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  1. Funny thing happened on the way to the gym

    When I first read your story, I skimmed it and assumed Victor was going to play for the Bulls. What a bummer.
  2. Stony Brook

  3. Stony Brook

    Ford, 20, received citations on March 31, 2006 and Feb. 23, 2007 for driving without a license. On May 29, Ford was charged with driving with a suspended license and driving an unregistered motor vehicle, according to Sarasota County records. Ford then failed to show for a June 12 court appearance, and a warrant was issued for his arrest. I read in another article, he was arrested for driving a moped on campus without a license. Not sure if that one is included or if it was a separate arrest.
  4. Classic Football Game Videos

    Just watching the 64-12 game against UCF. Forgot how many pass drops we had. Only got through the first quarter on my lunch break , but so far 2 different drives had receivers dropping balls in the end zone. Score could have been even worse. I don't know about anyone else, but this game is always fun to watch. You can tell what quarter it's in by the level of redness on O'Leary's face.
  5. Really exciting game. Gotta love the points in the paint 54-28. Hopefully they get in a few practices over the next 2 weeks.
  6. Tampa Bulls get underway Saturday

    I think their plan was to go through DoJo. He was forcing some early, but I think he's starting to spread it around. The 3 ball has kept them in it. Fitzpatrick has been knocking down some bombs.
  7. Poll: 8 of 10 USF receivers returning

    He's not a returning receiver, but I think the transfer from Rice will make a significant contribution.
  8. Classic Football Game Videos

    Thanks for the link. I was just letting him know they had removed one of his vids. I'm sure he puts some work into getting them edited and online.
  9. Classic Football Game Videos

    Youtube removed the 2016 Memphis game for some reason....
  10. Another arrest

    I'd like to hear the full story on this one. The guy was arrested at IHOP. How much does a meal run these days, about $8? I'd be more concerned if he was at Best Buy loading up on electronics.
  11. 81 days until kickoff, best Bull to wear #81

    That Blackwell to Rubin connection was electric. He also returned punts if I remember correctly. You'd have to be old school to remember seeing Rubin play. He was always a threat to return one for 6.
  12. Game vs the Gators today

    You keep stranding base runners and this is what happens. Didn't expect it to end on a double error.
  13. At a chance to make some cash, I'm surprised no students have tried getting signups on campus. It only takes a couple of minutes with a valid email address.
  14. Everyone knows you have to wait for the ump's permission to take first base on a walk. <sarcasm>
  15. Article: What's the Best G5 Job in Florida

    At UCF you definitely have job security. Seems like you can do just about anything and not get fired. If the coaching job doesn't work out, you always can find employment at the house of mouse.