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  1. Well...we can hold a bake sale and a car wash....take the funds raised and head to Home Depot to get some green and gold paint
  2. If anyone has not booked their flight yet...Southwest has really hiked up the prices for this weekend....Allegiant flies direct from St Pete-Clearwater but only flies there on Friday and returns on Monday...but the cost is much more reasonable
  3. Maybe that is how they are saving luggage fees and drink coupons!
  4. looks like all of the talk of us being underseeded was correct....Vegas has the game as a Pick-em....I thought I could get some good value with the perceived disrespect of our 11 many times do you see a 6 vs 11 and a pick-em....something stinks.
  5. 17 wins and we will rename Fowler Ave after him
  6. Boy oh boy...time to go buy 6 season tickets....said no one ever.
  7. How about we split with UCONN? The ladies win the championship game and we will throw the men's game
  8. Coach K....if he comes here, his back will be the least of his problems.
  9. Funny...I booked Hotel St. Marie the day the schedule came out and just saw this thread for the first time. Have stayed there probably 15 times....location is great and a half block off of Bourbon St. Glad to see that other Bulls will take the place over!
  10. I was at the game...had a great time and just kept thanking myself for not being at the Sun was a pretty easy choice...and it was a beautiful day outside.
  11. Anybody but Greg Schiano....
  12. Mediocrity? I long for the days when we were mediocre....I would advocate for a tickertape parade is we were mediocre
  13. Shouldn't Miami be clamoring to play us? We finished higher than them in the
  14. One thing I noticed was how packed the student section was....even in our sporatic glory days...We never packed it like that...wish we had a OCA....oh yeah...we do
  15. Well...since we can't determine a position for Judson if he decides to grace us with his presence...we can make him AD