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  1. That's just what we need at QB a statue. It worked so well for us in the past. Please just pass. "Pun intended".
  2. You forgot, free tickets and parking.
  3. Good Lord man I hope so!!!
  4. This is great news and I'll drink a toast to the young man once he signs.
  5. When it comes to Power Conference call ups, "Could USF be Next?" I'm curious if anyone recalls how Louisville was promoted heavily prior to their golden ticket.
  6. Here, let me make his speech for him. Ahem, we'll say everything we have to say on the field. "Drops mic".
  7. ^ This and the fact that there really is no where to go but up. I'd love for them to go .500 their first year as a staff but, the fact that there is hope of being better then last year is a start.
  8. He was busy talking with the SEC coaches.
  9. It definitely will be a different atmosphere in the Sun Dome this year.
  10. I'm actually looking forward to Basketball season. This is a new feeling for me.
  11. Sounds like the sun is a real issue tonight. I hope we pull this out. We need the win.
  12. Lane Kiffin gonna learn, you can't do things the SEC way outside of the SEC.