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  1. Its too late, you already made the thread lol And no, the thread ends when or if we ever lose....or when he graduates
  2. Bulletin Board Material

    They better be reading the bulletin material from last year's game. If they have any pride, they will be pissed about how they got their skirts lifted in that game and hoe Temple took our spot in the conference title game. USF doesn't need to beat temple, they need to punch them in the face. I also don't agree with baseball being a more cerebral game. It doesn't have drawn out plays or the same amount of X's and O's you simply hit a ball, catch a ball and run to the bases. But football is a physical and cerebral sport and you better have both. I can live with the close games we played this year, but I want an ass whooping for Temple. So they better read that bulletin board material everyday until the game.
  3. 1) The winning team - USF2) The final score- 52-10...we never really go past 52 for some reason. 3) Bulls leading rusher - Tice - 1474) Bulls leading receiver - McCants (I think Alaka need more touches though)5) Bulls total offensive yards (closest without going over) - 667
  4. Bulletin Board Material

    I’m still pissed off by how they punched us in the face last year. I wish that fullback they had was still there too. He was the heart of that victory. But at least we still get a change to get that running back who ran all over us. Anyways, I’m glad I don’t have to wait until Friday for this game. Temple definitely is one of our top rivals. Even the year we beat them, they went to the title game instead of us.
  5. Playcalling

    Soooooo, take out the dropped passes from my last statement and we still scored 47 points and close to 700 yards of offense despite all of the OTHER self inflicted mistakes and almost record breaking amount of penalties I listed in my post.
  6. Playcalling

    You forgot 2 factor in 1 block field goal, 1 blocked extra point, 1 interception, 1 touchdown drop, and 1 or 2 interceptions, 150 yards of penalties and still got 700 yards and 47 pts. You gotta look at life as a glass half full my friend.
  7. lol man whoever posted this set themselves up for the backlash.
  8. Deadrin Senat

    That was an illegal tackle lol i knew a flag was coming out when he did it.
  9. McCants moving to RB in 2018 ?

    He is one of rhe few starters who can catch. Leave him where he's at
  10. Never Thought I Would Say This...

    They started the season ranked #15, beat Oklahoma was was ranked #5 and played a good Louisville that year too. Had they ran the table they would of gotten a spot in the new years bowl. I was merely pointing out that it is a possiblility for a G5 school to crash the party, but it takes a lot of luck and the cards have to play out right.
  11. Never Thought I Would Say This...

    Had Houston went undefeated that year they beat Oklahoma they wouls have made it
  12. Never Thought I Would Say This...

    I think Oregon's offense is a combo of the power and GCO. I dont see why everybody wants to downplay Taggarts role in the offense. He sought advive on making a new offence from other schools and Kinnan. Took what he learned and made his own offense. Now Oregon is enjoying the benefits.
  13. Houston Game

    Ed Olivet is a beast. I hope our Oline is ready
  14. USF at UConn Cancelled

    This is the right move. The players are probably worried about thier safety, thier family's safety, that was asking a lot. Even for football reasoning, the last thing they need is to play a conference with is a clouded mind. The past 2 games already had a weird vibe, no need for a third.
  15. Strong jabs back as fans attack USF's offense

    in both games, there was blocked punts which led to a score. take away both block punts and that is one less touchdown. Last year the defense got manhandles against inferior opponents. But it's clear that they have dramatically improved.