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  1. Martin Fennelly Weighs in on the FB Season

    Somebody has to write the article of doubt lol Its a part of the media game.
  2. Say Something Positive About The Upcoming Season

    1. Charlie Strong is staying wirh us. 2. The beggining of the success we have all been waiting on. 3. A better defense
  3. lol its Kean and technically he has time 2 be a stud lol
  4. Man we have too many recievers now lol I hope we get to use them this year.
  5. Fall Practice

    It was around Aug 5th last year
  6. Welcome Turd Ferguson

    This is your friendly Florida Gator Bulls fan with the green and gold goggles.
  7. Welcome Turd Ferguson

    Ha! I see the Turd is back.
  8. Sorry, but I can't find anything online that states when practice starts or if it has started. As fr true freshman making an impact. I'm going with both or one of the "Kelvin BoyZ". Kelvin Kegler and Kelvin Pickney are two DT's that I think will be great. Mark my words.
  9. 2018 Deporess Schletty DT/DE

    He definitely wins the award to most interesting name lol
  10. CFN on the AAC QB rankings & USF preview

    These stats says it all. We gave up **** near 1000 yards of penalties. Fourth down conversions is sick. 89 percent. 2016 USF Fun Stats – 4th Down Conversions: USF 17-of-19 (89%) – Opponents 18-of-34 (39%) – Penalties: USF 83 for 763 yards – Opponents 60 for 544 yards – Sacks: USF 31 for 195 yards – Opponents 15 for 94 yards
  11. USF Lands JUCO DT Dereck Boles

    I heardit on a podcast, but hell it would be nice if it was wrong. If not, I love th two DTs we got coming in this year.
  12. Future OOC Football Schedule

    At this point, all we can dop is hope that Houston, Tulsa, and /or Temple is ranked by the time we play them.