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  2. Mack is listed by as one of the day 3 players projected to make an early impact.
  3. He will either go 4th or 5th and make good enough money to justify the jump
  4. And he averaged like 17 pts per game. The kid could shoot but never had the opportunity to settle on the court. He was a decent player at a position filled with the same, plus CAJ
  5. What happens when we fill all these roster spots and can't bring in new recruits? And, being critical, I haven't seen an abundance of local offers either.
  6. Lists him as committed to Penn State
  7. Truth be told many of the recruits fCOA brought in were good recruits. Reuben never progressed though, Jaleel progressed but we only got one season of the better him, and we had no point guards because they never made it to campus (Feliz, Canty). We had good recruits, but fCOA could not get them to the next level. Montero, Feliz, Canty, Baxter all never made it to campus and would have helped greatly. Peters had to be a...difficult case of course. It feels like COA took some swings and chances to get high risk, high reward players but was unlucky in several cases and just couldn't build his players up in other cases.
  8. I realized after I read the reply that it read more negatively than I meant. I messed up Geno because he is "graduate transferring" now and I believe Angel Nunez was a graduate transfer as well.
  9. Firstly, he shot for 39% at Penn State. So not a COA problem. Even though everything appears to be. Secondly, I thought he did very well for us. My, "we saw how that worked out", wasn't meant to be negative as I believe he was as standout as it gets for us. I've mentioned how our grad transfers have actually been work horses for us in the best of ways. Sorry for the misunderstanding
  10. On 36% shooting. But Geno came over with a similar percentage and we saw how that worked out.
  11. That was the bind fCOA was in this last year. He had no seniors so really couldn't pursue any players from this class. We had two schollie's I think until McBuckets decided to leave. We were pursuing L.J Figueroa until Antigua was fired but that's about it. I think the term rebuild means something different to others than it does to me. Just having a full roster doesn't qualify for me, nor does having a roster of two stars. So when I think slow rebuild, I think 2-3 years until the roster is a real competitor is appropriate and to be expected. Not that 2 stars can't be competitive, but on paper preliminarily it doesn't stir the cockles of my soul. Yes, the film I have seen on Jiggets and Brown is enticing, but I will refrain from excitement. I believe I'd read that Brown (before us) was the only senior on his team Uncommitted prior to us and was listed as the third option on his team. I am excited about the intensity of recruitment though.
  12. I'm not mad about it. Grad transfers are great while CBG gets his footing. I wouldn't mind being a grad transfer haven for the next 2-3 years if that's what we need to get a product and scheme on the court to recruit for.
  13. MBB

    Is it stupid to believe a coach when he says I'm committed to this school, this program, and my players? I'm not going to call them an out right liar, but as you said, in fairness if one can leave than the other should be able to as well
  14. MBB

    I think if a kid has done what he needs to do to graduate, and wants to play ball somewhere else, why punish him and say no? Grad transfers play hard at their new school more times than not, have actually finished their degree, and are seeking an opportunity to feel the game at the college level for the last time. I don't see that they should be restrained. For the normal transfer, I feel that the chance to lose a student keeps the relationship between student and coach honest. If a student feels like they aren't in a good situation then they should be capable to make that decision.
  15. MBB

    He said he wanted players here that wanted to be here above all else. It's possible he is ok with the losses in the same vein.