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  1. This is what I'm thinking; they aren't just going to take into account the G5 school. They will take into account both at larges and find a good place for them. That is, both are possibilities and odds are the at large will be SEC/Big10/ACC.
  2. Fair enough. He's not the only one but didn't realize it was a gear grinder. Looking forward to that Tulane/UCF game. I believe the Knights are using their Friday starter.
  3. Looks like the C/Tulane game is postponed until tomorrow at 11am due to the weather.
  4. For sure. JOE c has been the steady hand.
  5. Still , watching c dot get clobbered TOTALLY WORTH IT.
  6. Well this was a Tuesday afternoon lol and losses generally bring out the complainers.
  7. I also hope nobody got blindsided lol Q throws missiles.
  8. Yes but this where the giant power paychecks from football come into play. They can probably double his pay and not even bat an eye. Unless money from football just stays in football. I had it in the back of my mind if Kingdton would get a look elsewhere and what his likeliness of leaving would be. That's why I'm trying to cherish this run.
  9. Here's the big frustrating difference. There are cable packages that carry CBSSports but sometimes it'sin an upgraded package. However, unless you have Frontier (in the Tampa area) you cannot stream it on the app. There is no Brighthouse/Spectrum option. You can't even stream it from your "watch your cable tv online" option. So if you're anywhere that's not at home or at a bar you can't watch it. For someone like me that sometimes has to work during games but can sneak a peak, that's what I hate about. They have no good way to stream at all.
  10. Looks like the RPI is at 18 at the close of day 1.
  11. Yeah I agree. ECU always seemed like a team that could put it all together and had a lot of bad luck.