemeThese games will define our season.Outside of Towson, we really can’t sleep on anybody this year – I see NIU and Syracuse as trap games, Cincy and Temple as tough road games that we probably split, games against UConn and Navy that look trickier than originally perceived…and an away game against Memphis down the stretch (luckily that will come after a much needed bye week). All the publicity is great, but you don’t play the games on paper. Sure, the number of players on preseason award lists and all-conferences teams is a testament to the staff’s recruiting and the talent on the roster, but it really wont matter if we don’t win the games we’re supposed to win. A deceptively tough schedule, a relatively new coaching staff, and a mountain of expectations has all the makings of a letdown, but if USF, as a program, wants to get to an elite level it has to live up to the hype. .st– The USF hype train is in full gear and has been since the final whistle blew in Miami on December 21 D-Line and Defensive Coaching Staff – I’m starting to become bullish on the former and bearish on the latter. Even with all of the doubt about our DE’s, I think the D-Line will be very good this year. I really like Hector, Senat, and Awoleke…if one of those guys played DE I would like our situation a whole lot more, but you cant always get what you want. Regardless, I think the athletes we already have (Mayes and Jackson) and the athletes we’re bringing in through JUCO’s will be able get up to speed and surprise people this year. Couple that with a very deep secondary, and a few studs at LB and you got yourself a scary lineup. Maybe it’s just me, but I think we might be making mountains out of molehills about this D-line thing. I guess we’ll just have to see the tale of the tape in fall practices. Talent-wise the defense is solid, it’s the coaching that I’m not sold on. I think we could drop a game or two at the beginning of the season because of our defensive coaching changes. Replacing the shoes of Tom Allen will be tough and I think Coach Woodie (as good of a recruiter as I’ve heard he is) will stumble with in-game adjustments for the first 4-5 games. Things like knowing when to bid up the Husky to help with the run or keeping him back in pass coverage, having the two LB’s roam to protect against the short pass or having them blitz to help the D-line. I’m not sold that Woodie knows when to make those type of calls and really, one or two of those small things can have a big impact on a game. It also doesn’t help that 3 out of our first 4 opponents all have different style offenses. Fan Support - Please (for the love of USF Football) can we have a good turnout this year? And not just for FSU. Every game. I’ve been buying into what Harlan, Taggert, and everyone at USF Athletics has been dishing out over the last 2 years (Season Tickets, Parking Passes, Bulls Club…etc), I just hope everyone else has. Let’s face it; we need people in those seats (and not just for a jump to the Big 12). It’s to create that sense of tradition, prestige, and camaraderie that will create future support for the program over generations. Think about it this way: even when their teams went through 3-4 season stretches of mediocrity, why do you think UF and FSU alums were willing to drop **** loads of cash on season tickets and donor packages? Loyalty is the name of the game here. Even if you look at teams with similar profiles to ours, like UCLA or Pitt, being located in a city and having an off campus stadium, they have relatively strong fan bases and have had their fair share of mediocrity in the past. (I get it, they have been around longer, but the point is that we cant really use the "we're in a city and have to share a stadium" excuse.) We did a fairly decent job between 1997 and 2010, but apparently it wasn’t good enough to withstand the crapstorm from 2011-2014. In all honesty, if majority of a fan base can’t survive three or four down years, especially after all of the excitement and optimism of the previous 8-9 years, then it probably wasn’t that loyal to begin with. This year is a start for USF Football to recapture and build an even better foundation. *I was going to write about the Offense and O-Line, but that subject has been beaten into the ground and I really don’t have a fresh perspective to add. Exciting skill players, questions on the O-Line blah, blah, blah. The fact that Quentin can scramble will help mitigate some pass block issues, and Mack ran for a 1,000+ yds behind a shaky O-line as a freshman. Not too worried about how many points we score this season. My cautiously optimistic prediction: 9-3 Losses to FSU, Temple, and someone stupid that we should have beaten - eek out wins against Cincy and Syracuse on the road. Enough talk. Let’s ball. See you in September.
  14. Season Parking Pass Benefits?

    First time season ticket holder here. Considering donating to the Bulls Club and getting a season parking pass (for lots 6 or 7). Just wanted to know the benefits of season passes vs. paying on game day? (I usually get to games 3-4 hours before the kick, so I'm not too worried about availability of parking) Do those who park in lots 6 or 7 get more space to tailgate or anything? Besides distance to the stadium what are the benefits of lots 6 and 7 vs. 8P and 7P? Go Bulls!
  15. 10-3 is attainable with the talent coming back and the additions that we are making. Trying to factor in for variable change with the 3 losses. Injuries will happen and suspensions are also a possibility...unfortunately. I think there are also going to be a couple of games where our guys just come out flat and other teams will be gunning for us since we'll be the favorites.