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  1. Think Q is locked and loaded for this season. Doesn't seem like the kind of guy that lets it all go to his head. Still stand by the fact that once his daughter was born QF played at a whole different level.
  2. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    Les Miles makes too much sense here. They need someone to make a culture change.
  3. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    That's correct, next year is the year where the staff needs to rove themselves. However with Kean and Chris O I believe they are in hands. And if Octavius Battle stays committed this cycle, we are looking pretty good at the position.
  4. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    Red Cup Rebellion, of the SB Nation family, threw up the standard names as replacements after this season. The thing is who really wants to take a job that is still under NCAA Investigation? That thins the herd a bit until a final decision is made. This isn't a situation where the money is a huge driving force, a la Matt Rhule going to Baylor while still awaiting NCAA punishment. Strong is getting his salary subsidized by Texas the next two years, so he's still making P5 money; and doesn't have to play Saban every year. From a strictly financial standpoint it doesn't really behoove Strong to leave before the Texas money dries up. He can make P5 money while coaching in a favorable conference, padding his resume (assuming he is looking ahead to move back to a P5 job) Of course a part of me hears him talking about taking this program to the next level and really wants it to be true that he puts his roots down.
  5. Awesome, was this a photoshop edit? Also just noticed the site changed, at least on mobile, and now you can upvote OR like? What's the difference,?
  6. I didn't ask but can I use it for my phone wallpaper?
  7. Never Again

    They have other writers to focus on UCF and the other Florida schools but JK was just at media days and had the chance to interview these guys. It makes sense to write an article as a reporter on a topic that you have deliberation on. Found no problem in it; in fact, he's been writing and tweeting very positive things about USF all year going into this season. AAC Media Days was a spectacle in and of itself, I'm sure he has enough content for more articles if he so chooses.
  8. Probably a whole different scheme, using mostly white. Those blue helmets would look slick with the gold face mask tho!
  9. Makes me wonder, is there a list of former players who are in TBP?
  10. Someone didn't do their reasearch
  11. I was curious what that helmet was that was tweeted out by the Equipment twitter; that built in topper is crazy! They are white though, and generally you have the helmet as matte, chrome, whatever color and add the helmet sticker to that. But maybe? I wouldn't mind that at all. We wear pink accents for the Cancer Awareness game. As long tas he opponent doesn't wear blue.
  12. Football Season Ticket #'s

    Im not entirely sure where the numbers are but previous conversation seems to say there's no FSU dropoff and numbers are trending up. I for one know a bunch of FSU folks who bought season tickets because of that game and kept them going into this year because of how much fun they had watching the team.