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  1. Can we unhitch our wagon from Orlando University yet, or is that still a thing?
  2. Great news! We need more 7 foot Serbians.
  3. Huh, had no idea that there was a site and all until I started digging for more info about your post. Not sure I follow your point though, so we should not have lost 6 points to them? How exactly did we lose the other 14, geesh!
  4. Yeah, imagine if CWT would have been stubborn and tried to force HIS system, Flowers might not even still be here.
  5. Fair, it would have been nice to see at what point, if any, that CJL would have left.
  6. Correction - If he did not let Flowers start doing Flowers type things, he'd be out of work.
  7. This is old hat, but CWT was about 6 games away from being fired and turned things around and got an extension. I guess it all depends on how you read what I wrote, but between what you said, what 206Bull said, and what I said, they can all coexist at the same time. His career has been somewhat paradoxical.
  8. While I can't speak for everyone, I am not sure it is an issue of being mad. More so the feeling/thought that he accomplished so many great things while here. Yes, he did pull us out of the Holtz dumpster fire, BUT, zero CC championships and technically, zero post season wins. CWT lives a charmed life, UWK to here and here to Oregon with probably the lightest resume ever for a coach taking over a top 10 program (arguably).
  9. As was his height, his field awareness, his accuracy, his injury proneness, his inability to throw a pass beyond 10 yards. Did I miss anything. I think I even started a few threads regarding the awfulness that was QF........ I apologize.
  10. ..and what exactly did CWT win while at USF? Dude rode the first gravy train out of town. I'm not mad though CCS>CWT.
  11. We are bros now? When is the next home and home?
  12. Waiting for JK to chime in on actual attendance numbers, should be a tweet any minute now.