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  1. http://www.tampabay.com/sports/colleges/ncaa-former-usf-basketball-assistant-gave-improper-benefits/2325240 "Additionally, Oliver Antigua provided false information to investigators before telling the truth, the report says."
  2. Oliver Antigua quit because he initially lied to the investigators and tried to cover it up. Had he come clean without lying he might still be here depending on if Antigua ended up getting canned.
  3. bulls play Ecu at 7 pm tomorrow night depending on the weather. If they have to postpone tomorrow games to Friday as we are going to get nasty storms tomorrow and into Thursday how will the conference handle this. Would they play shortened games?
  4. Big error on Tulane gives the bulls the lead 7-6 B8
  5. http://theamerican.org/news/2017/5/22/MBB_0522174858.aspx
  6. Didn't Clemson want a home and home with us a few years ago. Wonder if they would still be interested
  7. We're currently 7th just one stroke behind Kentucky and duke. Lsu leads which shouldn't surprise anyone as they were the only ones who knew the course
  8. http://golfweek.com/2017/05/09/college-golf-staff-picks-2017-ncaa-division-i-mens-regionals/ one staffer picked us to advance the rest do not have us advancing out
  9. Once we reach the markers they will change it again as long as FSU and UF have met them. Once we reach the 60% mark for 4 year graduation rates they will change them to 65% as long as FSU and UF are at 65+%. This will be a never ending process until we get more representatives from USF in the senate and house to help fight back. Has USF considered opening a law school as this could be a way to get more representatives?
  10. When was the last time we beat fsu and if in the same season both on the road and both were top 5 teams? Have we ever done that
  11. Not one representative from Tampa voted no to the budget. id vote every single one out. http://www.tampabay.com/news/politics/stateroundup/a-real-hornets-nest-as-usf-scrambles-for-lost-millions-tampa-bay-lawmakers/2323145
  12. Already filled out the form and sent it
  13. The Florida legislators are threatening to take $10 million from USF and give it to FSU and UF. They want to take the preemptive stature usf earned away by changing the rules at the last minute. The change involve allowing a 50% 4 year graduation rate being changed to 60% even though they agreed to 50%. Contact the legislators to voice your opinion. http://news.usf.edu/article/templates/?a=7854&z=228&utm_source=p2p-action-050617&utm_campaign=preeminence-page&utm_medium=section-link
  14. I'd be shocked if he is around by the end of the day. Coach Strong will not tolerate this behavior by anyone currently associated with the program.