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  1. Thanks I definitely used the wrong terminology there. He's qualified academically for sure. Just hoping all of these guys see their career through at USF.
  2. Best the spread! Not many teams have come this close. And with UConn it’s about keeping it close. Plus four of the starting five played every minute the last two games. That’s exhausting. Here’s to hoping the committee sees the improvement against UConn, the (mostly) domination in conference and some quality out of conference victories (Dayton, OSU) and gives the lady’s a chance to host!
  3. Hooray! Now David Collins and Justin Brown. Don’t transfer please! And get Yetna qualified! That’s been the major problem for continued growth of the program. Any player who has success has bolted. Hopefully under CBG, that changes.
  4. Overhead door company and painters on demand are burned in my memory from the radio station. It’s gretcto support the businesses that support the Bulls!
  5. McCants Thread for next year

    McCants is the greatest USF WR of all time.
  6. Peach Pursuit

    Unless the AAC Champ has 2+ losses I don’t see a scenario where they aren’t the rep at this point. SDSU maaaaaaaybe sneak back in the conversation if ASU and Stanford continue their tear and they obliterate the rest of their opponents en route to the MWC Championship, but losing to Fresno and Boise kind of ruined that notion.
  7. Bowl Projections

    Yeah, only problem is Bulls went to Birmingham last year so it’s possible they choose against that route.
  8. Ed Oliver

    Memphis did a good job containing him. Running up the middle wasn’t a problem for them.
  9. My biggest issue with this team

    Let them talk who cares.
  10. Flowers to be the 7th

    That seems extremely doable.
  11. Week 9 Games of Interest

    I’m not convinced rooting for Memphis when they currently don’t affect our SOS is the move. I see why it might be, but I’d rather pull for Tulane to upset.
  12. The playcall to Tice was brilliant, the defense was completely tricked. There are so many variations for run plays. Tulane also trounced a Tulsa team that lost to Houston and only lost to Navy in Annapolis by two. Tulane are no slouches this year.
  13. It would be very strange for them to legitimately keep an 8-0 team (if USF loses to Houston at home all bets are off) from the American out of the top 25. They wouldn’t make any sense, especially if logically the path to the NY6 AQ would run between USF/UCF winner and the AAC West champion.
  14. Well we held on ...

    I’m glad you’re from the future to save me the disappointment. So what happens if they win? Taggart was auditioning for his next job, he didn’t care about sportsmanship in this conference. I’m really glad someone saw it. That interception was extremely fluky and you don’t expect two FGs to not be made. Refs were HORRIBLE all night long. And you know what? They didn’t let them lose the game. Tulane ISN'T BAD. Remember when SMU best Houston last year?