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  1. USF Women Bball vs Oklahoma

    Ortiz had clear looks all day . You can"t let someone drain 24 points from 3 point range without covering them
  2. Coaching Dominoes Are Starting To Fall

    Well if Frost turned down UF for Nebraska thats a major mistake . But i think it works for us If CCS stays and Mullens is in at UF we should do well recruiting.
  3. defense....sorry I'm watching football
  4. yep looks like a prevent defence
  5. As I've said before this game comes down to coaching we have the better athletes
  6. Somebody is gonna jump that out rt and have a good chance to run it back
  7. Good news CCS isn't going anywhere
  8. Well If Sanchez and Sautel are covering receivers in the end zone your screwed
  9. remember no tackling near the sideline
  10. MBB vs Howard

    If we can keep this coach for a while some good things can happen. Good job coach!
  11. Clearly we have no interest in being ranked
  12. CCS and Coaching Openings

    Imo Frost, Kelly or Mullens.....most likely Frost
  13. Flowers to be the 7th

    You guys are gonna think I'm crazy but I would probably bench Q . I'm just over his body language his apparent attitude which I think is contagious . If the guy would smile and be happy once in a while it might help. The truth is his arm is sub par he doesn't have the strength and he is inaccurate we need a more dynamic passing game . He has without question lost a step in his running game . All that said our biggest issue is coaching