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  1. As much as I would absolutely love to play and beat Miami, Harlan already stated on Twitter a few months back it's too late for any scheduling changes. I figure that also means it's too late to buy out any games in January.
  2. Good call BBF. How many of the games listed are losses though?
  3. Feel like this will be an evolving story. It's very dangerous to ever let guys get that bad, but how would Coach O not see that? It's hard to believe he's never had some guys with health issues on his prior teams. What's really strange is seeing a lot of the current/former USF players tweeting about it in jest.
  4. C. Florida is well coached and Tacko's size speakers for itself. It appears they made a homerun hire in Dawkins and have really responded well to him. Made Bartow will light the rivalry fire under the team's collective ass Let's smoke em!
  5. I agree. Can't panic. Even if this class doesn't turn out to be great it's because of the staff turnover and there's nothing we can do about that. We have a staff now chock fill of Plus recruiters. It will get better. That being said i forseee a strong close here but with a very different class.
  6. Yeah I do get that. Plus Harlan wasn't thinking that Antigua would be the replacement (his third choice) and that it would end up so much worse. USF also needs to be patient with some of these guys as it's not a destination spot for men's basketball.
  7. Which I presume they can offer more, but who knows. ADs seem less likely to jump around. Would be crazy to see the program have to replace their head football coach, head soccer coach, tennis coach, head basketball coach and AD all in one calendar year.
  8. Yeah this time not planning a single thing or picking up extra work for the potential bowl games.
  9. It's almost as if RPI and the voters don't hold any game played against UConn against you lol Take care of business on Tuesday and then welcome a big game against Lville.
  10. Honestly the best is the 247 composite ranking. It takes into account all four major recruiting sites and creates an average. However, the number to really pay attention to is the average recruit ranking since high volume has so much weight.
  11. The OVs have seen a lot of new faces with the new staff. Can't say they aren't grinding.
  12. When I first heard the addition of SJSU, I thought for the longest time it was SDSU. That would be a heckuva opening week matchup. But alas.
  13. I know there's a sense of trolldom here, but if coaches are leaving it's because they are successful and guess what; if they're successful that means the program reaps the benefits. Then another great coach will see it's a good spot to succeed and come in. I would obviously love for a successful CCS to stay here until retirement, but what the xCWT situation showed me is leaving something better than how you found out will have its benefits.
  14. Thinking about going to the game on Tuesday but nobody wants to go with me. I'm still down going solo to see win #300!