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  1. WBB vs Tulane

    Low scoring game. Tulane is a solid win if they pull it out. Tulane's current RPI is 36 and ours, 41. Solid.
  2. Remaning Antigua contract

    You're right. More than likely the scenario will involve a negotiation of remaining terms. Contracts have too much money involved not to involve an attorney's greedy hands integrated.
  3. Will be interesting to see if the NCAA violations are cause for termination thus leaving USF largely off the hook for the remainder of his contract. Antigua was in Year 3 of a five-year deal that paid roughly $900,000 annually with $25,000 yearly escalators built in. If terminated for cause (i.e. NCAA violations), the school would owe him only one month of his $375,000 annual base salary, according to his contract. If fired without cause, it owes him the annual base salary until the contract's expiration. (www.tampabay.com)
  4. D'Ernest Johnson offseason thread

    DJ intends to do some light writing in the off season. Mostly a combination of correcting inconsistencies in the Magna Carta and 'finalizing' the New Testament.
  5. CJF is rapidly becoming one of the most formidable coaches in USF history.
  6. In the new Strong football era let's keep the momentum and excitement of our new coach and new athletic and academic trajectory. USF is headed in an exciting direction these days. Top 25 women's hoops, 10 win football season with a top 25 ranking as well as a formidable medical school winning the state battle for highest quality entering freshman medical students this year. This coupled with a new state academic tier and a new and even more exciting year of football team next year. Remember this year end to give a donation, large or small to USF. A gentle reminder that your donation is TAX DEDUCTIBLE. It's sounds trite, but it all matters. Do your part be it large or small. Here's how! http://www.mybullsclub.com/ GO BULLS!!!

  8. Ive heard a lot from fans about USF and Harlan stepping up to get Strong. Well, they did. Now its your turn BULLS, step up and support your athletic program- remember to buy a ticket even if you can't attend!
  9. Something we all want to see

    Support your U- your University stepped up and landed a great COACH! Now buy a ticket to support your program even if you can't attend! https://oss.ticketmaster.com/aps/univsouthflorida/EN/buy/quickbuy/315
  10. Charlie Strong

    Frankly, find me a coach, Strong or other that would be a long term commitment to any program in this day and age. I am going to choose to savor landing our new coach as opposed to lamenting his potential loss even before the ink on his contract has dried. I think the only way to improve your chances of keeping a great coach is to go through the rigors of losing a series of good coaches along the way, thus ensuring that your ongoing successes on the field result in other teams taking a hard look at your coach. All in all, a very nice get for USF. Had anyone suggested a coach like Taggart or Strong would have been here to coach USF in the dark ages of Skippy, they'd have been called a fool. Now that it appears our U ponied up for a good coach, lets pony up and get some butts in the stands, donate to the University and its athletic department, and buy bowl tickets even if you can't attend. https://oss.ticketmaster.com/aps/univsouthflorida/EN/buy/quickbuy/315 GO BULLS!!!
  11. Charlie Strong

    Strong's contract with UT was previously posted by George Jenkins. https://hkm.com/football/wp-content/uploads/coach-contracts/charliestrong-uta-employment-contract.pdf
  12. WBB Polls

    I contacted ESPN.com and told them- theyre to look into it
  13. Amongst other coaches ESPN reporting.
  14. Lets be honest with one another, the BIG 12 Presidents spent the last hour of the meeting trying to figure out how to reconcile this...