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  1. Cracks are forming...

    You think your team has no flaws? Typical myopic C dot fan.
  2. Cracks are forming...

    I see cracks and UCF and I start making sure my will is updated since I will be spending 4 hours in their life threatening stadium. Jokes aside, C dot has flaws...we clearly have flaws. Regardless of the outcome, I don’t think it is going to be all that fun. UCFs fans will make sure of that. Their obsession with us is borderline psychotic. If we suck so bad and have never won anything, why do they obsess so much about the school in the ghetto that can’t even have their own stadium?
  3. NOLA BOUND!!!!

    I am on that flight also...we will be decked out in our USF gear!
  4. 43,708

    That is IMPOSSIBLE....they have an ON CAMPUS STADIUM...there is absolutely no way that we can have a higher attendance total then ANYONE with an OCS....sarcasm font
  5. Who is the wizard man?

    Yeah...that was creeping us out also...I guess when we are begging for people to show up, we can't be too picky when they do. Not a fan of the wizard copycats...I thought it was a pop culture thing that I am too old to care about....seems like he is a one-off and unfortunately it appears to be contagious.
  6. Tulane STAMPEDE!!! Plan B

    My GF and I get in about 245 on Friday....staying on Decatur so we will make it for the HOB happy hour and see where the night takes us....Go Bulls!
  7. 43,708

    I would guess it was actually 33-34K butts in seats...but a vast improvement over previous crowds. Guess when you give people no excuses, they can actually make their way to the game.
  8. Ucf

    Also a word to the wise....may want to avoid staying at the Doubletree right across from campus....that is where the UCF football team stays the night before the game.
  9. Ucf

    I decided to get my USF-Oviedo tickets this them directly thru Ticketmaster....not a whole lot left...while there is a ways to go....I figured better get them now before they totally dry up. Honestly, I was not sure I really wanted to go since my previous trips there almost resorted to physical violence, but I just can't miss this one...especially since it looks like the stakes will be so high.
  10. 2017 Tulane game

    Got our tickets also and will be at the tailgate...Go BULLS! Uber will be our friend this weekend
  11. We Really Need UCiF to Lose Tomorrow Night

    They most certainly should cancel considering IRMA is scheduled to go right over their erector set bouncy house
  12. Considering that they dropped football several years ago...probably not.
  13. Team entrance

    I would think coming out by where the students are makes the most sense....that is where there is the most excitement...low bar, I know...but still