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  1. That defense though ....

    Complete shut out for the defense. Very proud of those guys, they've come a long way. Doesn't matter how bad the offense is, it's difficult to get a shut out.
  2. That defense though ....

    Very impressed with Auggie tonight. He has been all over the field with sacks, tackles for loss, tipped passes. Very good night for 43!
  3. Any chance the announcers talk about the game actually being played?
  4. The way I see it, last year we would probably be up 49 to 21 with a more high powered offense and a weaker defense. Kind of a push the way the defense is stepping up.
  5. That defense though ....

    Great catch for int there!
  6. That defense though ....

    Puts more into perspective of just how bad Woodie was with essentially the same defense
  7. Did we have 1 delay of game last year WTF!!!
  8. F#$@ Booger, getting dig in after dig. "Poor man's Lamar jackson"
  9. That defense though ....

    The defense resembles a Tom Allen defense, aggressive and energised. They have been fun to watch tonight.
  10. That defense though ....

    Defense looks great, and looks like the only unit that came to play!
  11. Gameday!

    Does the loser of our game today have to play BCU and then beat the winners bracket team twice?
  12. D came to play today, 2 stops, 1 turnover and some big hits early on.