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  1. Son of a *****. **** the Colts.
  2. Just can't erase the memories of Brunell to Smith and Freddy Taylor, even with ten years of suck.
  3. Try being a Jags fan. Riddled with FSU players and a UCF Douche under center.
  4. It's a shame that doesn't come with an automatic bid...
  5. The war adjacent to I-4
  6. Reaaaally hoping my Jags take Mack. I hate that Bortles is a UCFer. You shouldn't be happy when your QB throws a pick off of his RBs foot.
  7. Coming to the second game from the hockey game, rough start time?
  8. If Heath was still coaching BB, and Leavitt was still coaching FB, would we have an OCS by now?
  9. Hell of a win for our guys. Can't believe that stat about it being so long since we've beat them. I know MM and FSU baseball is a dynasty but ****. Anyways suck a big one FSU. Now imagine if we could manage to clip the lizards in Gainesville in a couple months.
  10. The hick announcer is much less enthusiastic with the Noles implosion here.
  11. 4 pitch walk. Phew Martin looks pissed off.
  12. Come on Borders lay into one. Man has he been embarrassed at the plate today.
  13. Bulls hanging in there, but can't touch Karp at all.
  14. Had to fax something at work the other day for the first time. Those things are weird.
  15. Gonna miss the kid, but I'm very glad the last time I saw him play live he was dicking on about all 11 UCF defenders.