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  1. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    Ok, how about we make it a video game atmosphere for the younger crowd. We can install a 5 button panel on the back of each chair and have the in stadium crowd try to guess each play before it's called. They can chose from any 5 options. The 10 fans in attendance whom guess the most plays right, get free food and drink the next home game. How's that?
  2. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    3, I don't know but, am guessing some inter conference shifts will be made between the ACC and the SEC. Cincinnati is a wild card that is also in play. It would extend ESPN's reach from Boston to Chicago and From Chicago to Houston. 4, I've seen them both in practice and Keen in limited reps in games. The coaches are all hi on both and that say's a ton for me.
  3. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    CCS' wife is from this area and they have family here. If USF is a winner for him, he'll stay. You are right though, fan support has to grow and grow fast. That will lead to booster support and all the things that go along with it.
  4. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    1, We have one 11 win season under our belts. We just need 2 more 10+ seasons to follow that and we will be considered a winning program. We have the market size and are in the right location/state. All we need is for our current coach to stay another 2 to 3 years. IMHO 2, Perhaps but, If USF can make the leap he may stay. 3, If you look closely, you'll see a patern by ESPN. ESPN owns all the major rights on the eastern seaboard, and south eastern US. They kept some fingers in the B1G so they could maintain control over NJ, PA and Maryland specifically That was by design in my opinion. If there is a chance of losing control in one of their states, they will purchase that property. I honestly believe that USF, UCF and possibly UConn will be carved out of the dying husk of the American. 4, I have faith in both Keen and O. Just gotta have faith.
  5. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    Yeah, I meant to put UF not Miami.
  6. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    1, If you think the realignment wheel is a decade off, you'll be blindsided along with the rest of the Big 12 crowd. 2, Strong will be here for at least three years unless Miami opens up. 3, If you look at what is in play with TV rights and Live sports content right now, you'll see that either the American gets a huge step up or it gets obliterated. It will be one or the other. 4, USF already has two QB's on it's roster not named Flowers, that can win and win now.
  7. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    I still don't see it and here's why; If USF does go undefeated this year, Chances are that either the American gets told they're in for a huge raise or realignment wheels spin again. Either way, USF will move towards a destination job in my humble opinion. If CCS is smart, he sits three years and reaps the rewards of a long term contract and stability for his family.
  8. For you OCS fans.

    Lots of expansion going on at Mons Venus...
  9. For you OCS fans.

    Think of it more this way; Cincinnati has it's Sky Line Chili. Philadelphia has it's Cheese Steak. Memphis has it's BBQ. Tampa has it's Publix Subs and they're available right at the stadium. No useless or unwanted driving around looking for them.
  10. For you OCS fans.

    My thinking is that we'll know more about our future revenue streams later this season. More then likely we'll have a hint as to where we will be regarding conference affiliation and revenue levels towards the end of the season. I think they make no announcement until late October - November or even December. There is a shift coming with this contract for the AAC. My guess is that both Fox and NBC will be bidding this go around. It was pointed out by someone else on another forum that ESPN has been locking up all FBS schools in the major population growth states. I.E., the Southeast and the Atlantic states. These properties are held primarily in three conferences, the ACC, SEC and AAC. The ACC and SEC are locked in but the AAC isn't paid enough to be locked in. It was proposed that ESPN will make a run at Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas and Texas Tech to lock down Texas and Oklahoma and adding them to the rest of the states that they own all of the primary FBS teams. ESPN will continue to keep at least a portion of the B1G's contract as they want to maintain control over advertising of PSU, Maryland and Rutgers. This maintains their total monopoly on College sports in those states. That means they can charge a premium from advertisers in those states. It's just internet fodder but, if you pull it up on a map, it's downright telling. It sure looks like this could have been ESPN's play all along. At this point however, Fox and NBC could crash ESPN's grand scheme by taking the American intact from them. That then opens up Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Kansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Connecticut for bidding wars. Sorry for the long response I just found it interesting. anyway, the bottom line is; USF and the AAC will have a hint by the end of the season as to their true value on the open market. So if they make an announcement for an OCS, we're headed to P5/6 Status. If not, we're probably in limbo a while longer.
  11. For you OCS fans.

    See above.
  12. For you OCS fans.

    I'm passed all that.
  13. USF vs. UCF Revenues

    Don't forget these, Gallery Dimensions Instructions Model # BLR-001 | 3 Row Bleacher, Single Footboards | Basic Bleachers Print | Close Window There's an advertisement posted on both sides of every else.
  14. For you OCS fans.

    I debated it myself but, It's the off season.
  15. USF vs. UCF Revenues

    They've made a lot of these; P.S., they also hold the patent on the headwear.