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  1. It happens in basketball. Good teams lose to worse teams all the time. Happens every year in the tourney as well. If we had lost to team not named UCF, even with the same metrics, this would not be as awful. Losing to UCF in anything makes it sting, go rivalries
  2. I tried to read through every post, but can some of our smarter folks just lay it out in simple terms, is this a good or bad deal?
  3. I guess the moratorium on attendance smack has been lifted.
  4. Would not be surprised if CCS finally had enough and told him to go pound sand.
  5. I think UCF only has like six starters or something. I watched the whole game and towards the end UCF did pull their starters and they had four white kids on the floor and they looked like garbage.
  6. They heal differently up there.
  7. He deserves it all, especially from the fierce doubters *raises hand*
  8. I've heard this before...... "We're gonna fill that stadium up, we're gonna fill it up, fill it up!"
  9. This thread gives me the feels!
  10. Whoa, whoa, whoa!!!!! We need to get the board unified and send CCS all of the reasons this cannot happen. Does he not know that we can't afford it? Has he not seen the Temple study? Does he not know that playing in a Pro Stadium is a major recruiting tool? Does he not understand that our fan base will not be happy with a run of the mill steel constructed stadium? lets get the anti-OCS petition going! Did I miss any of the reasons why an OCS is an awful idea?
  11. Judson has been flipping commitments since his junior of high school.