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  1. This woman has no clue what she is talking about, how is she even a judge?
  2. I'd take every good walk on we can get, almost no risk
  3. How many years of eligibility would he have left?
  4. On his instagram he posted a picture of him playing with the caption "Could be the last rodeo..." Other than that I haven't seen anything about him leaving.
  5. With that quality of player I would take the risk. He can always take a redshirt year if he gets injured and we have plenty of scholarships to go around. If he wants to come here it should be a no brained for the staff to give him a scholarship.
  6. Oh my bad I forgot him, so that leaves 6 scholarship players
  7. Bibby, Manderson, Martin, Da Silva, Holston, Bodway
  8. Da Silva, Bibby, Guerrero, Manderson, Malik Martin, Ziegler as of now unless I have missed something. We also don't know about Holston yet.
  9. I don't think he will go slower than Mack, I'm expecting a 4.45
  10. Ziegler just dunked over Tacko Fall
  11. I wouldn't consider this out of the picture, but I wouldn't expect it. We should be able to win in he first round (should) and they only need one good game against a top 16 team to make the sweet 16. I really don't find this unrealistic.
  12. I've been following him for a couple weeks, and I'm not surprised he committed because of all his positivity towards USF. According to his Hudl he runs a 4.37