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  1. They have usf at #19. Basically praising strong and talking about both the offense and defense adjusting to the new schemes. http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/20148331/biggest-august-storyline-top-25-team
  2. Ever-improving, deep passing skills

    If Flowers shows he can hit the short to intermediate passes this offense will be unstoppable. Flowers has shown he can do everything else but improvements in the short to intermediate passing game will make the defense have nightmares as he will be able to beat you with his legs or his arm regardless of the distance
  3. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    I can see Charlie leaving for uf, fsu, or Miami but not ole miss. I don't think Charlie leaves the state of Florida.
  4. Stony Brook

    We got blown out by Miami in that game but at the time we had all 3 timeouts with around a minute to go and were only down by 16 and had the ball in the red zone but skip refused to use the timeouts and we ended up settling for 3. A td might have turned that game around but skip sat on the 3 timeouts and only used 1
  5. 1999-2003 the Greenberg Years
  6. Tampa Bulls get underway Saturday

    Down early 15-12 11:40 left in 1st half
  7. USF Mens Basketball Non-cons

    Schedule looks like a confidence building schedule and not one for a tourney. No one expects us to make the tourney this year but building the guys up showed be the goal for this year and beef it up next year
  8. AAC Media Day

    League offices are in providence and most conferences have media days near the league headquarters
  9. You get to pick one

    P5 invites that would take care of most of the problems we have.
  10. Bandwagoners

    We'll be in the upper 20's lower 30's the first half of the schedule but if we can remain unbeaten going into the Houston and Tulsa games with either Houston or Tulsa being ranked we should be in the 40-50k range
  11. Has anyone heard when the bulls rally is going to be over at capogna
  12. The AAC has released the opponents for both Men's and Women's basketball. The men will play Cincy and Temple at the sun dome while visiting UCONN and Wichita State. They play the rest of the teams twice. The ladies will play houston, ECU, and SMU at home while visiting Memphis, Tulsa, and Wichita State. They play the rest of the teams twice. http://www.gousfbulls.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=7700&ATCLID=211620895 http://www.gousfbulls.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=7700&ATCLID=211620591
  13. OU's New Head Coach...

    I read somewhere that stoops said something to the fact he would retire once all his kids graduate high school which his youngest just did. Kinda odd timing to announce this so I wouldn't be surprised if there is some sort of scandal that's about to be uncovered.
  14. Two Nights In A Row

    Kingston was trying a suicide squeeze which is a common thing to do with a runner on 3rd and less than 2 outs. The suicide squeeze is best utilized when the runner on 3rd gets a good jump and has speed. Otherwise it's best to try and have the hitter hit away and get a deep fly out to the outfield and score through a sacrifice fly
  15. Going to have to work Faedo if we are going to pull off the upset. Need to make him throw 20+ pitches each inning and can't let him have many innings of 10 or under pitches