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  1. Kansas was not the host that was the big 12 conference. As far as South Carolina goes it was originally supposed to be in North Carolina but was moved to Greenville and Furman was the host not South Carolina. You can play in the same area however you can not play in the same arena you are hosting tournament games. This rule does not apply to the final four and to a smaller extent the sweet 16/elite 8 as the host of the third and fourth round are not guaranteed to be there whereas if they make the tourney they would be guarantee to play on their home court and would give one team a tremendous advantage over the others. Now if university of Tampa was the host school then we could play at Amalie Arena since we weren't considered the host even though we are in Tampa
  2. The host school cannot play in the same arena they are hosting. it's a rule for men's basketball
  3. The target off Fletcher right by campus always has USF gear. The other Target that usually has gear is in lakeland but I haven't been to that one in a while so they might have changed it.
  4. I don't see the affecting our plan for an OCS once we have the funds to do so and the ability to fill it up. It's nice that we get our own locker room but I don't see it affecting our decision on whether we build an OCS or not.
  5. Antigua has been hired at Illinois tone an assistant coach. http://www.fightingillini.com/news/2017/4/5/mens-basketball-underwood-announces-staff-additions.aspx
  6. Let's break the thursday night curse first before we talk about going unbeaten. UCF isn't our toughest game on the schedule but it is the toughest road game. Out toughest games are at home
  7. We need to win a few conference titles and a couple of NY6 bowls to make us a stronger candidate for exapansion. The fact we are located in tampa doesn't help as Tampa isn't a college town and has 3 major sports teams (rays, bucs, and lightning) we have to compete against for the entertainment $$$. The conference affiliate doesn't help but that can be taking care of if we can show we belong with the big boys which will only be achieved by winning a few conference titles and NY6 bowls. A national title wouldn't hurt as well but that would be extremely hard for us to do as the probability of a G5 team getting into the 4 team playoff are extremely low.
  8. The flagrant 1 was the right call. you can't make any contact to the face especially with the elbow even if its incidental contact. Hopefully Jose and the girls watch that game and learn what they will have to do if they want to win a conference title or a national title.
  9. Mississippi state just knocked UCONN out of the tournament
  10. We won't be in any tournament for the next couple of years. This year (2017-2018) we just need bodies to get through the year. Next year we can start to see how he is recruiting as he will have a full year and can start to bring in guys that we need. we won't get any 4 or 5 star guys until at least year 3 so for now we need to find guys that can do things that we need for them to do. For starters we need to find a PG that can run the new system as the PG is the engine to the offense. Then we need some SG/SF that can knock down shots and then We need to find a few bigs to get rebounds and post up for shots. Id like for us to run a motion style offense where all 4 guys without the ball are constantly screening and diving to the basket instead of watching 4 guys stand around doing nothing then jacking up some low percentage shot to beat the shot clock instead of getting the high percentage shots. we started to do a better job of this under Bartow but we need to get all guys moving. The problem I saw with Antigua was he tried to get 4/5* guys to come here and never tried to get the guys that wanted to come here and try to coach them up. Had he coached up a bunch of 2* guys and had everyone believe in the system he would have done better but he learned under Cal who doesn't have much of a system as that is how Kentucky wins with the 1 and done players instead of guys that are there 3-4 years.
  11. https://twitter.com/TBTimes_Bulls Child's suspended indefinitely per Joey Knight. Wouldn't be surprised to see him released within the next day or two
  12. I laos have all the games from 2007-2009 for men's basketball
  13. I have the 2008 Marquette game. If someone could give me instruction using a mac how to upload it from a dvd to this site I'll upload it
  14. Mizzouri is 5-7 (1-3 out of conference) on the road and 1-2 on neutral floor games but 15-1 at home so the good news is they are very beatable away from Mizzou arena. They have 3 girls that average in double figures with Sophi Cunningham averaging 17.3 PPG so they we will have to knock down shots and D up if we are going to beat them http://www.mutigers.com/schedule.aspx?path=wbball http://www.mutigers.com/documents/2017/3/3/Mizzou_Overall_Stats_3_3_17.pdf
  15. we dodged both bullets. We are not a 8/9 seed and we are not in UCONN's bracket. It will be tough to get 2 in tallahassee but if we can pull it off we would face in all likelihood Oregon State in Stockton and South Carolina. The better news is we wouldn't face UCONN until the title game so we won't have to worry about them if we pull off a cinderella story until the championship game