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  1. Stony Brook

    That was the game that I thought bj was going to break his collar bone jumping into the end zone
  2. Mack Going Pro

    Que the Mack appreciation thread! Good luck!
  3. Tampa Bay Times

    How does he limit his audience?
  4. Tampa Bay Times

    I wouldn't want Collin at TBT because he wouldn't be able to write the way he does. Right now the daily stampede is the best coverage for USF football. I know a lot of people hate on em, but it's true.
  5. Abraham

    Word on the gram is he's cleared to come back
  6. Uconn

    Did anybody else notice the "p6" stickers on uconn's helmets last night? Didn't know if that was one of Michael aresco's new tricks. I think I saw them on the temple helmets too
  7. Going for the last second touchdown

    True. Don't get me wrong, Jim louk is a legend.
  8. Going for the last second touchdown

    There's no podcast that I'm aware of. It's just live on the radio, hosted at beef's on campus. I was a little surprised they asked him about it too. Jim louk usually lobs him softball questions.
  9. Going for the last second touchdown

    CWT was asked about this at the radio show last night. You could tell he wanted to say what he really thought about people complaining about going for it, but he paused and said "we're moving on with humble hearts".
  10. Going for the last second touchdown

    Score as many points as possible, we would've killed to be able to score like this a couple years ago
  11. Reese Davis love

    I've heard him talk **** about us before, I don't care for him
  12. I was pretty pissed but I still knew we had a chance with our quick score offense. I was just concerned about going down another score before responding. Flowers has come out each game a little too amped up and starts sailing balls over receivers. We need a good start against fsu next week to have a good chance of pulling it out, so hopefully flowers can provide that. Maybe coach T will come out with more running plays and screen passes early to keep us ahead of the chains and get flowers in a rhythm.
  13. Dixon injury

    Malik Dixon put on his Instagram that he's out for the season. Didn't say what type of injury, but he's having surgery.