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  1. Bright side?

    The one time I turned away... 😣😣😣
  2. P6

    I would say the same bias that plays against us plays against them as well. There are no real "bad" teams. Just incomplete teams. UCiF last year was bad. Usf being holtzed was bad. FSU and UF are bad. Our bottom teams would still give them fits.
  3. Five 3 loss teams.

    Yes feed into the UCiF frenzy!!! It'll make us stomping a mud hole in them that much sweeter. I don't consider a trip less than 2 hours away an away game that gives true home field advantage. Both teams are going to be feeling themselves coming into this one. I give the edge to the team with the seniors who put the program on their back. The ones who suffered through watching an inferior team play in the AAC championship last year. Our team will hold nothing back and play to their full potential one this one. Underdogs, chip on their soldier, no respect nationally... I'd hate to be the knights on that glorious day of grid iron battle.
  4. Five 3 loss teams.

    Not so fast my friend...I believe OSU would've dropped the ball several times against our opponents and gotten hit harder because of their name alone. Dont drink the kool-aid of this p5 nonsense. Do they have the depth to outlast? Sure, but 1s vs 1s against the top teams in the American, or even just against the high powered offenses of the bottom half, I don't think they'd fair as well as the talking heads like to think they would.
  5. Five 3 loss teams.

    ... because of bad luck. 4 and 24 anyone??? Please tell me that if we play them 10 times that the result would be the same. It wouldn't. Whether it's the muffed kick, the reception over 4 defenders, or the poor clock management to end the game. None of those things ever happen again. The football gods had forsaken us. We didn't get steam rolled like OSU.
  6. Week 11 Rankings

    I'm glad the rest of the world doesn't agree with you. We lost to Houston off of freak plays. They didn't destroy us. Definitely wouldn't happen again if the game was re played.
  7. Watching UCiF...

    Unless you seen somethingI didn't last night, Houston's D line will be the toughest we face all year. SMU was getting tons of push towards the end of the game. They have their 3 Bigs and nothing else once they're tired. There's a reason we get the rushing yards we do, our oline isn't a bunch of slouches. Look back on the BJ run for your life days for a point of reference. Shoot Q lit up the stat sheet because of the protection they were giving him. I respect UCiF in regards to their ability to score with time and open space. They'll get neither against us. Orlando might as well be a home game and we very rarely lose at home.
  8. Watching UCiF...

    Not sure why that got down voted so I balanced it out. He has a quick release but that's only effective if the defender is ten yards away from the receiver. Most of their explosive plays come when defenses aren't holding their assignments. We hold our assignments while keeping a spy on the QB and we're on easy street, pounding the rock all the way to the championship. Our d line will be the best they've seen all year. Won't be any running lanes opened up and their QB will be under duress all night, forcing him to get rid of the rock sooner than he'd like. Which in turn will force him into bad decisions. If he continues his trajectory, he'll be a stud, but for now he's a sophomore who will make sophomore mistakes. Plus the way their corners like to jump the route... I seen Q doing a pump fake to the bubble screen and hitting a streaking Scantling for a beautiful highlight worthy touchdown. They have speed... But so do all the teams built up with Florida natives. I would be impressed if the speed was attached to a bruiser and not a feather weight honestly. Their running back is hella fast and can run through arm tackles, but when you put a body on him it's lights out. I hope the team is as hype as I am about this game. I'm licking my chops at the opportunity to deflate the overhyped Mickey mouse brigade.
  9. Give Credit Where its due

    Were they finding the soft spots in the zone coverages?
  10. Watching UCiF...

    I really believe USF is built for the long haul. Watching UCiF they have our Achilles heel from last year. They score fast but can't stop a team from dinking and dunking/ eating up clock. The announcers when bashing the Pac 12, talked about the high octane offenses but zero defense. Then they talked about what the truly great teams have in common. Strong defense, strong running game, and quarterbacks that can manage the game. We are shaping up to be like that. Only difference is our quarter back is dynamic. This run heavy offense is growing on me. We can pass when we need to, and eat up clock like a winning team, built to last, should. We don't need to gun sling, SMU is showing the blueprint to beat the knights now. Get A stop and eat up clock before you score.
  11. Give Credit Where its due

    We're going to see just how good UCiF is tonight. SMU is no slouch, if they hold their offense to under 20 I'll be concerned about their D. If they win the game convincingly I'll be impressed.
  12. With all due respect DJ does get his own game thread every week. Nothing but love for him here.
  13. 24 Hour Rule

    Very true, I still think that Memphis game was a trap for them. I don't think they ever mentally got off of the plane. But I agree with your logic in highlighting the dangers of the transitive property. Plus I had to get past my 666 post lol
  14. 24 Hour Rule

    I'm not going to go crazy with this transitive property thing but, Navy got beat down by Temple. The one team that gave UCiF fits. I whole heartedly don't believe they've been tested this year. With us facing our evil doppelganger in Huston and luck being clearly on their side, we've been reminded of what it feels like to be knocked down and now we're hungrier than ever. UCiF is still riding high after giving up 30+ to Peay... Dont be surprised if they lose to SMU either. The only team they've played with a defense was NAVY and low and behold they didn't look like world beaters. We'll be more than fine. We're going to bounce the bounce house and ride their tears to the conference championship game.
  15. There's a lot of fun left!

    😂😂😂 have you watched them play?!?! The majority of The American can wipe the floor with them. So the top 3 or 4 teams would run a clinic, us included. They don't have enough defense to keep up with anyone with a pulse. They're offenses are anemic... We didn't lose because we sucked, we lost because of bad luck, poor execution, and lack luster coaching.