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  1. San Diego State

    Winning the conference championship is more important than going to a NY6 bowl, in my opinion. Last year a good San Diego State team lost to South Alabama, they could always trip up to one of their "fairly easy wins".
  2. Report Card: Stony Brook

    Is it possible the weather caused issues for the offense? It was raining before the game started and continued throughout the first half. So that field, and in result the ball, was wet all game. That can cause issues with accuracy and make the ball harder to catch which both were apparent issues last night. Also, because of this wouldn't it cause the offensive coordinator to call some more conservative plays? Because it didn't seem like the offense had to many issues in San Jose once they got rolling. I guess we'll find out more next week.
  3. Buzz on campus?

    From my experience normally the home opener has pretty good attendance from the student section. However if the weather is bad that could definitely change things.

    Looked into a possible depth chart after my previous comment: PG: Stephan Jiggets: Jiggets has lots of experience as a starting PG. SG: Troy Holston, Terrence Samuel: Holston has shown he can score, hopefully he can show some consistensy. Terrence Samuel offers good defense off the bench and national championship game experience. SF: Payton Banks, Justin Brown: Both seem to be really good 3pt shooters, Banks has much more experience at this level though. PF: Tulio Da Silva, Alex Yetna: Tulio showed some promise as a freshman after being a 4 star recruit. Yetna is a strong rebounder and has a strong motor, has gotten double doubles without a single play called for him, once he puts on some more muscle he could be a force. C: Malik Martin, Nikola Scekic: Both talented players, Martin was the #4 overall player in the state of Florida coming out of highschool and Nik had a Georgetown offer. Not sure who will start but both should see some good playing time. Isaiah Manderson, Henry Beard, and Yito Alvarado struggled to get minutes on last years disaster so I doubt they'll see much time in the rotation this year. TJ Lang has to sit out a year Overall: PG seems like a question mark as our only guy on the roster with experience there hasn't played at that high of a level before. From the wings there seems to be a couple good 3 point shooters which would really open up the offense. In the post there seems to be some quality depth but its too early to tell as no one down there has much experience. This year's team should easily be better than last years, however it still will struggle as I don't see anyone who is that good at setting up their teammates and the roster as a whole is pretty inexperienced.

    What is the assumed depth chart at the moment? There has been so much roster turnover this year I've had trouble keeping track.
  6. How long do you think it will take for USF basketball to get to the point of being at least average in conference each year? We only won more than 4 games in conference with Heath twice. I'd be satisfied with just one NCAA appearance every 5 years, I just want to be respectable. That NCAA tourney run was the most fun I've had watching USF sports besides those runs at the beginning of the season when USF football would start undefeated. But now I never even feel like watching.
  7. Starters were losing include: Rodney Adams (WR), Kofi Amichia (OT), Dominique Threatt (OG), Marlon Mack (RB), Nigel Harris (LB), Nate Godwin (S), and Johnny Ward (CB) Now that we know the incoming recruits for, who do you think is going to step up in each of these positions next year?
  8. Start Bench

    Off topic, but if we had Woulard do you think we beat FSU? He likely wouldn't have thrown that pick in the endzone and we could have been leading at half then. Next year we should be one of the favorites to win the conference.
  9. FSU Game. Where are your seats?

    Section 13 Row 78. Were students but still werent able to get tickets through the school so we just got them off stubhub, pretty decent seats for only $37 though.
  10. USF at FSU - Football

    Got 2 tickets off stubhub in section 13 row 78 for 35 each
  11. I can't seem to find them available yet, are they not going to be available to students till the week of the game? Also any ideas on how much they would cost? And is there going to be a lottery? I'm trying to decide whether I'd be better off just purchasing them off stub hub.
  12. As long as we get Bethel too I'm a lot more optimistic about this offense. We already have the most talented back in the conference who we know will capitalize and help us control the clock. But not getting knocked on his ass every play will be huge for Flowers, he's just going to have to make the most of it.
  13. MOSI possibly moving downtown? usf impact

    Not even just a Publix deli, an entire grocery store. If only Winston was still in high school, all the Publix crab legs you want on campus would have been quite the recruiting pitch.
  14. USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    http://tbo.com/news/business/talks-focus-on-moving-mosi-to-viniks-channel-district-20150425/?page=1&utm_content=buffer4d349&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&utm_campaign=buffer Mosi moving gives us a nice hunk of land right next to campus for a stadium and some parking...
  15. AC & Dre are out....more to come

    Getting Ty Outlaw and having Chris Perry healthy would be huge. If we can get those 2 we'll be in for a huge turn around