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  1. Can USF FB Get to 10 Win? CBS Sports Says Nope!

    I agree I think their defense isnt the same w/o shaquem griffin. I remember the USF game and man he was fast.
  2. Bulls AD Harlan About to Sign an Extension

    Im good with Harlan.
  3. Can USF FB Get to 10 Win? CBS Sports Says Nope!

    Dont sleep on Illinios. Their roster has more 3 and 4 stars recruits than we do and most of them are from Florida. I think they improve this year but yea, we still beating them.
  4. Men's Basketball Signs Antun Maricevic

    I like his video. We are definitely getting tougher amd more athletic players.
  5. Grant Polk retires from football

    Man that sucks. I wish him well. Man it look like we will be using all 4 of our freshman oline recruits this year
  6. Can USF FB Get to 10 Win? CBS Sports Says Nope!

    Hey we "stopped" them from scoring more points in the rematch lol That's all that matters.
  7. Can USF FB Get to 10 Win? CBS Sports Says Nope!

    He kind of stopped them the 2nd time we played them and we currently have a waaaaaaaaaaaay better defense now. But still can't say Im 100% confident, but like our chances.
  8. Why is the USF beat writer . . .

    But if you see his pattern, he has really been posting a lot of FSU stuff. I dont think that is Random. But the article did suck.
  9. Why is the USF beat writer . . .

    He has probably been assigned to start covering FSU stuff. Reporters have bosses who tell them what 2 cover.
  10. Spring Game April 14th

    Running backs order - Cronkite, Mack, Sands, Bell, Sutton, Dave Small. All freshman running backs are redshirting.
  11. IdentityTB

    Mine is working great. Clear video, good commentary. These guys should get all spring games.
  12. IdentityTB

  13. IdentityTB

    lol i think i realize what i did wrong. i forgot the "the" part of the channel lol
  14. IdentityTB

    i just found out i can do that with Youtube and watch it on my tv.