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  1. Joey the Weasel Knight

    How else would we survive the off season, and make through the regular season?
  2. Joey the Weasel Knight

    The thing is he isn’t lazy if it’s not USF related. Him hanging out in Tally and doing this extra stuff shows that he is capable of going above and beyond. He just acts like anything pertaining to USF is beneath him. I have no problem with him as a person, but as a professional journalist he sucks.
  3. I heard that instead of confetti they will be throwing empty natty ice light cans and used condoms. Also the parade route just circles the trailer park in Bithlo.
  4. Joey the Weasel Knight

    Can the TBT send him to cover something else already? He’s trying to hang on CWT nuts like he’s a sack wrinkle. They could easily bring in Joey Johnston or given Thor a shot. Hell bring back the big shot Jeff O. Almost anybody, even some of the mentally unstable drunken panhandlers in the area, could do a better job at covering our athletic department.
  5. Could Be a Good Thing

    Closing in on a conference merger
  6. Looks Like Sun Dome has a Sponsor Name

    we have a sponsor and that’s pretty cool. I don’t think we had companies beating down the doors to sponsor us.
  7. USF Brand and Image Problem

    We can either swap names with Florida Gulf Coast, or wait for sea level raise to work it’s magic. Either way things will work themselves out 👍🏼
  8. With all the crazy moves going in the NFL I hope someone is making space for Flowers.
  9. Official Spring Practice Thread

    In this conference we should be in the running. Just have some big unknowns
  10. Official Spring Practice Thread

    How about we make Bowl eligibility the goal for this year, and after that we can discuss anointing an all time greatest Bulls qb? We got really spoiled with Flowers, getting to bowl eligibility isn’t a given. I predict that this years team will be better or worse than last years. I think we will know more by fall camp. Spring might see a couple of these guys off to other pastures.
  11. Sisters who have won a National Championship

    here’s why you will never figure this out. This song is actually about NAS, so the permutations are nearly endless
  12. Official Spring Practice Thread

    Chris D. slid over and was alright.
  13. Official Spring Practice Thread

    If Barr were moving to qb and Gonzalez moving to rb I’d be more concerned. They’re moving to similar positions on the opposite side of the ball. If they’re natural fits then hopefully they can learn the techniques needed to gain some playing time. There will be a lot of flux from now until the first few games are under our belts. Let’s enjoy the battles and see who’s wheat and who’s chaff
  14. Official Spring Practice Thread

    y’all got anymo’ of dem practice updates?