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  1. USF @ ECU Game TIme

    Wild card game? ECU will beat themselves for us. This is a team that is head first in the dumpster fire.
  2. Have we Stopped Freaking Out Now?

  3. USF vs Temple Game Line

    They barely beat UMASS. Can't wait to stomp them.
  4. Good, Bad, and Ugly

    What do you call a receiver who can't catch?
  5. Know the foe: Illinois

    Our success will hinge on our receivers catching the ball. No drops.
  6. Next weeks' games on shaky ground...

    I sure would like to play this game in Tampa and get it done with
  7. Next weeks' games on shaky ground...

    Thanks Jim for your updates I appreciate it
  8. Strong jabs back as fans attack USF's offense

    Said the same thing on 247.
  9. Punt block problems

    I mean how can they not see this is an issue? 2 can't block 3.
  10. Punt block problems

    On the last game the dude came totally clean and free-not even bumped. Ran past the two guys back there. An't block three with two. Can someone help me understand, isn't the Texas big 12 coaching staff here and we have to be concerned with this ****?
  11. BULLStats

    Come back to Tampa and try a Jai Alai beer. Pretty good Beir
  12. BULLStats

    I was serious. It is Labor Day. Drink up.
  13. BULLStats

    Is that yards per play negative 3.9
  14. CBS Winners and Losers - Week 1

    Both of you are in the same boat as me. I was there and let him know what I thought. In fact most fans over the tunnel were giving it to him. I hope he doesn't have little man syndrome.