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  1. Its been this way for awhile BDYZR. I tried getting my son'e little league to be the Bulls and the board said no because of licencing.
  2. I think bbb is sybil- esc
  3. JTure ... you turned me on to the shocker video so I have some loyalty but Bkid with the JSybil was **** good. Now as Brad said back to topic and whatever Mr. Vinik Touches usually turns to gold.
  4. Maybe just the tv angle.
  5. he has to at least try to believe the sh8t he's selling. He's so Shooter MacGavin
  6. Good to be a Bull. Its been good for a couple in other sports and its great to see what baseball is doing. maybe keep some local players here.
  7. How about 19 of 19. Done it before this year.
  8. Thank you Mr and Mrs Naimoli
  9. Excellent. Bay-made, bay stayed.
  10. Is this a weekly thing? Thx.
  11. Thanks dude that's exactly what I was doing. Appreciate ya.
  12. Just make sure there's no **** mrsa
  13. Thank you Tally. this is a good thing.
  14. Playing great baseball and still not ranked by baseball america. Uconn snuck in at 25?