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  1. This Game Will Be Won or Lost by....

    Wouldn't that be a rivalvary Show yours and I'll show you mine. Takes place of the green and gold.
  2. USF/UCF Common Opp

    We saw more kneel downs the last couple of games. No killer attitude. It shows in the scoreboard. I have no answers.
  3. Media Predictions for USF/UCF

    accurate throws, sticky hands and no turnovers= BULLS win.
  4. Blood of the Knights

    Gonna have to say that's pretty darn cool.
  5. This Game Will Be Won or Lost by....

    Gotta keep them off balance. Was talking to a fellow bullspenner about having Keen in as a QB with Q out as a receiver, back on a couple of plays. Fake the run and with his accuracy throw it deep to a wide open receiver.
  6. Game Preparation: UCF Encyclopedia

    Its Gonorrhea at FSU. Was at a campus touracouple weeks ago and That's the public awareness message.
  7. CFP Rankings

    Have to. It will be bedlam if we're not. Can't have a 6-4 team ahead of us
  8. Quinton Flowers = Total Class

    I saw him this summer and I told him I see athletes all the time but never ask for an auto graph or photo but I Asked to have one taken with me and without hesitation he smiled wide.. cool kid.
  9. USF, SC, or (6-4)

    I swear if they put a 6 and 4 team ahead of us. I think we do get in for all the reasons already mentioned 9-1, game hype, etc.
  10. The Wizard has serious competition

    Forgot to say the nips were milk chocolate colored.
  11. The Wizard has serious competition

    I saw them and they were nice and perky. B plus cup. AWESOME.
  12. 9-1

    I'm with ya. 9-1 is better than 1-9. Was there too. I remember.
  13. RJS Annoyance after the game

    had the same experience. Cops just being cops. Didn't know Q so I i said, "he's better than Tim Tebow -statistically" then he oh nodded. The ass cop I was talking to said it was Mark Harlan who is responsible for making us leave? Yeah I told them how I felt . Like a fellow bullspenner said, we rent and they are the tenant. This doesn't happen if we have our own place.
  14. Senior Day Attendance

    I'll be there with my crew so there's that.