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  1. Hey everyone on here knows more about basketball than I do but I think the new coach is killing it. Color me happy !!! GO BULLS !!!
  2. I guess everyone sees different reasons for the loss. I say choke because I saw at least 5 easy layup class shots that our girls just gagged on in the second half .They just seemed a little frantic to me but I see some very valid analysis here .
  3. and thats what a choke looks like
  4. I'm very happy for you there is nothing better in life than children . Congrats !
  5. Well I'm looking forward to the defense being more physical and less of the the powder puff we have had . I think CCS will turn it up a notch .
  6. We have to have him, no one stops the NINJA-BULL !
  7. I like CWT I think he is a class act and a great recruiter. I think the jury is still out on whether he is a great coach . To me the competition seemed suspect . In many instances we were able to just out athlete them . I do wish he were staying to continue the growth for us and him, I'm concerned that the jump for him is to soon . I wish nothing but the best for CWT I was always proud to call him our coach.
  8. The more I read that article the more I felt they might take the comments there were several that liked CWT and the fit.
  9. Ephemeral they seem macho to me
  10. Well Mcmurray is not much for team ball
  11. I'm still not sure the mem receiver caught that TD
  12. If CWT heads out the door .....Butch Davis
  13. I didn't think QF looked healthy running earlier in the game before he pulled the hammy. Anyone else see that ?
  14. Where can i catch the post game press conference