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  1. Penalties

    Both teams are averaging 7.3 penalties per game in last 3 games, so I guess both are improving. Although UCF is averaging 10.2 penalties at home so good for us.
  2. Penalties

    Next week could be the perfect storm. USF is ranked 130 with an average of 9.6 penalties per game and UCF is ranked 129 with an average of 9.0 penalties per game. Do we break the record of 42 total penalties in a game?
  3. Worst Feeling 9 and 1 Ever?

    I'm bummed because I now realize it will take a near perfect game by the Bulls to win in Orlando, which we haven't seen all season. It's still possible.
  4. Senior Day Attendance

    and the weather and we don't have an OCS. The true fans were there last night. Harsh reality, but that was it. Every year, it will grow. Our early success, good conference and named opponents inflated that number with band-wagoners.
  5. Flowers passing

    Stop making sense. It's all about coach-hate and running these guys out of town. They obviously don't want to be here.
  6. Tulsa Post Game Presser

    I was at the game and I saw overthrows and underthrows. I saw the running back come out of the backfield on a few plays and Flowers threw downfield instead. I saw the defense give up a few 3rd and long plays to wide open receivers. I agree on the lack of execution.

    Couldn't get out of work for the Women's game, but I got my tickets for the Men's tonight. I haven't been to a USF basketball game since I was a student in '94. Go Bulls!!! GREEN!!
  8. USF (-22.5) at UConn

    and I'm hoping it stays at only 1.
  9. USF (-22.5) at UConn

    I'm guessing we'll see Uconn stack the box and force USF to throw the ball. Gilbert will continue to bang his head against the wall with runs up the middle. Overthrows and drops will be an issue in the cold weather. The defense will play good, but will be on the field more than they should be with the lack of offense. Game will be close until the 4th quarter where USF player talent will prevail despite the coaching.
  10. War on I-4 game time decision?

    The one game where you had a bigger crowd this year, the tv cameras were definitely shaking. I'm guessing that would mean it was bouncing. I'm sure it's safe. I doubt the university would risk the life of their fans for monetary gain.
  11. When did you seriously expect to lose last night?

    When they went conservative and kicked the field goal. The Houston possession before that was a quick score and I knew leaving them more than 2 minutes was going to come back and bite us.
  12. To the man and woman in section 119 verbally berating USF players

    Wish I would have thought of that. I'm over 40 and not part of the generation that flips out their phones at a moments notice. Didn't even think about it until reading your post.
  13. Does anyone still believe we're holding plays back?

    Yes. Last year, he would pick up 5 yards on broken plays. Tonight, he showed a lot of hesitation of just taking off on several plays where everyone was covered downfield.
  14. Does anyone still believe we're holding plays back?

    I think we just wanted to believe there had to be something more. He was touted as an up-tempo Briles type offensive guru. He took a potent offense and made it vanilla. Yes, we lost some high caliber players, but the team still has a lot of talent.