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  1. Quiz: Know the AAC

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 80/100 My Time 124 seconds  
  2. Polk Injured - Only 5 Scholarship LBs Avail.

    Salomen isn't dressed tonight. I don't see any boot or sling. Hopefully it's nothing major. I wouldn't think he'd redshirt but who knows.
  3. Bronson injury

    Rhyshene Bronson says he's out for the year, shoulder surgery.
  4. Undefeated - 2 and 0

    During the post game interviews with the players it seems like the offense is still not happy/getting the system down but have a hard time admitting that. Coach T did a good job teaching the players how to answer questions but you can tell there is frustration there. I think it's hard for the players to understand why they are running a certain system when it doesn't work as well as last years. (I do too) It's like when you tell someone there is a law against something but have no reason as to why the law is important. Anyways, we just need to let Q cook. Open up the game against uconn with some designed runs to get him into a rhythm.
  5. Helmets

    If the defense holds the opponent to a certain amount of yards or shuts a team out than the team should be able to vote for which helmet. Otherwise this sucks b/c we're taking away something the players and recruits enjoy seeing.
  6. Week One Uniforms

    P6 baby!!!
  7. Stony Brook

    That was the game that I thought bj was going to break his collar bone jumping into the end zone
  8. Mack Going Pro

    Que the Mack appreciation thread! Good luck!
  9. Tampa Bay Times

    How does he limit his audience?
  10. Tampa Bay Times

    I wouldn't want Collin at TBT because he wouldn't be able to write the way he does. Right now the daily stampede is the best coverage for USF football. I know a lot of people hate on em, but it's true.
  11. Abraham

    Word on the gram is he's cleared to come back