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  1. Has anyone hinted at any other adds. Such as VCU, Dayton, Army or Air Force? Just curious.
  2. OMG!!!! Yes!
  3. we had a top 5 Uniform and a Top 4 Helmet last year. So, we're Kool!
  4. I'm not sure what all the arguing is about. We haven't his rock bottom yet. You'll know when we've hit rock bottom. It's when the walk-on's ask to transfer. Lets just be a little patient and watch how the CG fills out his staff and whom they recruit before we start to cry about the sky falling. You'll have to admit that we're closer to the foot of the mountain then the summit. So from where I'm standing, things are looking up.
  5. The last time we made an off (Not even a hire but, an offer), it was all over the internet, television and in print that we had hired a guy who didn't even have his degree. We hadn't even hired him, we just made an offer. Now the news here loves to **** on all things USF so, if we made an offer to a guy and he turned us down, this media would have the terms and monies already on the interwebs and in print somewhere. The fact that I haven't seen it yet makes me believe there wasn't an offer Perhaps they approached him but, no offer given. Let me ask, have you seen this guy get a pay raise yet? I'm sure USF would have offered him more money to come here. I'm guessing this was his agent pumping his current employer for more money. Maybe they called his bluff or maybe there is a new contract in the works. Sill, there's no news on that so, just maybe it never really happened. I'm still calling it, "Fake media creating fake news!"
  6. Off topic here a second. I just read a report on Baylor's latest issue and saw one of the responses referring to a Baylor Recruitment letter. It said that, "99% of Baylor Football players go Pro in another sport." Another poster posted this: "Probation".
  7. As to all the chatter of Who's on the Clock, I don't care. Lets see here: I'm just happy being a Bull at the moment. Our Football is doing well. Our Ladies Basketball is doing well. Our Baseball is doing well. Our Softball is doing well. Our Golf is doing well. Our Tennis is doing well. Our Sailing is doing well. Our Hockey is doing well. Our Men's Basketball is being addressed and hopefully fixed. Life is good being a Bull. Haters gonna hate. I say drive on Bulls, drive on.
  8. I'm expecting E but as a collective of comments from Harlan and Judy.
  9. Did anyone see this? Yes it's ridiculous but, I saw this gem hidden within. "How we got here: First round: (1) Oklahoma over (16) California, (2) LSU over (15) Houston, (3) Wisconsin over (14) Arizona, (13) South Florida over (4) Louisville, (5) Michigan over (12) Vanderbilt, (11) Colorado over (6) N.C. State, (7) Oklahoma State over (10) Ole Miss, (8) South Carolina over (9) North Carolina Second round: (1) Oklahoma over (8) South Carolina, (7) Oklahoma State over (2) LSU, (11) Colorado over (3) Wisconsin, (5) Michigan over (13) South Florida" The writer actually has USF as a number 13 seed beating U0fL a number 4 seed. We then lose to Michigan a 5 seed in the next round but, they give us enough credit to beat UofL. I found it a little nice to be actually promoted by our media partner for a change.
  10. I'm sorry but, unless I see a picture of Harlan on his knees with a suitcase full of money in front of this guy. I'm saying it never happened.
  11. Have you ever heard of anyone making a HC offer on "Selection Day"? I honestly can't recall it ever happening before. That's why I called "BS" on the story. It smells of "Give me a raise".
  12. Just my opinion here but; if we aren't packing in over 50K+ fans in our own stadium for our games, what makes you think the selection board would pick us over a P5 school that is? Face it, unless we can get our fans butts in seats and our TV numbers up, we're not going to the CFP's without a P5 Club Card.
  13. I'm smelling "BS" and it's ripe!
  14. Kayvon is returning to USF for his Masters?