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  1. Week 4 Games to Watch

    What am I missing with this warm spot some have for UCiF??? They are weird relics from a time long gone who coat themselves in urine... They beat up on FIU... Seriously F...I...U... at home. And they cancelled their last two games. They've been riding high on beating up a nobody team. They will lose the rest of the season and I'll enjoy it almost as much as I enjoyed them not winning a single game. They'll get no love from this Bull.
  2. "W.W.J.D.? No it's more like W.W.DJ.D."
  3. Illinois vs. SJSU & Stony Brook

    We also played our 3rd game after a hurricane, limited practice/ short week, and on a weeknight. All of that and we still put up 47 on a division 1 opponent who had none of those excuses. The special teams things, as much as it sucked, and as memorable as it was, only happened once and was a non issue later in the same game. We're going to beast from here on out as long as everyone stays healthy and mentally focused. But this leads me to wonder if Alabama fans are so tired of winning that they only get excited when they play Clemson or Florida State? I wonder if they question their own legitimacy after their unimpressive victory over a nobody this past week. I personally believe good teams even when uninspired by their opponent, find ways to Win. That's the true measure of a great team.
  4. AP and Coaches Poll

    What type of fans are you??? We brought back like 90% of our team from last year. That same 19th ranked team. Every team worth its salt losses players to the draft. This 16-21 coach you speak of has already proven he can be successful at this level. Shoot, according to some of you this level is easier so... What's the problem? Do Notre Dame, Miami, Florida...etc. argue why there teams shouldn't be ranked when most times they're ranked on name alone? Did last year's 19th ranked team deserve to be ranked? Who did they beat worth beating? Most teams in the top 25 past the eye test. Alabama didn't play like #1 this week. Should they forfeit their ranking??? These young men are human. They have good weeks and bad. I'll say that our recruiting, roster, production, and potential all scream top 25. All this pessimism is exhausting... How can you be so down during the year we legitimately teach higher than USF football EVER has. This isn't some fluke year where every other team sucks and we show up for big games and catch sleeping giants off guard. This time we built it from the ground up. We legitimately have layers of talent. People see us coming and we still punch them in the mouth. We deserve our ranking unlike some schools who are surviving on name and history alone.
  5. #12 #14 and #18

    They don't want to play us though!!! Lol everyone looks beastly until they step on the field with us. We put up a good fight against FSU with pretty much the same USF team we have this year. Watching FSU play all year I wouldn't have thought we could do what we did. Our team is special. Some of you have reverse green and gold goggles. Everyone is better than us until we beat them.
  6. Let's go AAC!

    We would have made them look foolish. Then other fans would scream how overrated UCLA was and we just out athleted our way into a win.
  7. Have we Stopped Freaking Out Now?

    Do we realize that good teams make average teams look bad? We did the whole "We beat a bad team" thing all the way to 11-2... We have a "Weak schedule" and will receive everyone's A+ game. We are ranked and looked the part aside from early special teams problems. Enjoy the ride people!!!
  8. Never Thought I Would Say This...

    Does it take longer to build a defense or has Leavitt lost a step?
  9. If you adjust for the skill levels in comparison I believe the comparison holds true. We aren't national champion material just like Stony isn't Troy.
  10. Strong jabs back as fans attack USF's offense

    Not as bad as I waa expecting. The gist of it is we have to the what the the defense gives us. You can't get the ball to Johnson when they've game planned for it. You can't run flowers when they've practiced stopping the run all week. Players around those two have to make plays in odder to free them up. If they don't make plays, we look like we're not ourselves.
  11. My counter argument is a simple one. Both SJSU and Stony Brook were viewed as trash. Not worth tacking seriously. Now stop me if you heard this before... Big ranked school takes little nobody school lightly. They don't bring their A game. They run through the motions not expecting the wimpy team to be capable of putting up a fight. Now the lights come on and the little team is hitting the big boys in the mouth. Game ends up being to close for comfort, now the ranked team's fans are crying bloody murder. Then the following weekend the tank team learns its lesson and opens up a can on the following team... We were the nobody team for our entire existence. Now we are trying to learn how to be the big kids on the block. We have at the very best an uninspiring schedule. Heaven forbid our team realizes and tries sleep walking through a game. As soon as you spelled UCiF wrong I had to tune you out. This is no where near the Holtz catastrophe where wee didn't have a quarterback and he was riding the coattails of Leavitt. We have a proven baller at quarterback with the majority of an 11-2 team returning. Forgive me if I'm a little hesitant when it comes to writing off the coaching staff and season as soon to be second worse on USF's short history.
  12. Any members guarantee a USF win @ Uconn next week?

    I'll proudly guarantee a double digit win. Q is a baller and Uconn is nowhere near the level of SJSU.
  13. Roger's report - more on CCS

    I sometimes wish we could fast forward to the end of the season when Quinton makes these "chicken little" posters look foolish
  14. Undefeated - 2 and 0

    I might have to put the board on suicide watch. This team will burst out just like we did with Syracuse. QF is still a baller and these coaches aren't stupid, they'll use the athletes properly.
  15. This play calling is pathetic

    No, because haters are going to hate. Guess Harlan "got in Taggart's ear" today too with those McDonald's numbers Oregon put up... Give the man his credit and keep it moving. He did a good job when it came to us.