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  1. We Really Need UCiF to Lose Tomorrow Night

    They most certainly should cancel considering IRMA is scheduled to go right over their erector set bouncy house
  2. Considering that they dropped football several years ago...probably not.
  3. Team entrance

    I would think coming out by where the students are makes the most sense....that is where there is the most excitement...low bar, I know...but still
  4. Today felt...

    He did this last week also....I told my girl...."He needs to watch Jameis when he is on the sidelines and try to replicate that" I get that they are two guys that are polar opposites....but I don't like his body language so far.
  5. Team entrance

    And I am convinced that locker room is built on an ancient Indian burial ground like the Sun Dome
  6. Any members guarantee a USF win @ Uconn next week?

    Hell this rate I expect Q to throw someone a bag of peanuts on the flight to Hartford and take out a stewardess....urrrr flight attendant
  7. Dreams that Died Today

    While we were getting all giddy about playing in January we are well on our way to not playing in December
  8. Does anybody know why....

    I just have never seen that before at a Bucs game or a USF game...and I go to them all....maybe they thought us rowdy alumni were going to riot if we lost today....not saying it wasn't crossing my mind....
  9. Does anybody know why....

    There were many Hillsborough County least 6-8.... in military like gear with their rifles, machine guns, uzis, rocket launchers...whatever they were out and about on the south side outside the stadium after the game?
  10. AAC Baseball Tourney Day 3 Chat

    I was at the game...sad we could not have a better turnout...the weather was perfect...great venue to watch a game at. Ump was brutal in the 9th, but we got what we deserved with a lot of questionable managing and undisciplined play. This was one of the more USF-iest losses that I can remember in recent history. Lets get it done against UCIF...but I think we will come out flat and poop the bed again.
  11. Well...we can hold a bake sale and a car wash....take the funds raised and head to Home Depot to get some green and gold paint
  12. 2017 Tulane game

    If anyone has not booked their flight yet...Southwest has really hiked up the prices for this weekend....Allegiant flies direct from St Pete-Clearwater but only flies there on Friday and returns on Monday...but the cost is much more reasonable
  13. USF Athletics: Revenues / Expenses

    Maybe that is how they are saving luggage fees and drink coupons!