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  1. I like to think there's an alternate realtiy where TJ Weist is the HFBC and Murry Bartow is the HBBC.
  2. If everyone is leaving who's gonna want to come? Sheesh. So any of these guys even have takers?
  3. The guys on the play by play were saying Merrell had a really high fever over the weekend. Pretty incredible he was able to put together a solid outing today if he had the flu!
  4. We haven't had a STRONGer chance to win the conference thab this year coming up. Yes there are strong teams, but we have the reigning AAC offensive player of the year and possible Hesiman contender returning. We would all love CCS to stay, but with the scenario presented I would much rather win the conference and ride that into another coach then lose our division and go into CCS' Year 2 with a new QB and a ton of talent leaving. That being said, Coach Strong is a major reason for all of the positive press this offseason; losing him after one year would be tough.
  5. The best offense is slowing down to let the defense get rest.
  6. Just win baby. Get that elusive conference championship, crash the national party!
  7. The team was stellar last year with Erica Nunn pitching, it just didn't come together in the regional. This year hasn't been as consistently good but there are flashes (beating top 5 Michigan.) Getting swept by Tulsa is tough but they're no slouches either, they won the conference tourny last year. I suppose the question posed is how come we're not consistently elite and I'm sure there are many factors to that.
  8. It's really fun seeing that website update in real time. Houston is #10! Iowa is #72 So USF lost to #11, #18, & #72. And FAMU/Iowa were both series' wins which is what really counts. Haven't lost a game by more than 2. One last non-con game on Tuesday vs Stetson (#257) before the first conference series at Tulane (#244) next weekend. Heres a fun link to the schedule with RPIs and results next to each team.
  9. A nice 2-out single by Villar drives in Borders and Genord! A wild pitch got them in scoring position.
  10. Thanks for the updates! Live stats have been randomly working all day.
  11. Python are you local? Are you doing a digital conversion from VHS to MP4 for these videos?
  12. RPI took a hit today, down to #26. FAMU shoots up to #16. What a whacky way to lose last night. Shane McClanahan continues to dazzle though which is a great sign. Hopefully Merrell is back in the line-up. We are seeing what happens when the bulls go up against solid pitching these last four outings. Let's get the win today!
  13. Yeah, I'm not sure if we got really lucky or the conference aided in this but it appears all of our tougher opppnents are at home. It's only SJSU, UConn (early), ECU, Tulane & C on the road.