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  1. Let’s just shut this game down like Air Force is shutting their games down
  2. AAC Bubble Watch 1/20

    Are you really saying we don’t have a shot this year? I’m shocked by that statement 🙀
  3. When do we starting find out if the water boys or floor sweepers have eligibility?
  4. Tulio Da Silva No Longer With Team

    We need a pause and relaunch of men’s basketball. Reboot everything, rebrand, shake up the whole **** thing. In the interim start calling voodoo healers, macumba practitioners, and witch doctors of all stripes. Someone needs to lift this bad juju
  5. Men's Soccer Spring Schedule

    That’s pretty cool
  6. Forever a Bull

    Wish him all the best going forward. He was one of the greats to grace our facilities.
  7. QB next year - who's your guy.

    Nah, it’s going to be a marinated skirt steak sub, with a mix of grilled skirt steak, jalapeños, portobello mushrooms, bell peppers, and tomatoes, with a creamy jalapeño havarti (pepper jack if you’d prefer).
  8. QB next year - who's your guy.

    Mojo pork or chicken tender. Next question
  9. Come for the sports and stay for the endorsements of companies that fix garage doors
  10. Truly hoped to never see OA again, but

    Crazy how some of these guys can still land jobs after destroying a program and breaking rules/laws