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  1. All I know is that this spring practice seems to be running more smoother than previous practices. I haven't heard any of the coaches mention a concern or issue on effort or execution.
  2. They **** near had the top defense in the AAC and ranked high nationally last year. Pretty much the opposite of what we was. Hell if they had half a descent offense they would of made a bowl game. Besides every conference needs that team they can automatically beat. But truth be told I don't seem them sucking forever. They have a good coach now.
  3. That is awesome news. I was way off on both of their time left. We are good for another 3-4 years at the position, but definitely need to recruit another QB
  4. The only scenario in which i see one transferring would be Kean if he loses the starting job next summer. He will only have 1 year left. Oladukan will have 2 I think. In a perfect world, Kean starts his senior year and then Olodukan the following year and within that time frame a young player develops.
  5. Not defending UCF, maybe Oregon, I still have love for Taggart. But let's go back to the "Voluntary" part of this workout. Nobody forced these guys to kill themselves. They probably were too eager to impress and hid their pain pretty well. If a workout without using weights puts you in the hospital then they probably was out of shape to begin with. As for Bulls coming after the Gator part, Im a UF Graduate, gotta show love to my Gators first....even though Im obsessed with the Bulls lol
  6. In case you guys haven’t noticed we added two three star players to our 2017 recruiting class. Chauncey Smart is a small dude who also runs track and has Olympic level speed. Even if he doesn’t work out for the football team, at least he will boost our track team and also give USF a representative in the Olympics one of these days. But hell why can’t he work out for the football team? Put his a** on special teams to return some punts/kickoffs! We also got DE, Josh Allen, #5 ranked JUCO strong side DE in the country, and the #35 JUCO prospect overall. These two recruits bumped our class to #3 in the AAC and #64 nationally which ties us with ya boy, Tom Allen’s Indiana at #64...will the football season start already!
  7. We definitely have the strength of Schedule to do it in 2018, 2019, and 2020. So if we finish the season undefeated and finish the year close to the top ten if not in the top 10, then we will have to rely on Brett Kean to take us to the promise land....hence my prophecy of Kean being our savior still coming true lol....well as long as Oladukan doesn't win the job next spring. 2017 my standards are low, I just want an AAC championship and a New Years day bowl victory.
  8. This was a voluntary workout and they did not even lift weights....non-story here
  9. USF MBB savior - ANTHONY GRANT. I need to make a twitter acct so that I can tweet Harlan to han'l dat (handle that) and our MBB problems shall be solved! .....not sure why i put a panda emoji here, but it was cute so i did so....carry on guys.
  10. LOL I peeped that as well. No reason for Orlando to have better USF stories then the Tampa media lol But out of all mentors for QF to have none could be better the Teddy Bridgewater. To bad QF will switch to WR or Running back in the NFL.
  11. I think DJ is tough. They dont call him junkyard dog for no reason.
  12. Awwww man, he need to step it up lol
  13. All I know is that practice is running smooth, the players look great and we should kick some a$$ next year. Peep DJ running the ball and running over somebody for a long touch down run. Im not sure who that player is, but poor guy lol
  14. I liked Bibby much better anyways