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  1. I try not to post is such threads however, I would like to impart this wish; The hardest part of losing a loved one isn't their absence. There are many things throughout the day that can occupy your mind and distract you from your thoughts. It is when you're alone at night lying in the dark that the memories and emotions come streaming back. It is then that I wish you all, "Fond memories and Sweet Dreams." It is the living that suffer ones passing. It is my belief that those whom have departed have moved beyond sorrow. It is with that in mind that I post here today. So when the night comes I would once again wish you all, "Fond Memories and Sweet Dreams."
  2. Baylor in hot water again for the same crap. Could this be USF and companies chance to grab a seat at the big boys table? It's sad that this occurred. I'm just curious if it's enough for the Big 12 to finally remove Baylor. Woman who alleged gang **** by Baylor football players files lawsuit
  3. This letter didn't mention anything about "returning to the previous criteria". They merely stated they would meet to discuss how to get USF back on the path. How do you get anything further from this letter?
  4. Sorry but, this seams to be more of an act of cooling the mob rather then a plan of action. The simple fact is that they halted USF's scheduled path to Pre-eminence. Even if changes are done now, USF will still not achieve Pre-eminence any time close to it's original scheduled date. I want them to come to a speedy resolution but, it still isn't amicable to me as we have lost valuable time and funding.
  5. They would be the best available as I'm guessing, the Media Partners would not want to go further west. I also stated that I doubt it was Power 5 worthy. I guess you missed that post. I further based the decision on Oklahoma as it would be their conference to build. FYI, Georgia State is in Atlanta. That's all I said they brought to the table. Their location. As for Arkansas State, they are an adjacent state and would supplement the western division. It's all conjecture and guess work at this stage anyway.
  6. I doubt it. The ACC finally gets their network and someone bails? Nope, I think the ACC is stable for the foreseeable future. USF needs to know what Oklahoma is doing before Texas leaves. Then we'd be able to play our cards right.
  7. I disagree. Navy has had talks with the ACC prior to joining the American. Navy wasn't ready to join the ACC as it perceived them to be too strong of a conference for Navy to flourish.
  8. The way I see it, we're on the bubble either way. 1, Texas and Texas Tech with go to the PAC. That is pretty much what I've though the entire time. 2, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State will go to the SEC. (Unless the Big 12 is promised to remain a Power conference. Then You may See the SEC take TCU instead of Oklahoma State). 3, The B1G will take Kansas and then UConn to balance out their conference so as not to split Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State. 4, The ACC will take Cincinnati and Navy (Football only). This will leave; 1. WVU 2. TCU or Oklahoma State 3. Baylor 4, Kansas State 5, Iowa State. They will add; 6, Houston. 7, If Oklahoma State remains, SMU. If TCU remains ? 8, USF 9, UCF. 10, Memphis. 11, ECU. 12, Temple. 13, Louisiana State. 14, Old Dominion 15, Arkansas state. 16, Georgia State (For the Atlanta market). The Big 12 leftovers will not want to invite a small private outside of SMU. Is this conference Power 5 worthy? I don't know. It has 5 teams that won 10 or more games last year. So theirs that at least.
  9. Yes get their names and do them a favor in kind. Vote them out!
  10. This entire episode reminds me of some sound advice. "It's better to be thought an idiot then to speak and remove all doubt."
  11. While your statement has some moral basis, I disagree. As the presiding Judge, she should have left her remarks and opinions ambiguous. She should have left the opinion of impartiality even if she isn't. All her statement states to me is "Basis for Appeal." I'm not even addressing her comments towards CCS as they are asinine at best and possibly grounds for a defamation suit at the worst. I'll let the learned Bulls on this board discuss the latter.
  12. I hear you, "Happy Hour" is on my mind as well.
  13. I meant only that if we start the season at number 12, we should be hoping to be within the top 4 at seasons end and not just an Also ran bowl game.
  14. Let get this party started!