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  1. This Game Will Be Won or Lost by....

    I feel Tice goes off in this game. At least 2 td runs.
  2. Stop being such a hater lol Its been like 2 days, we dont know any details to this case unlike the 2 other players u mentioned, those details came out right away.
  3. Im good. i'm a Pitino fan, but let some other desperate school get him.
  4. CCS hates it here

    Which means O'leary has won something Just like Charlie , no other USF coach has won anything even close to that .
  5. CCS hates it here

    Won a BCS bowl, when he beat Florida.
  6. CCS hates it here

    Oh my God when will these types of posts end. Charlie is not going anywhere. Is he unhappy? I don't know, but USF hasn't wowed enough for him to b a hot commodity and even if he was to leave, nothing can stop the USF wave. Many of you guys wanted Taggart gone even after his success and was made when he actually left. Be careful for what you wish for. I feel Charlie will be here for the next 3-4 years. Now if there is anybody I wish would go is Gilbert.
  7. The Dingle story popped up like 30 min later lol
  8. This muthaf****a would catch a felony sexual battery charge 30 min after I give him a shout out in my post! lol
  9. Let's hear the details to the case first. But man, that sucks.
  10. Good get all that negativity out of your system my friend. Make space to eat all of those Ws like your boy Jameis Winston lmao!
  11. lol some good **** huh?
  12. Man, it’s time for my annual Green and Gold goggles post. This blog is getting way to depressing. It’s like when we do well, the blogs are empty, but when we have issues, the blog posts sky rockets. Let's get one thing straight..USF has no glory days. When i first started following the blogs, we had a few highs and more miserable lows. so to be unhappy at 9-1 is crazy. Yea we are underachieving, but we are still waaay ahead of our past success. 1. 2017 USF has a top 10 offense and top 20 defense. We are currently 9-1 and will finish the season at 11-1 with a freakin AAC title and a NY6 bowl game…I won’t guarantee a NY6 victory until I know who we play lol But if we have to finish the season ugly then so be it, as long as we win. 2. QB - We have two great backups for the next 3 years who may not run as well as flowers, but can throw better. We also have 2 bad a$$ freshman QBs coming in and if we can at least hold on to one of them we will be good. 3. Wide receivers - Dropped passes have been mainly an issue with MVS, Chris Barr and Alaka. All will be gone next year and maybe Barr learns how to catch over the summer. I feel Solomon and McCants have better hands. We also have Kevaughn Dingle, DeVontres Dukes, Randall St. Felix, Jernard Phillips, Ryeshene Bronson, Darnell Salomon, Stanley Clerveaux, Deangelo Antoine and 4 star recruit Zion Roland (if we hold onto him). I REFUSE to believe these guys can’t bring success to that position. 4. Running backs - We lose Tice/DJ, but have Cronkite, Sands and Sutton. I know nothing about the other running backs but assume they will be good as well. 5. Defense- We have two Freshman stud DTs (Da Kelvin BoyZ) who played well this year and should be better next year. In addition to Marlon Gonzales, the transfer DT Boyles from Duke is here as well. The defense is set, plus Stroing recruited a lot of defensive players in his first and 2nd recruiting class. Best of all we will still have Brian Jean-Marie. 6. We have great tight ends 7. Our strength of schedule that may be strong enough to crash the playoffs for the next 3 years. 2018 – Georgia tech & Illinois, 2019 Wisconsin, GT and Central Michigan, 2020 – Texas, Nevada, FAU, San Jose state 8. We will still have CCS, Gilbert (I’m not cray about, but will give him a chance) and BJM. Nobody is trying to hire them away from us, b/c they still must prove themselves, so I’m sure they will step their game up next year. 9. Our current recruiting class is rank 45th nationally and 3rd in the AAC. and should improve by signing day. I feel that the future looks **** bright for USF. I have no worries what so ever about this program for this year or the next 5 years. If you want to call me crazy or whatever names you want go ahead, but just remember this post when I’m right. Go Bulls!
  13. The defense went from being ranked in the 100s to the top 20.....I would say Charlie's knows his defense.
  14. LOL It amazes me by how awesome some fans make the older teams out to be. the older teams were good, but not deep which always hurt us at the 2nd half of the season or in the 2nd half of games.Some of those teams may have had a few better starters but the teams were not deep. This by far is our deepest team. Put this defense with last year's offense and we would have been unstoppable.
  15. CCS and Coaching Openings

    Bruh....I think he i still jobless. Sucks too, he seems like a nice guy.