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  1. Deadrin Senat

    He definitely needs to play smarter. But, watching the replay of the game, it does look like he puts his hands up, but his body momentum just carried his upper body and face mask into the opposing qb. At that size, it's hard to play hard and fast and be able to pull up at the last minute. He plays a position that a second or two can mean the difference between a sack and a completion.
  2. I guarantee if we had an OCS fans would NOT leave early

    I think you mean it sucks that our team doesn't have a larger fan base. We have real fans and then we have people who show up to games for a multiple of reasons other than watching USF football. Hopefully some of these people will eventually become fans.
  3. Game Ball

    He even made a tackle on special teams tonight. Definitely a game ball.
  4. Some positive news about Friday night...

    Exactly! This game could create some new Bull fans. We just need the high octane offense we've been teased with to show up.

  6. Know the foe: Illinois

    Anyone else have knots in their stomach over this one? Stout defensive line against the run and a short practice week? Gilbert better game plan to spread them out and sling it this week.
  7. Ray Jay

    If they change it to Saturday, are we able to get a refund on tickets? My wife works Saturday but is off on Friday. Only reason I bought an extra ticket.
  8. USF at UConn Cancelled

    At least they can't lose this weekend. Glad they'll be safe.
  9. Attendance?

    Who's he really taking a stab at? I can see if we were consistently filling the stadium last season and then no one showed up for the opener. I think the die-hard fans were there. The students were there. I think it's the casual Tampa Bay fan who was missing. Can we really call them USF fans. They don't show up if it's raining or if it's too hot, or if UF, FSU, Miami, etc is playing at the same time.
  10. Calm down, waaaay too much panic.

    You get an upvote for that one. Headphones probably weren't even plugged in.
  11. Calm down, waaaay too much panic.

    I think that's mostly because of their lack of offense or quality quarterback that they were picked 8th. Last year opponents averaged 100 yards per game at 2.1 average yards per rush. Yeah, I know, consider the opponents. 2016 Temple vs. USF - 48 attempts / 322 yards 6.7 avg 2016 Temple vs. Stony Brook - 39 attempts / 177 yards / 4.5 avg.
  12. Week 2 Coaches Poll

    We'll move up when we start showing something with the offense. Right now, I think everyone is watching and waiting to see what happens.
  13. Punt block problems

    I'm just saying they took a scheme they were used to from last year and changed it. I would assume 3 is better than 2 back there. But yeah, guys need to make their blocks.
  14. Punt block problems

    Didn't we have 3 guys back in punt protection last year? I'll have to re-watch some older games. The formation just looks odd to me, maybe I'm crazy. Just re-watched temple game from last year. Yes, we had 3 back in protection. Not sure why they removed one this year. Definitely not working. They need to go back to the old scheme.
  15. Calm down, waaaay too much panic.

    Stoney Brook had a pretty good run defense last year that seems to have improved. Their game plan was to stop the run. Normally, I think we'd start throwing, but I think the rainy first half hindered the play calling. The passing plays that were called were overthrown or dropped. I do think we'll see the same game plan against us every week. The offensive line was pretty offensive. Their play needs to improve. Luckily, I don't think Uconn is much better than Stoney Brook so we should be okay this week as long as it doesn't rain or snow.