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  1. ECU's coach is still talking about this past weekend's series. Must have put a red-hot coal in his pants. I think we are pretty good and it comes down to this weekend's series against UCF.
  2. This was a huge weekend for the Bulls. And there is a new dislike that has been born between the two teams. Their coach is very pissed about the Joe G bomb and how he talked trash. He's kinda of a whiner and definitely threw shade at USF's coaching staff. He was red-assed about losing that series. Said we'll see them again in Clearwater.
  3. Hell yes to that. Needed to knock them off their high horse.
  4. Spring Game April 14th

    Running backs looked freaking promising. I mean holy crap we are stacked. GO BULLS. We are going to win football games this year peeps
  5. Bulls baseball gets rolled vs. ECU

    4 straight losses and the last being a curb stomp. Yes time for the coach to call a time out and regroup.
  6. Bulls baseball gets rolled vs. ECU

    Embarrassing. Coach better turn it up.
  7. I agree. They and JU have been thornes in our sides. Kinda a game to see what we are made of and lost. ECU series as mentioned will be huge.
  8. Mack Attack 2.0?

    This is quite the problem to have. I think we run the football 50 times a game between the tackles this year. Gilbert has some battering-rams (bulls) to use.
  9. ESPN: USF 4th best chance to win the AAC

    We are winning the conference title this year. Mark it down.
  10. IPF VS OCS

    I went to a high school show case last summer at USF. Urban, Charlie, and nick were there. They were pissed they were in that balmy 92 heat watching potential recruits. Saw it on their sweating faces. Charlie wants an IPF.
  11. Position change for ...

    Saw on another site that it was he who went to CBJM and said he wanted to do it.
  12. Position change for ...

    I remember CCS saying he was done with smaller defensive backfield. Wanted taller guys back there.
  13. Bull's in plain view

    And you can add the USF logo behind both goalie nets at Lightning games.
  14. Happy Easter

    Happy Easter He has Risen.