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  1. But do you have any eligibility left
  2. Tulio Da Silva No Longer With Team

    We have work to do no doubt . But he took over a program that had collapsed. I think if we give CBG some time and room to operate he will give us a product we can be proud of. Honestly any objective review of where we were and where we are now would show solid progress.
  3. Tulio Da Silva No Longer With Team

    I have faith in this coach give it a couple of years
  4. Gotta love CFU

    Freedom of speech is alive and well ,freedom from repercussions is not guaranteed. The NFL is dead to me
  5. Okay I"m not an expert but I really feel like we are moving in the right direction.
  6. Houston In-Game thread

    I thought we looked like a team which is better than I could say last year . I can see the improvement and I'm excited for the future .
  7. Bulls v Charlotte Game Thread

    Wow good coaching really matters . I love this coach hope he sticks around for a while
  8. Bulls v Charlotte Game Thread

    espn3 not working for me
  9. USF Mens Hoops wins two games in a row!

    CBG is the man he has made chicken salad out of chicken spit (the situation he walked in to ) I am excited to see what he does with some time to really make it his team . Hats off to the coach and the players
  10. USF Women Bball vs Oklahoma

    Ortiz had clear looks all day . You can"t let someone drain 24 points from 3 point range without covering them
  11. Coaching Dominoes Are Starting To Fall

    Well if Frost turned down UF for Nebraska thats a major mistake . But i think it works for us If CCS stays and Mullens is in at UF we should do well recruiting.
  12. defense....sorry I'm watching football
  13. yep looks like a prevent defence
  14. As I've said before this game comes down to coaching we have the better athletes
  15. Somebody is gonna jump that out rt and have a good chance to run it back