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  1. Joey the Weasel Knight

    Just be happy we have any coverage. Maybe we'll be relevant someday and he'll have more to write about. I'm sure he had high hopes of writing an article about the women's team, but that kind of went in the crapper.
  2. Something fun for the offseason

    Don't let UCF fans see this. They'll proclaim themselves the most annoying, hang a banner and throw a parade.
  3. Can Battle or McCloud Challenge?

    The offensive line has become weaker due to graduation so I'd rather see a bunch of hb dive than fumble, interception, sack...
  4. Football Complex (IPF) News

    I think what he says in the article is that P5 schools don't want to lose to us in our house or theirs. Even if it's a one and done at their house, there is no upside to play us. String along a few losing seasons and they'll be lining up to play us.
  5. Gilbert Rumors

    Raining off and on throughout the first half, less than optimal field conditions, receivers dropping balls and Flowers had a few overthrows. I'm sure it looked better on television, just my observation sitting at the stadium.
  6. Not surprising if you think about it. AAC gets no respect as a second tier conference. We had the best qb in USF history this year and look where we ended up. He is gone. They probably assume this will be a rebuilding year.
  7. Welcome A UCF Fan

    I think we're going to have to deal with this until they lose their first game next season.
  8. FSU STILL ineligible

    I'm pretty sure they contacted Delaware St. about this and they had enough scholarships.
  9. Why Charlie Strong is Still Coaching at USF

    So in a nutshell from the article, he's still here because he didn't get a better offer and he's making the best of it?
  10. Coming into the season, QF was an established, talented quarterback in a high scoring offense. If things went wrong, the coaches and offensive play calling could be blamed.
  11. It’s Official: Birmingham Bowl vs. Texas Tech

    Nothing much, apparently. 3-6 in conference and losing 5 of last 7 games....
  12. It’s Official: Birmingham Bowl vs. Texas Tech

    From a post on twitter. This guy said it best "When you're handed the keys to a Ferrari and you drive it like a Prius, it ends up back in Birmingham!"
  13. It’s Official: Birmingham Bowl vs. Texas Tech

    I hate to say it, but they are our only chance to show the country that the AAC can compete with any other conference.
  14. It’s Official: Birmingham Bowl vs. Texas Tech

    AAC wasn't going to get any ammunition to show we are any better. We are destined to play garbage teams.
  15. It’s Official: Birmingham Bowl vs. Texas Tech

    I did the whole Birmingham experience last year to watch a 6-6 opponent. At least South Carolina was in the SEC. Texas Tech only won 3 games in their conference. I'll pass.