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  1. Gameday!

    Does the loser of our game today have to play BCU and then beat the winners bracket team twice?
  2. D came to play today, 2 stops, 1 turnover and some big hits early on.
  3. OCS!!!

    Haha, chump change I know lol but these are the stadiums I would like considered especially for future development and expansion. Bring on Publix, but seriously go check this place out it is probably my favorite in the country thus far.
  4. OCS!!!

    So I've been to many of these stadiums (Minnesota, Baylor, North Texas, etc..) But the one I have not seen mentioned that I find to be one of the best and most underrated stadiums and campuses in the country is TCU. This stadium is beautiful and with a capacity of 45,000 should be exactly what we are looking for. The details of the stadium truly reflect an atmosphere that radiates purple and the team brand everywhere. The stone working in and around the stadium also offer rich detail and true tradition (no chain link to be found). If you ever get a chance to visit this campus do yourself a favor and go. The stadium is open to the public, the campus is gorgeous and the surrounding area lends itself to an amazing gameday atmosphere.
  5. It's not Willie I'm worried about losing, it's our offense. Will a new coach come in and try to implement his own system or recognize how special an offense this is? Nothing but the best for CWT but with such an easy schedule looming for 2017 does that schedule get more difficult with a new coach at the helm?
  6. CFP committee got it wrong

    Utah lost and moved up 2 spots. How is that at all justified?! I would like to see what resources the committee actually looks at to make their decisions. Anyone watching just 5 minutes of film on us would see that we belong in the top 25.
  7. Here with my wife, who is a kennesaw and usf alum. It's sad how bad attendance is. The band almost out numbers the fans
  8. Someone tell Agguie the defense sucks again, maybe they'll get a fire lit under them
  9. How much do we have to pay to get Tom Allen back
  10. Week 8 Polls

    Also why a 3-3 Ole Miss is still ranked, smh
  11. The Unofficial Big 12 Announcement thread

    Does anyone know what time the meetings are actually taking place?
  12. Rick and Tom Cancelled

    And yet that ass hat Steve Duemig still has a job, makes no sense.
  13. Rick and Tom Cancelled

    So WDAE cancels the only radio show in Tampa that at least acknowledges USF athletics and replaced it with Mike and Mike. I know USF doesn't get as much local attention as it should but at least I could count on CWT doing interviews every Tuesday after a game as well as players and other columnist talking about USF. Why replace a local show with something as crappy as Mike and Mike who are just going to talk about the Patriots, Lebron, and Tebow 24/7. I hope their rating tank!
  14. FCSH 55 - Mike White 52

    CWT definitely recruited him cause we all know FCSH doesn't recruit QBs