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  1. I laos have all the games from 2007-2009 for men's basketball
  2. I have the 2008 Marquette game. If someone could give me instruction using a mac how to upload it from a dvd to this site I'll upload it
  3. Mizzouri is 5-7 (1-3 out of conference) on the road and 1-2 on neutral floor games but 15-1 at home so the good news is they are very beatable away from Mizzou arena. They have 3 girls that average in double figures with Sophi Cunningham averaging 17.3 PPG so they we will have to knock down shots and D up if we are going to beat them http://www.mutigers.com/schedule.aspx?path=wbball http://www.mutigers.com/documents/2017/3/3/Mizzou_Overall_Stats_3_3_17.pdf
  4. we dodged both bullets. We are not a 8/9 seed and we are not in UCONN's bracket. It will be tough to get 2 in tallahassee but if we can pull it off we would face in all likelihood Oregon State in Stockton and South Carolina. The better news is we wouldn't face UCONN until the title game so we won't have to worry about them if we pull off a cinderella story until the championship game
  5. 11 seed facing Missouri. Playing in Tallahassee with FSU a 3 seed
  6. We just need to win all the games next year and win the NY6 bowl before we are even getting looks at a title chance or even a game(s) with a team that could put us in the discussion.
  7. We are not in UCONN bracket's. A 7 seed is still possible and they haven't announced where stanford is as that is our only chance to host
  8. I wasn't sure where to out this so a board moderator can put n the proper location but I was wondering if anyone on this board is a doctor working with alzheimer's/dementia. I need some data for a research project and was curious if anyone would be willing to help me out
  9. As far as who gets back it's usually the strong side guard followed by the shooter with the other 3 crashing the boards
  10. I said the money makers for schools are football and men's basketball not that every school actually makes money so u trying to twist my words. BTW thats actually gone up since 2013
  11. You are aware the ACC just held a tournament in a gym that only hold 3500 (HTC Center) and I did find a similar gym within 1 hour from New Orleans called Stopher Gym so I would be possible and for tampe the games could be played at the Bob Martinez gym where it seats around 3500 as well.You also have to remember that UCONN sells out every home game ad can easily fit 10,000 at their arena so if we are going to look at attendance numbers would it make more sense to hold it there since it seats more than the casino. BTW you did bring up profits first which is why i brought it up. Here is where you brought it up first. " Playing to an a miniscule audience would be an embarrassment, and probably bankrupt the tourney."
  12. For picks that usually is a communication problem where the picker should tell the ball handler whether to go over or under depending on how the defense is attacking or if a switch is coming. If the D tries to take the under the screener is supposed to tell the ball handler to go over and vice verse. Now if the screener can tell there is a switch coming they are supposed to warn the ball handler and its up to the ball handler whether to call of the screen or if the switch would favor the offense to attack the weaker defender. The other problem I have seen is our passes are way too soft compared to other teams. You need to run screens and picks to open players up and not try across the court passes as they rarely work as the defense has time to get over and guard.
  13. I can't see us going with Bartow unless no one else wants the job. My guess is Harlan is waiting until after the final four to see if any big name coaches do become available and if they would want the USF job. I did hear the Donovan has been looking to go back into college so we could at least see if he would be interested. Can't hurt to ask just don't know if we could afford him
  14. As far as the cities I mentioned I was using examples of cities that the AAC could hold the tournament to try and spread the basketball brand around I haven't been to them but UCONN will travel well so the stands would not be empty for the conn games. As far as profits for football, no one outside maybe Alabama, Michigan, Ohio State, Florida State, and the elite school makes any profits from it. One question for you wouldn't it make more sense to have the tournament in other areas instead of just Connecticut? If you moved it around for 3 years by taking a city in the south such as Tampa or Orlando or even New Orleans and have one host then the next year try it in Texas and then go back to Connecticut and see if it helps spread the brand around since very few will travel to Ucansville or Hartford to go to a tourney they know their team isn't going to win and there isn't much to do anyways whereas if you spread it out you might get more people to travel to the tourney especially if you get the local attractions to have promotions related to the tourney.
  15. https://www.forbes.com/sites/chrissmith/2012/03/29/when-its-okay-to-lose-money-the-business-of-womens-college-basketball/#1f92345f38b5