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  1. bad loss, embarrassing loss. All that hype.
  2. You used eensy weensy very apropos.
  3. Just can't get punched by SAN Jose St
  4. At least there's some that think we're not paper champs.
  5. And I believe both were in the red zone.
  6. I was just talking to my kids this morning about that. He needs to learn to go down and that's okay. Birmingham bowl is best example. He got the first down and he knew it. No need to try to carry 6 guys.
  7. What a wonderful ambassador and award this will be for the man. Quinton Flowers.
  8. Not with "the Jim there."He'll. **** well go on the field to make sure.
  9. Right but why not? Like to see some baymade players out there. Anyway countdown to San Jose
  10. Don't see any BULLS out there. I know Adams is not participating why no Kofi?
  11. Now there's talk of a potential for a law suite b/c our former strength coach and now theirs apparently doesn't have the credentials . This is serious and espn is all over it.
  12. they suspened the strength coach for 1 month w/o pay! this is a big deal and Willie has already have had to go to the podium and say "I'm sorry." Holy crap he's already knee deep in duck ****. LOL LOL LOL. good luck now.
  13. Thank you Mr. Flowers for everything. You deserved this great honor. Great time to be a BULL wouldn't you say? Oh and with respect to the assclowns that work for Sports ill or what ever, an ESPN guy never had Q in the top 50 college football players- an article produced in October. They just don't know. Screw them .
  14. Not sure why it didn't have QF on it.
  15. These guys: Long in baltimore had Houston and Navy in but no vote for USF I don't understand that. Kendall is a SC homer and Wilnes is San Jose guy. Lobotomy is the only good word for them.