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  1. All three posted their top 8 or top 10 schools, which all include us. No commitments
  2. Octavius Battle QB 2018

    He tweeted it out
  3. All three players have an offer from USF, and Jackson is Crystal Balled to us. They all go to Robert E Lee high school, where Keirston Johnson attended.
  4. This woman has no clue what she is talking about, how is she even a judge?
  5. 2017 Elite shooter visited USF

    I'd take every good walk on we can get, almost no risk
  6. How many years of eligibility would he have left?
  7. Ruben Guerrero to Transfer

    On his instagram he posted a picture of him playing with the caption "Could be the last rodeo..." Other than that I haven't seen anything about him leaving.
  8. Transfer that we need to come home

    With that quality of player I would take the risk. He can always take a redshirt year if he gets injured and we have plenty of scholarships to go around. If he wants to come here it should be a no brained for the staff to give him a scholarship.
  9. Ruben Guerrero to Transfer

    Oh my bad I forgot him, so that leaves 6 scholarship players
  10. Ruben Guerrero to Transfer

    Bibby, Manderson, Martin, Da Silva, Holston, Bodway
  11. Mens Basketball Departure

    Da Silva, Bibby, Guerrero, Manderson, Malik Martin, Ziegler as of now unless I have missed something. We also don't know about Holston yet.
  12. Rodney Adams Combine Performance

    I don't think he will go slower than Mack, I'm expecting a 4.45