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  1. Bulletin Board Material

    We used to kidney punch those guys in the pile after plays. They usually left the game by halftime. Not promoting the tactic, just sayin, I may have to sit and piss for a day or so but, you'll be pissing blood when you go.
  2. Your words to Gods ears. I wasn't afraid of anything prior to the season starting but, after the Stony Brook game? I'm afraid of everything. I'll be hunkered down in a safe zone as I'm still without power or internet. I'll remain in my semi conscious state until I get news that the Bulls have won. P.S. Writing this from work. I'll be stuck here until kickoff. So I've got that going for me.
  3. First time in Bulls history we've scored 30 points or more and I'm sad by it.
  4. They are doing the exact opposite of what the players and coaches said they were going to do. Is this just to confuse apponents? If so it may be working because, I'm confused.
  5. When CCS said he didn't want to reinvent the wheel on offense, I had no idea he was going to break it. 😣
  6. Who Scores the First TD?

    DJ on our initial return.
  7. Final Predictions 2018

    Yes but do to adjusting to the Big 12's schedule, we'll probably drop a game or two we should have won.
  8. 1, USF Bulls 2, 56-19 3, Flowers 4, McCants 5, 540
  9. USF will be ranked #5 and just miss the last playoff spot while going 12-0 in the regular season. USF will then go on to beat Auburn in there Bowl game. USF will be in a new conference the following year.
  10. My point was that they are comparing the complete season ticket sales of one year to the current sales for this year which isn't complete yet. So they are in essence comparing Apples to Cauliflower. {The difference in the numbers of the two articles is a secondary issue, in regards to my post.}
  11. No, the real problem is they are comparing our current number of season tickets sold to the number of season tickets sold all last year. We still have a couple weeks of sales to report/add to our current years ticket sales. That's why this article was both misleading and in my opinion a hack job. It's just my opinion though.
  12. USF to present findings of on-campus stadium study

    Don't forget rising labor costs.