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  1. Official Spring Practice Thread

    ...assuming he doesn't fumble that snap
  2. Is Memphis resting their starters for the AAC Touney?
  3. TE Kano Dillon Leaving USF

    First thing that comes to mind regarding Dillon is the OT touchdown vs. South Carolina in the Birmingham Bowl. Best of luck to him wherever he winds up.
  4. XFL He thinks streaming services will give it a better chance this time around. Odds are definitely against it doing well, but who knows...
  5. XFL

    Read that McMahon will be the owner of every team. One of his ideas was this: "Maybe in a certain city having the old college quarterback would make sense, but only if he's the best option," McMahon said. This, of course, could mean Q leading a potential Tampa franchise. I do like that they will be taking a gimmick-free approach this time around. Orlando is interested in a franchise as well. Kind of curious to hear some opinions on this....
  6. Football NC State Series

    I was actually going to mention the exact same thing. Was there with my Nephew, and we decided to leave in the third quarter. Listened to the rest on the radio driving home. Was about as bad as the worst of the Holtz era. Pretty amazing turnaround by CWT.
  7. Football NC State Series

    Yes, long pass to Ryshene Bronson early on I believe, then not much after that. I think that might have been our first good look at Flowers in the 4th quarter of that game. Offense and Defense looked anemic that day. We'v certainly come a long way.
  8. Football NC State Series

    Last time we played them, it was over by halftime in what was probably the team's weakest performance of the Taggart era. A whopping 5 completions for us in that game. Hopefully we can reverse that.
  9. USF's possibilities to crash the 2019 CFP

    Houston was ranked #6 early in the year after beating Oklahoma. They absolutely were in position to get in with Louisville still to come at that point.
  10. Luke Fickell

    That's all
  11. Publix Subs best in US

    I also wondered what exactly that meant....
  12. Remaining AAC Bowl Games

    Pretty much agree. UCF wins, it looks good for the Conference. If they lose, I don't give a ****
  13. Remaining AAC Bowl Games

    The rest of the AAC needs to win big to make up for the Louisiana Tech-SMU debacle