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  1. Show your Horns Tampa Bay!
  2. Have no problem with that; the worst thing that could happen is overuse and furthering injury.
  3. Oh that's not so bad! Do I have to keep inputting the password every time I visit the lounge? I'll lurk.
  4. Did they pull him cause of pitch count? I know he just came off of TJ; just sucks to waste a QS .
  5. Ok I'll bite, can I have a password too? Something tells me the pword itself is an expletive
  6. Mark Gottfried. Mark Gott fried Mark Got Fired. Lol.
  7. Yeah I'm honestly not too worried; plus, HOW MUCH WORSE COULD IT GET. Like the defense was bad last year, really bad. If we had a mediocre defense we wouldn't have lost to Temple. I'll find it very hard to believe the CBJM will be worse than CRW.
  8. UConn isn't leaving; I believe that got leaked and now they realize moving all sports minus football to the Big East means they need to find a home for football and the options aren't good at all. I bet it got floated to see if Aresco and the AD's would consider a football only UConn. If they do leave What's wrong with WKU or Southern Miss? Some history there. NIU is too far out there. Georgia State would be only good because it's in Atlanta; that's all they really bring. Going West would be fine for football only .
  9. Exactly, which is why having an expert on the Baylor spread runningthe offense may be a great thing for QF; we could be better! He mentioned that he wanted to get into spring I see the types of players he has; sounds like he would adapt. Also sounds like he's being tight lipped; which seems to be the CCS way. Of course he knows who the stars on offense are.
  10. Looks like three of the starting rotation were the pitchers that had TJ last year, with Phoenix Sanders as the ace. Would be amazing to see them shine; a lot of promise was dashed by injury last season.
  11. I believe we will find out the investigation was the last straw. Sometimes you need to nipthe problem at the bud, and if the NCAA knew some of those recruits that didn't make it were part of the scandal then that's a much larger issue; albeit fixable! If Bartow can keep the current guys on campus then why not; it's not easy losing McMurray to a transfer after only playing two games? Bad TOs and taking bad shots are killing these guys; the offensive droughts are suffocating.
  12. Wanna bet there will be package adjustments once spring practice starts? Don't forget, these coaches still don't really know the players they are adopting; these evals will occur in the spring and they will adjust their schemes according to the players they have on the roster. If CCS/CBJM think they can install a 3-3-5 then they will; if a 4-3 works better, so be it. 3-3-5 seriously sounds like the third LBer is the fringe position that will also be an edge rusher if needed.