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  1. USF players' NFL Combine Results (2008-2016)

    Two words, Jerome Murphy. Dude must have gotten burned at least 15 times his final year (not an official stat - Prez Trump don't quote me), but his combine makes him look like a stud with absolute raw talent. Always wondered how that guy went in the 3rd round.
  2. No question, I would love to play UF again, but they said they're only available September 31st.
  3. Co Offensive Coordinator David Reaves

    This is the same offense that Kinnan ran at Manatee - my buddy played for him there and went on to be a LB at Jacksonville University. He tells me Kinnan is for sure behind the offensive scheme change.
  4. ESPN legitimate conflict of interest

    This times 1k! How in the world did no other ESPN competitor not run with this story when it happened? ESPN literally told the ACC who to poach and when.
  5. 16,585

    $500 million in renovations to be exact.
  6. 16,585

    Agreed. Pitiful attendance by the students. Not even half full (maybe closer to 1/4 filled). I know we have sucked, but I remember it being impossible to find a seat by the pirate ship in my day ('03-'06). They have to be there plain and simple.
  7. 16,585

    This^ I was there and it must have been 100 degrees and everyone seemed to be in the club level or below deck avoiding the heat. I would have guessed 20k max.
  8. Positives from Cinci game

    +1...Though I think the D in the 2nd half shows what happens when we force TOs. Without TOs we still seem to have that bend don't break D. Any team with a power run game will continue to give us fits (looking at you Navy) and our scheme and personnel just will have a hard time stopping it.
  9. Can we find a way to mesh the CJL, mean as heck, punch-you-in-the-mouth defense, with the CWT of the last 12 games offense?
  10. Our talent on O will win us a lot of games. D just needs to hold opponents to 30 or less.
  11. being put in a terrible position by the play calling.
  12. Seminole Warhawks?! My alma mater! Class of '01...dang, that was 15 years ago. Did you go there too?
  13. Dickie V

    Gotta love the hometown support, baby! (Dickie V voice) And not to be morbid or crude, but whenever I see Dickie V mentioned in anything I assume it's because he just passed away...Am I a bad person?
  14. FSU vs Louisville

    Cook may still be hurt (off-season shoulder surgery), Derwin is out and Francois is a FR. I like our chances, especially with our weapons on O.
  15. D'Ernest Johnson

    Guy is a straight-up baller! He is so valuable to our team. D'Ernie, D'Ernie!