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  1. Its safe to say our defense bad a**.

    they say defense wins championships and this is a defense u can win a championship with. Just need to get the offense to capitalize on the gift the d gives them. 2 fg and 1 td on 6 turnovers where we should have had at least 4 tds.
  2. Attendance is an embarrassment

    24,325 was the announced attendance which is pathetic
  3. ESPN gives USF 43% chance to beat UCF?

    We will know a lot more about ucf next week when they play Memphis.
  4. The Thursday night curse is no longer a concern. We have just won the 3rd Thursday game in school history.
  5. That defense though ....

    When was the last time our defense allowed negative yards in a game
  6. Finally complete a pass to have it called back for holding
  7. Our offensive line is really bad
  8. The scary thought is our d may have more catches than our entire offense.
  9. Make that 6 turnovers created by the d
  10. Not sure what Gilbert and Strong did with flowers but we better start completing passes or it won't be too long before defenses just stack the box and contain flowers.
  11. at least the 30 point streak lives on
  12. The defense is the gift that just keeps on giving. Make that 5 takeaways tonight
  13. Now put the ball in the end zone offense. That's the 3rd pic the d has gotten and the 3rd that put u deep in temple territory
  14. Quick 3 and out by our offense. Looks like the defense is the only unit that has shown up tonight
  15. Wow scantling drops a kickoff. Luckily temple wasn't there to get it