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  1. Oh my bad I forgot him, so that leaves 6 scholarship players
  2. Bibby, Manderson, Martin, Da Silva, Holston, Bodway
  3. Da Silva, Bibby, Guerrero, Manderson, Malik Martin, Ziegler as of now unless I have missed something. We also don't know about Holston yet.
  4. I don't think he will go slower than Mack, I'm expecting a 4.45
  5. Ziegler just dunked over Tacko Fall
  6. I wouldn't consider this out of the picture, but I wouldn't expect it. We should be able to win in he first round (should) and they only need one good game against a top 16 team to make the sweet 16. I really don't find this unrealistic.
  7. I've been following him for a couple weeks, and I'm not surprised he committed because of all his positivity towards USF. According to his Hudl he runs a 4.37
  8. brybull1970, I know you are not a fan of keeping Bartow as the future head coach, but I'm honestly curious what you would need to see out of him in these last few weeks to change your mind. I know that you want results and could care less than the team is playing harder or the team likes the coach, but what results are you exactly looking for? Would him finishing out the season at .500 and making it through a couple rounds in the conference tournament be enough or would he need to do more? I'm just trying to understand your expectations for him if we were to keep him as coach.
  9. He took like 7 steps before he shot it
  10. These refs are awful, just like every game. That put back was nowhere close to being a goaltending
  11. Tulip nearly broke the rim with that posterizer
  12. I really hope the Vikings draft him
  13. The team has talent but continues to play inconsistently with turnovers and fouls. Like I said, every player has showed flashes this year but they can't put it together for a full game. I really don't know if Bartow is the answer but he has definitely put more work into it than Antigua did. I think there is a base for the new coach to work from, since there are no seniors, but the coach has to be a guy who can drill the fundamentals and smart basketball into these guys.