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  1. Wax nostalgic about USF Men's Basketball from the early 90's
  2. Here's the real signing day surprise

    IMO there is no such thing as a good Subway sub....anytime I have to go in there due to my SO enjoying their crappy seems like the place smells like feet. Just too many bad competing smells.
  3. This is reminding me of the football game at Tulane this season....
  4. Do you bullieve in miracles.....?
  5. Quinton Flowers

    I think that means we can name him the Heisman Trophy winner.
  6. QB next year - who's your guy.

    If the choice of the sub is up to Gilbert it will be roast beef and cheese plain on white bread....comes with vanilla soda.
  7. QB next year - who's your guy.

    Sure would have been neato to be able to pull Q out of most of our games in the late 3rd-early 4th to see a bit more of what we have. I think it will be Chris...but Octavius Battle is the coolest name in D1
  8. As if last night’s WBB game was not disheartening enough...
  9. Danny White reminds me of Baghdad Bob
  10. Stop it - WAKE UP

    Thank you....perfectly written.
  11. Is UCF

    Ha ha...I think I see what you did there.
  12. Is UCF

    You DO realize that the NFL has wild cards that make the playoffs, right? In the MLB non division winners ofter win Word Series. Go away Gnat
  13. Is UCF

    Should not surprise us...they have been bush league since day 1
  14. Is UCF

    Of course they are....and that is how their delusional behavior affects USF. UCF thinks they are being cute but they are too stupid to look at the big picture
  15. This is really embarrassing UCF hate glasses are permanently glued to my face after this amateurish stunt. God forbid we would have pulled this same nonsense if we were in their shoes. UCF won all their games....big flipping deal. Until someone can make a valid argument as to which of the 4 teams should not have made is all garbage