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  1. Best Arkansas fan I know is on the board!
  2. It's almost as good as the WAR FLAMINGO!!!
  3. USF Love in Virginia Beach

    we may not be many but we are everywhere!!!
  4. De'Ernest Johnson.
  5. ESPN Article about QF

    Offensive coordinator Sterlin Gilbert started with an overhaul of Flowers' throwing motion. Flowers used to wind up to throw, wasting precious seconds in his delivery. That wind up is gone, allowing Flowers to deliver the ball with more accuracy and velocity. "When we’re warming, up he’ll put his hand right on my chest and I can’t wind up and throw because that’s what I was doing," Flowers said. "Now, it’s just keep it at a 90-degree angle and release it. Everything’s falling into place just by listening to him. My release has gotten quicker. My ball location, my accuracy." QF for Heisman
  6. Well I guess we're smoking.
  7. Predict the next USF big news

    Not an OCS
  8. So 12 n' 0 right? Well the only game I see we might lose in the Thursday night game but we should roll temple. What is the opinion?
  9. Football schedule announcement at...

    I hate Thursday night games... It be a curse day!
  10. Football schedule announcement at...

    well it looks like they are trying to position us for more TV
  11. National Signing Day '17

    Is Frederick Lloyd any good?
  12. 5-Star Defensive Tackle Marvin Wilson visits USF

    I think strong might just pull rabbit outta the hat here
  13. Asst Coaching changes

    So what's our grade right now for the coaching hires for football?