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  1. Q autograph helmets

    Hmm, send a message to the advertising department. "Free "Q Autographed" Helmet with every 5 season tickets purchased.
  2. Here's the real signing day surprise

    Hmm, I'm betting something would get pressed.
  3. Just put him in a crypt. It will be quicker and cheaper in the long run.
  4. TE Kano Dillon Leaving USF

    There are winners and losers in every scheme change. I don't blame Dillon for transferring and I won't blame CCS or Gilbert for it either. It happens at every school where the system being run changes. I'll wait a year or two and see how the Running backs and Defensive players develop before I start to call out Gilbert and CCS for lack of "Player Development".
  5. Why go after low hanging fruit. I find it much easier to pick it off the ground.
  6. Are you sure their uniforms were all black. I mean they could have just adjusted the saturation of the colors to achieve that; "Just walked into a bordello" look.
  7. Football NC State Series

    Aren't they working on a series with Miami? I believe I heard they are once again in favor of playing us.
  8. AAC Bubble Watch (01.22.18)

    If only we could win the Conference Tourney, that would be something for the record books. A few pints and I can almost envision it happening.
  9. Decided to unearth some stuff. I also decided to give the Big 12 a new look.
  10. Their alumni and boosters won't be playing on that hot field and they don't need to worry about making practice or walkthroughs either.
  11. I'm just wondering why we've been having such a hard time getting quality opponents over all. It's just baffling to me. We're in the Sunshine State, who doesn't want a trip to the beach during the winter months.
  12. My first thought was a ploy to take away Pre-eminence. My thought was that if the St. Pete and Sarasota schools stats are combined with the Main campus, could those stats be enough to move USF out of qualification. My guess is yes but, I'm not sure that we'd be to far off in spite of the merger. It would however make USF the 4th largest public University in the USA. We'd be at 57 to 58K enrollment. That would put us behind tOSU and ahead of FIU. A very intriguing stat for Conference Realignment. RANKING UNIVERSITY LOCATION ENROLLMENT 1 University of Central Florida Orlando, Florida 64,335 2 Texas A&M University College Station, Texas 60,435 3 Ohio State University Columbus, Ohio 59,482 4 Florida International University Miami, Florida 55,111 See all 12 rows on
  13. Forever a Bull

    I'm just hoping he gets drafted and has a chance to prove himself. We all know he will. Q, you can do this!!!!!
  14. Gilbert Rumors