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  1. I'm officially root for Oregon b/c of Taggart. He may have left us, but he left us with a good team and even better coach.
  2. He said in another interview he is keeping the name lol
  3. Football

    Yea makes sense. The selfish fan in me was speaking lol But next year we will need them more so let them learn the playbook.
  4. Football

    I think that's bull (no pun intended) that you have to wait a year after being kicked off a team.
  5. Taggart gave USF their BEST season ever, beat an SEC team in a bowl and left the team ranked 19th and with a roster full of great players. He left WKU a nice cupboard of players and they have been successful ever since he left. As an assistant at Stanford, he helped them become good again. He has never failed on record. EVERY team he has coached has turn around for the better, so not sure where it is so evident that he's gonna fail at Oregon unless it's just an emotional desire for you to want to see him fail. I mean geez, USF is having success now b/c of him. ya'll wonder why he left us? He left b/c many of you fans stayed ******** on the man. CCS will add the icing on the cake and all shall be well.
  6. Brock Osweiler is not doing much so it cant be anyworse
  7. People love upsets and rooting for the underdog. I think the ratings would skyrocket if USF made the playoffs. If we made it that far, more than likely we had a great regular season and news coverage.
  8. Maybe one of the 2 freshman LBs step up.....hopefully
  9. That means more playing time 4 the youngins' Polk and Stanley. I wish Dixon well.
  10. I see Strong motivating not just players. He seems to have lost at least 25-30Ibs
  11. Well said. Thank God Taggart shared Quinton's vision and gave him a chance.
  12. Many people and probably you didnt think he would of turned USF around and he did. Every team he has coached at had success b4 he how is it that you are so sure he will fail? Now he has a top 20 recruiting class, an all star assistant staff and a lot of momentum at Oregon. Not sure his failure is that garunteed.
  13. MBB

    He probably mad at all the point guards the ew coaching staff were reaching out to. Who knows but this new coach 1st priority should of been go recruit the remaining players on the team.
  14. Us making the playoffs is detwrmined by our opponents success (except against us) And a bunch of p5 teams losing from parity thia year. Im just worried about winning the AAC.
  15. I thought it was a nice article