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  1. Keep an eye on it and see what you think (I could be nuts)
  2. Anyone else notice that QF blows the read part of the the read option quite a bit.
  3. Men's Bball: What are your thoughts?

    I'm totally sold ....seems like a pro...great hire . I feel like we will definitely see progress this year . From the dumpster fire he took over he has done more than I thought was possible.
  4. This is gonna get you in trouble
  5. Say what you want but guys are open and QF cant hit them. His arm has been terrible this year and he has lost a step.
  6. geeze put Kean in I can"t stand QF"s body language
  7. Shouldn"t Senat be getting tossed about now
  8. Ok I'm going out on limb here but I think we might see an offense clicking a little tonight. I kinda got the feeling that QF is getting a little more comfortable. I'm feeling a blowout .....GO BULLS !
  9. Give me an ocs that has a roof and ac and I'm there ......I work 6 days a week in the heat
  10. Well I don't really visit that thread, I have four sisters and three daughters, at this point I don't even like girls anymore. But I am now committing to check out every single picture on that thread from here on out.
  11. Well I'm glad CCS didn't embarrass his friend. Instead we embarrass ourselves