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  1. Funny thing is youre right. Almost not a peep about the defensive adjustments and improvement. Its caught in a cloud of offensive disappointment. If we could just get back online a bit with what made us successful I also think wed be unstoppable. I believe that the O line is a little confused in the assignments at time. Its not the easiest system to acclimate to sadly. Unfortunately (and I wish this wasnt true), Im not expecting many adjustments back to last years approach. I think that coaches at this point are simply going to double down on getting O line in better position and run virtually the same plays. Lets hope it works, though Im not overtly optimistic.
  2. Well, perhaps this is in part a result of the preseason ranking, the Heisman talk and coming off a season where we had the ability to basically score at will. I live in Boston and though am not on the 'pulse' of where are fans are (short of this message board), I do sense that there is a growing sense of disappointment and I think that most have a right to be considering that it my belief that most were expecting us to take a step forward this year with improved defensive play. I dont think many even gave much thought or serious consideration that the offense or special teams would be our achilles heal.
  3. I dont see anyone declaring the season a bust. No one needs to also lose a game before recognition of the problems. This is a message board, not a metric stick to declare who the 'true' fans are and who are not. True fans it would seem to me would be emotionally connected and want the team to win, like you. Calling out crappy play doesn't say anything about the quality of the fan, sorry.
  4. Ha that wasn't me making claims about the attendances influence in the SBU game outcome- that was Coach Strong. Me thinks you'd be served to go back to the tape...I'm sure the SBU performance by any metric is solely the responsibility of poor play calling, lack of adjustments, coaching and dropped balls. Me thinks you're confused.
  5. Truth: our fan base IS pathetic considering many alumn live locally. Truth: adding 15,000 fans to the stands ain't got nothing to do with two blocked punts in two games and the poor on field performance. Nice try making associations by things that frankly are unrelated. We are not good. Fan attendance is also not good. Thats it kid, sorry. (Ill now assume you'll rebut with how attendance numbers makes players feel and all the blah blah)... Sad. So sad. All of the excuses. It just is. From Heisman hopeful to explain a near loss to Stoney on our home opener. How far the mighty have fallen. *queue the: 'I'm not ready to give up on CCS yet like you are'... and the 'poor player execution' and the 'yea, but, they didn't want to tip their hand on the playbook'.
  6. Poor performance on the field, two blocked punts in as many games is the real joke. Poor attendance and poor performance are mutually exclusive events. They aren't related. CCS rebutting his poor performance with 'yea, but, but, but attendance is poor' youve got to admit is an amateur response. I have to openly admit I was a bit taken aback by it in this setting.
  7. Sucking and having two blocked punts and losing at home to Stoney brook and poor attendance are mutually exclusive arguments. They're not related. CCS using this reply reveals his frustration in his product. This is all.
  8. This is a case of square peg and round hole at all costs. These coaches aren't creative or even remotely observant or novel in their thinking. Callijg your fans out in response for attendance following a legitimate question regarding how you've somehow dismantled a top 10 offense into a loser into the fourth quarter to Stoney Brook? Man coach, you'd better be awfully careful as the clamoring has barely begun against your product on the field. What will you reply when you really are down and out? Bush league reply CCS. Don't let your frustration over your suck billow into insults back at the fans. Fans don't teach the players to prevent blocked punts. Shut it and win.
  9. Calm down, waaaay too much panic.

    Dear god...more sound logic
  10. Ranking Prediction

    Yep, nothing wrong here with CCS, the offense or Gilbert's approach- it's all just sandbagging so the 'real' opponents upcoming won't know our play book. You guys need to pull your heads from the sand. Perfectly legitimate end result from two really crappy games that we happened to win. Results result in the result.
  11. I don't disagree that there's lack of execution, however, this is only a chapter in a much larger novel.
  12. Can we assume these poor field conditions that you mention were actually played in by both teams? Sounds like many are making excuses for a really poor performance., that's all. I've heard poor field conditions, not wanting QF injured to hiding the playbook. Add these to the list of excuses I guess. I just want to know how many games people need (or blocked punts for that matter) before we can have a real exchange about the problems here. With each quarter and each subsequent game of poor performance I'm assuming most will buy out of the idea of some hidden playbook.
  13. Several have defended the play of the first two games. Moreover at least as many have defended the play calling citing sandbagging, etc (even with the blocked punts). I'm not sure I've met a coach 'hiding the playbook' losing into the fourth quarter to a grossly inferior opponent they've paid to whip (at least willingly that deep into a game). I have however met many who've tried to explain away a poorly executed game as being such. I think we've learned who this team is a little with each quarter. Let's hope things come into focus for the players and the coaches while it still matters this season.