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  1. 1st they need to learn how not to lose to Memphis, Temple, and UCF.
  2. Really! BTW, I believe CJF and Vic Schaefer would both disagree with your opinion of CGA.
  3. For USF to do that Mark Harlan will have to find a new HC.
  4. Why are TBP'ers happy UCONN lost? It cost the AAC ( USF) money.
  5. I wasn't there, but I believe I watched it on TV. Not much different than the 65 and 56 point asswhoppins UCONN handed USF this year.
  6. Well, then it fits TBP perfectly.
  7. Compete with UCONN...heck, we aren't even in the same league as MS. I guess you missed our game against MS last year.
  8. Winner, winner, lobster dinner!
  9. It's the Information Age. I know I would.
  10. His problems went on beyond the young and dumb once story.
  11. I think that's a pipe dream.
  12. So, that's where you've been! Welcome back.
  13. Dele
  14. He could be relegated to Special Projects for Judy Genshaft...ala Doug Woolard.