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  1. Ok my bad. I thought I read the 25th-27th but I looked on Twitter and saw 22nd-24th
  2. I'm pretty sure he is visiting next weekend, since it is his final visit
  3. One thing I've noticed about Bartows team on the court is that we are utilizing Guerrero and his height a lot better than under Antigua. Guerrero kinda just stood around in the post and didn't get any good looks and get rebounds, but Bartow has found a way to get him involved and it showed with him getting a double double today, and he been scoring a lot more recently
  4. Down 35-30 at the half. We closed up a big lead on Tulsa to close the half, hopefully we can keep that momentum into the second half
  5. According to what I've seen on Twitter he is visiting here next weekend, the 27th-29th. Everything on his page makes it seem like he is coming here, from USF in his profile pictures to tweets about us. Hopefully he can bring his teammate Billy Gibson with him.
  6. I was seconds from posting this... Looks like King and Strong hit the recruiting trail today visiting Darrien Grant and others. Anyone know who this guy is?
  7. I agree with most of that but I don't think he was on target to have a top class. I don't remember many other big name recruits, either high 3 star or 4 star in the class of 2017 showing signs that they wanted to come here. There were some 2018 4 star recruits that loved him and probably would have came here had he stayed, but I don't remember anything that gave me hope about an amazing recruiting class for this year.
  8. If I remember correctly he was demoted the day before he committed here. I also thought he decommitted from Miami before committing here instead of flipping directly.
  9. As of now the 247 crystal ball has 57% predicting he comes here. I don't personally put much trust behind these experts guessing where a guy is gonna go for college, but it at least shows that he has some legit interest here. He would be a huge get for us, and if we can also get Naytron Culpepper we could have 3 very good DB's in this class including Nick Roberts who was rated highly until he commited here.
  10. I'm confused as to why Arizona would want him right now. In reality he hadn't done anything. His first hire ended up not working out in Antigua, and while he has made some great hires on paper in Strong and the soccer coach, they haven't won anything yet. I don't think Harlan has proven anything to get that job, but I didn't think Willie had either and he got the Oregon job.