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  1. I appreciate your efforts!!!
  2. 4.3 flat
  3. Lol eh no huge difference between that and a front carrier
  4. Just seems shady... why put those feelings in print? You're that mad that a local coach was winning without beating down your door?
  5. Let the accolades keep coming. You deserve each one. You make the university shine a little brighter because of your presence.
  6. Title: Inauguration Fact- Important Political Discussion ??? Lmbo
  7. What is the biggest individual accolade in your opinion? Not sure if I missed it or not.
  8. Ducks aren't built like bulls CWT
  9. The "and" is important
  10. I hear you, and i figure that hurt him while he was here. You completely turn a program around and you still have people sitting at home because you're not Jim Levitt, complaining about the heat, game time, or whatever else... He is responsible for our success thus far. He coached the team that has an early Heisman hopeful and ended the season ranked. People shouldn't hate him for saying what's said on the Bullspen every day. The truth hurts but hopefully it won't be the truth much longer.
  11. So we really have to wait until he graduates to anoint him the G.O.A.T. ????
  12. I ran it again and you are correct. 2016 won 34-17 case closed. Ran it one last time and boom 2016 for the win.
  13. No defense held 2016 under 30 points this season... 2007 team wouldn't either. Fun website though!
  14. 2016 #DidSomething
  15. Continue to Amaze young man. Thank you for representing yourself and this university well. Make them remember your name!