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  1. I'm excited about the basketball team. And say we make the sweet 16 dammit!
  2. Everything happens for a reason. Mack will be backing up one of the most respected and humble running backs in the league who is at the tail end of his career. Frank Gore is edging towards the top 5 for yards ruched, 13 season vet who only missed 12 games. He is a bruiser who never gets injured so obviously he trains well in the off season. Mack gets to sit behind this man? Unless he gets injured (knock on wood), I see nothing but a great situation for Mack to develop, learn the game and be great on the college level. His contract may be small now, but he will get his max contract on day and then he can always finish up his degree in the off season.
  3. I think our success is a blessing a a curse. I think some teams might think the risk is too high to play us now.
  4. I think both of their schedules is too hard to go undefeated and if either one of them do then all power to them in leap frogging us.
  5. Man what the heck? I thought this post was taken down for being too silly. Not sure how I missed it all weekend. But glad you guys enjoyed it.
  6. lol yea, I agree, just trying to speak **** into existence lol
  7. Below is a link to CBS sports which ranked us at #19. Houston, Temple, Navy and Tulsa are in the top 36. Memphis is at #45. Our out of conference schedule sucks, but our conference schedule can actually save us. I know these aren't the official rankings but they are close enough. That being said, Those are 4 teams that can be ranked this year depending on how their season plays out. These teams all play some P5 teams that have a great history but are quite beatable this year. Unfortunately, we will pretty much have to root for all AAC teams to beat their OOC opponents. That being said, looking through my green and gold goggles, the playofffs can't be ruled out this year. It will just take a lot of help from our AAC brethren and a whole bunch of parity in the P5 world this year.
  8. **** it, somebody has to put on some green and gold goggles so it shall be I lol This new team is comprised of current players who feel like they failed/disappointed their school and you have the other half of the team who is comprised of transfers who never got playing time and failed to live up to their own expectations. add in a few 3 star recruits who are salivating at all of the potential playing time, and you have a group of guys that are talented, pissed off, tired, and all are hungry for success and redemption. Everybody including the coach has a pretty big chip on their shoulder and it shall translate onto the court. I predict NCAA tournament with a 2nd round defeat, the following year sweet 16 followed by the final four.'re welcome!
  9. Charlie Strong took a bullet that was suppose 2 hit Taggart .This is Taggart thanking him over the phone
  10. 2% of the team committed a crime. So you write off tbe other 98% as criminals? Or better yet 2 out of 40,000 students committed a crime why shouls you be embarrased? Dumb post
  11. 1st - 2 people who committed crimes out of 40,000 f**king students makes you ashamed to be a Bull? I'm a Florida Gator and her statement pissed me off. 2nd - You rip Charlie Strong who just got hired and didn't even recruit these two players and question if he can lead the team? Charlie Strong is notoriously a disciplinarian which means you have not done any research to your statement. Just talking out of your ass. 3rd. -Who the f**k are you to question another man credibility as a coach b/c 2 out of 85 players committed a crime? That is a little bit over 2% of the team that committed a that means the other 98 percent is out of control? My advice is make sure not to commit a crime in Tampa, b/c this pompous, doosh-bag of a judgmental judge (pun intended) is **** sure not an impartial judge.
  12. We have like 23 people graduating next year and will probably have a few more people transfer out after the freshman come in. Trust, we will have plenty of room.
  13. In the end tackling is more efficient than hitting. The goal is 2 get the man down. If this guy doesnt like 2 hit then he **** sure better like to tackle and be food at it. Im not saying its not good to hit people. But if i had to choose b/w the 2 ill take tackling.
  14. I never said hitting was a bad thing, but the past 2 years we had defensive players that preferred to hit and you see where that got us.