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  1. Find it interesting that he was so quick to pull the trigger on Childs and Jackson, but is playing the "wait and see" game with Dingle who was one of the guys he recruited. Maybe a little arrogant and hypocritical to think that one of "his guys" would never be proven guilty to do something like that and be given the benefit of the doubt on this type of crime. Right now, it looks like harsh accountability only applied to Taggart's guys that were going to ride the bench and not top recruits from the 2017 class. One more thing that makes me think it would be a good thing if CCS ended up getting poached.
  2. This Game Will Be Won or Lost by....

    Lol - I was just trying to highlight the fact that Charlie likes to say "just" almost as much as a valley girl likes to say "like"
  3. This Game Will Be Won or Lost by....

    "You know I just think that we just could've just executed a bit better today. You just have to run the dive play 50 times to just soften the defense and just win the battle in the trenches. Just running the conservative plays will really just wear down the other team and just win you the ball game." - Charlie Strong
  4. AAC Games 11/18

    It's kinda funny how attitudes towards a specific game change from week to week. I feel like some of us were signing a different tune after the UConn game.. Say what you want about the coaching this year, but the game against Tulsa actually did come down to execution. The play calling wasn't nearly as vanilla and the OC did incorporate screens, end arounds along with throws that QF SHOULD be able to make. As for UCF, our defense won't shut them down but I think they will be able to get stops on them and get pressure to the QB. If we turn the ball over 3 times in the game then we lose. If we play a clean game and run the ball well on their defense, which is very doable, then it's a close game. It's rivalry week, emotions will run high - our advantage (and maybe our only true advantage in this game) is that we have leadership that is capable of keeping us in games. I don't think we get blown out. Godspeed boys!! #BullsUnite #beatUCF
  5. Boise State ahead of us now

    Strength of schedule favors BSU on the surface. The bottom half of our division is hot garbage and we lost to the only decent team we've played this year. That is swaying CFP. Right now we believe we're better than our ranking (which we might be), but the track record really doesn't show it. You can spin it however you want but the G5 teams ranked ahead of us have proven themselves against better competition and we have not, not even once. Fact. Get over it. The next 2-3 weeks makes or breaks our season and shows how good we truly are. It's really that simple. It's time to nut the f**k up, or shut the f**k up. #beatTulsa #justwinbaby #canitjustbeBlackFridayalready???
  6. Week 11 Games to Watch

    The defense looks kinda soft. Pretty generous against the run and a mobile QB. That UConn FG drive is the blueprint on how to beat them. Eat up clock and beat them in the trenches....and finish in the red zone.
  7. USF Football Center... It's real!

    Was just researching the costs of some similar projects by P5 schools - if we can follow through on this you could argue that we have P5 caliber facilities. Clemson's football only facility was opened this past year and cost around $55 million. I think this is a great investment for us at the moment and the ROI on this will be seen well into the future. Never understood why people thought the administration wasn't supportive of athletics either. Nice things like this are worth the patience and the extended due diligence. Also this will be a great asset to present when realignment occurs in a few years. Maybe there was a method to the administration's madness here?
  8. USF Football Center... It's real!

    Announcement just broke. Football only confirmed.
  9. USF Football Center... It's real!

    I think the timing is actually pretty good now if you think about the next wave of realignment. The IPF will is gonna be high quality though. Hope it can double as a football only facility that would be something that UF doesn't even have yet.
  10. Obligatory DJ Feed - UConn

    Didn't see one for the last game....
  11. Our Pain May be Short Lived

    There will be plenty of P5 teams that give him a look. AD's love that old school mentality and the dependability of Strong when it comes to managing culture. If we don't have a complete meltdown over the next 3 games, he will get some interest. Won't be Scott Frost type of interest but he will get some looks for sure.
  12. Our Pain May be Short Lived

    Yeah... his stock has probably fallen a bit because of Tennessee's crap performance. Fit and recruiting wise he would be great would just have to get a solid staff around him. I would not be opposed to rehiring David Reeves as OC. He does have the DUI thing going against him, but he probably knew the offense last year better than Taggart did.
  13. How hard is it to change

    Change was hard even for Taggart because of ego. It was only until Harlan stepped in and he was a loss away from losing his job that he changed. And Taggart was a coach that didn't have nearly as "credentialed" of a career as Strong. If you think drastic and sweeping changes will be made, it will take a serious beat down on the field before that happens. For instance if we end up losing to a team like...oh I don't know.... UCF by 30 plus then we would probably see change. But by then it would be too late. That's how coach and athletic management works unfortunately.
  14. Our Pain May be Short Lived

    Charlie and his staff look bored and uninspired and alas that has cost us a game we should have won. I will happily take the $2.5 million buyout to hire an and coming coach with more energy who actually wants to be here and doesn't look down on what we have. A guy like Larry Scott or Frank Wilson would be fine by me.
  15. Quinton Flowers to be profiled on 'College GameDay'

    The guy deserves it. Been an inspiration since Day 1. You could say that about most of the 2014 class. They came here on Taggart's word and a belief that they could turn it around. All of our seniors this year came to USF when it was in the gutter and never stopped fighting to get it better. I dont know about everyone else, but they certainly made me believe in this team again. Looking back from a future time, this class may not end up being the best class talent-wise, but it will be one of the most memorable and inspirational. It'll be hard not to catch the feels come Senior night, which sadly is right around the corner.... #BULLSUNITE #BEATHOUSTON #CanWePleaseStopComplainingAndEnjoyThisTeam???