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  1. AP and Coaches Poll

    Still a lot of football left to play. Would like to see how AAC opponents shake out. I fully believe we'll play at least one, if not two ranked teams from the AAC when it's all said and done. Should help SOS and get all the writers to finally shut up about our cupcake schedule. People giving credit to SDSU that beat an Arizona State team that is probably no better than Illinois and a Stanford team that looks overrated at this point. We'll see though.
  2. ESPN QF Hype

    Although they may come at the expense of our collective schedules. These weeknight games are the best ways for us to gain national exposure given our G5 status. Just gotta keep playing up to our capabilities.
  3. San Diego State

    I think Houston will be a ranked team when we play rhem and if the chips fall the right way, there's a chance we could meet a ranked team if we make the conference championship game. Still a lot of football left though
  4. Did Quinton Flowers re-enter the Heisman discussion Friday?

    That's relative to the slants that he throws into the turf... In any case, we have a great QB and I should stop nit picking at this point. But still, considering only 3-5 players get invited to NY for the ceremony, I would say Quinton's chances are realistically slim.
  5. Did Quinton Flowers re-enter the Heisman discussion Friday?

    Not really. He still can't throw the deep ball very well and all the big running plays he had last year (which mostly built up his hype) have turned into 6-7 yard runs. Love the guy and I think he's arguably the best QB we've had, but talk of him and the Heisman is a bit silly when you look at what Lamar Jackson and Baker Mayfield are doing.
  6. Have we Stopped Freaking Out Now?

    Cut the penalties and the crap special teams and I'll be good. Still, yesterday's result was satisfying enough.
  7. Hurricane Irma

    Hope everyone stays safe and we will see how things play out, but given the track and the distance between Tampa and Naples, there's a chance that this thing might even be a tropical storm if/when I t comes through here.
  8. USF & U Conn discussing game . . .

    Move it to noon Friday, the team is back by Friday night before the storm gets too close
  9. Hurricane Irma

    Hope everyone is able to stay safe during the storm. Just wondering though, what do the coaching staff have planned for after the UConn game? Looks like the storm is going to bear down on us sometime Sunday. Can't imagine you would want to fly back down for safety reasons. Would they just stay up in Connecticut? Will be tricky considering a short week leading up to Illinois.
  10. Did we remember to do this last week? Feel like we need as much good ju ju as we can get this week.
  11. You've got to ask yourself

    Whatever it is - we have to come out fast next game. The more we let inferior opponents hang around deep into games, the more they will believe that they can beat us and the harder they will fight. I think a big component of our success last season was that we could score at will and score early. Feel like that had a big impact on the psyche of the opponents and our players as well. TBH, our team wasn't built to get into defensive slugfests or grind it out type of games -- we also don't have the depth on defense to be successful there.
  12. Undefeated - 2 and 0

    I guess the silver lining is the health of the team going to conference play. Although you can say they all have been hamstrung on offense with the play calling lol
  13. Today felt...

    Like last year may have been a wet dream that our fan base is starting to wake up from???
  14. Guys...

    Run... to the outside... like that's it. Nobody can stop us if we just run outside.