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  1. Mistakes Missed fg and xp -4 points personal foul allowed td rather than fg for C. -4 points. fg attempt at end of half -3 points should be 27-17 at half. Clean it up and keep up the adjustments on D, let Q tuck and run and keep getting the ball to mccants
  2. why isn't Q running?! He looks scared!
  3. This weeks rankings

    Boise State ranked 25 in CFP poll at 8-2. Wow! There are no top 25 matchups this weekend so it doesn't look like we will be ranked going in to black Friday. I'm very surprised the committee didn't rank us just to promote the game. Then again why do any favors a lowly G5 matchup.
  4. Coaches always talk up the teams they are facing in the current week. Bama could be playing savannah state and Saban will speak as if they're world beaters. I would like for reporters to ask any P5 coaches, facing AAC competition, after they have talked up their opponent if they feel the AAC is competitive enough to warrant a "power" designation? Then ask how they justify their previous praises if they don't feel they are "power" worthy. Just ask point blank and back their coach speak into a corner. Would be entertaining more than anything.
  5. Replace Colorado State with Army, balance out the east by bringing Navy over to the east and solidifying all the service academies.
  6. P6

    Go into the next round of tv negotiations with a figure of 8 million per team. The AAC has solidified itself as the 6th best conference, no question. We have put a team in the NY6 bowl every year except 1. At some point in every season we have 3 teams ranked. There is no doubt we are above the rest of the G5 and we are due a significant increase in tv revenue because of it. Put in the contract that negotiations can reopen if the conference expands. After the AAC contract is solidified go after the following schools for football only: Boise State, San Diego State, Air Force, and Army. The MWC will not be able to compete with the AAC in tv revenue as they have not made any strides in competition since the formation of the AAC. It would be financially irresponsible for them to decline an invite if the AAC schools are making 4 times what the MWC school's are. Now you have solidified yourself with 2 more major markets, all of the service academies and greater competition and strength of schedule. Each year the AAC will start the season with 3 schools ranked and the committee should view a greater strength of schedule for playoff consideration. Each team plays 7 division games, 2 crossover conference games, 3 ooc games with 1 cupcake and 2 P5 teams. Then renegotiate going in with a figure of 15 million but settling for no less than 12 million. The AAC will be the only conference with coast to coast viewing from Thursday through late Saturday night. I feel like this is the only way the AAC even sniffs the playoffs. This would be a solid conference with great value and an undeniable power 6 especially with the added revenue.
  7. Week 8 Games of Interest

    I know we want an undefeated matchup on black Friday but I can't help but cheer against C.
  8. That defense though ....

    Complete shut out for the defense. Very proud of those guys, they've come a long way. Doesn't matter how bad the offense is, it's difficult to get a shut out.
  9. That defense though ....

    Very impressed with Auggie tonight. He has been all over the field with sacks, tackles for loss, tipped passes. Very good night for 43!
  10. Any chance the announcers talk about the game actually being played?
  11. The way I see it, last year we would probably be up 49 to 21 with a more high powered offense and a weaker defense. Kind of a push the way the defense is stepping up.
  12. That defense though ....

    Great catch for int there!