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  1. We Really Need UCiF to Lose Tomorrow Night

    Not that I really care, but you're saying Memphis drug their entire team, cheerleaders, etc. down to Orlando Thursday night and flew right back because when they landed they decided that they did not want to play the game anymore? That just does not make sense.
  2. USF has reached preeminence!

    Is building statutes honoring disgraced coaches a metric? If so, I know they have achieved at least one.
  3. USF has reached preeminence!

    Time to throw up the "Welcome to the Big Three" billboards! When does the invite to the Big 10 happen?
  4. Attendance?

    Sweet baby Jesus, I am not ready for this thread.
  5. CSU's new stadium

  6. UCF Student Sections

    Wonder how many students would have showed up if they could not walk across campus to a stadium? hmmmmmmmm.
  7. CSU's new stadium

    GASP!!!!!! Half the board is going to explode, claim they will not renew, if we don't drop an RJS clone between Fowler and Fletcher
  8. UCF Student Sections

    The pic provided by Foot looks legit 35kish. If we could get enough students to fill both end zones like this I would be all for it.
  9. AAC Week 1

    The UCF love fest here is strange.... Central Florida being good or generally not sucking is not good for us, period. Heck with the AAC, the P6 nonsense, blah blah blah. They need to suck and keep sucking. I hope they are winless every year when we play them.
  10. USF to present findings of on-campus stadium study

    Amazing that some refuse to believe this. This alone is justification for an OCS.
  11. USF to present findings of on-campus stadium study

    Great post.
  12. USF to present findings of on-campus stadium study

    Well said @Ionbull I think all your points are valid.
  13. USF to present findings of on-campus stadium study

    Context! Correct, talking about attendance numbers 10 years ago to either justify or not justify an OCS is meaningless. Glad we could agree on that. Now, talking about 2007 attendance in 2008 or so would have been meaningful.
  14. USF to present findings of on-campus stadium study

    Sorry, I am just not following what your point is about the WVU game. That is when we should have looked at an OCS, in my opinion, when we were kicking butt, nationally ranked, etc. Bringing up the game now as justification to not build an OCS because of the full stadium in 2007 is my point. I wish I could find it now, but there was something floating around that showed USF's donation level being well below C. Florida's, and yes, I contribute that in large part to Alumni support, which I guess you could call fan support as those fans grow into job having donors.
  15. USF to present findings of on-campus stadium study

    Hehehe, well played.