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  1. The bigger question continues to be why JK, tweets this crap? Regardless of fan blogs, non-fans read this stuff and form opinions. JK tweeting this is akin to promoting the fake news agenda. What is JKs agenda?
  2. Hmmm, this may certainly get the attention of colleges using alumni in marketing material.
  3. Fair, with a few mentions George O'Leary killing kids and such. But hey, that's what rivals do, so what. I am sure if they had a dedicated board they would be lighting us up right now was well.
  4. I think we are all missing the bigger picture. We are getting national attention for our players getting arrested. This screams P5 and I would not be surprised if we get an invite before the end of the week. #streetcred #belikeP5
  5. This is also why it is important to vote. Wonder how many here voted for or against her?
  6. if she would have graduated from a P5 school, she would have known better.
  7. Expansiom had nothing to do with playing bad football, looking at you Rutgers... and Pitt.
  8. We have been a transfer haven as of late. Let's hope they produce as our track record is not so great in that department. How many more scholarships do we have to give?
  9. Big 12 invite about to be announced.
  10. Good for Mack, still slightly disappointed, but he will get a shot to represent USF in the NFL. Now, Adams...
  11. Disappointing, stayed up to watch the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Hopefully he goes early 4th. Thought he was better than the last few RBs selected (bias fan goggles).
  12. I always find it helpful to blame the Longhorn network for bad things happening.
  13. This can't be a good sign for our TV contract. Everyone knows that the P5 are the P5 because they are paid. What gives me some hope is that we have a large student base which may translate well to a digital subscription format.
  14. Mack has a good chance of getting our name out there on the offensive side of the ball.
  15. This has to improve our expansion candidacy.