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  1. Everyone knows you have to wait for the ump's permission to take first base on a walk. <sarcasm>
  2. At UCF you definitely have job security. Seems like you can do just about anything and not get fired. If the coaching job doesn't work out, you always can find employment at the house of mouse.
  3. Wasn't there talk about the MOSI location? Hopefully, when they move downtown, the ball will start rolling.
  4. The question is, will we surround our new stadium with a moat filled with assorted bodily fluids like our ugly step-brother to the east?
  5. They said on the news he had planned to retire at the end of the year, but he moved it up because of health conditions.
  6. Apparently another 0-12 effort.....
  7. That wind is a killer, sounded like maybe 2 hits would have been over the fence.
  8. I was hoping that 1 run lead would stand up. Hopefully, we wrap this one up before extra innings.
  9. It says in his bio that he's an FSU grad.
  10. I got a reply back from Spano basically saying the suggested 50% criteria was never passed and didn't become a law so better luck next time. So much for local representation. I guess I know who I'm not voting for next election.
  11. Does she even follow USF football? Does she realize he was just hired? Talk about grand-standing. It's scary this lady is allowed to make daily life-changing decisions for others.
  12. At least we got a replacement. Too bad he has to sit a year.
  13. I heard he's heading back to Tampa....
  14. Is that the right guy? The one in the video doesn't look 7'1.
  15. I think most of the recent ones are on youtube. It's those older "VHS" era videos that are tougher to find.