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  1. Silicon Valley is moving so fast they've gone back in time
  2. Saw that, but Google has the posted list of players listed.
  3. Geography and math lessons in one thread.... wow, this is the kind of quality content you can only get on the bullspen
  4. the best Cuban place in town just closed The other place Habana Cuba on Race St is trash, so fly out with sandwiches in hand, or try tortas. Also, if you have time you can take a nice drive from 17 to Santa Cruz then up 1 to half moon bay to 92 back over to San Mateo (101). It's a nice drive, with some cool parks.
  5. I'll take 2 of whatever you're having
  6. When do we trade names and men's b-ball teams with fgc?
  7. So does this settle the QBR thing?
  8. Can't we just get a game with Bama? I heard Saban liked Tampa, so maybe he will want to come back?
  9. We already have one. Just expand Corbett and we're good. Most are saying start small anyway
  10. Can't believe how much they hate Jimmy up there. But with Foley out I'm hoping their sports programs fade.
  11. It's way too long
  12. Is Harlan in on any of these hires? Weist, Allan or Bartow? Maybe he hedging behind the scenes?
  13. Is that in order or you just throwing it out there?
  14. **** son