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  1. Laksa Lands on Weekly Honor Roll

    You should know, since you’re the biggest troll on TBP.
  2. Laksa Lands on Weekly Honor Roll

    Unlike the best coaches, he fails to get the best out of the team he recruits. How long did it take Geno to turn UCONN into a top-10 team?
  3. Women vs. UCF

    Currently, I don’t follow any USF sports besides WBB, so my answer is none now (not shure how you define “now”). “Ever” is a long, long, time.
  4. Women vs. UCF

    You seem a bit confused. You asked what I really believed...I answered.
  5. Women vs. UCF

    “Held them to 14 points in the 3rd quarter.” While his Bulls were pouring in an amazing 13 points🎉
  6. Women vs. UCF

    How many top-10 teams have the Bulls beaten during his time at the helm? Talking National Championships is silly.
  7. Women vs. UCF

    Here’s what I said.... Which is what I believe.
  8. Women vs. UCF

    When did I say that???
  9. Women vs. UCF

    That’s not gonna happen while Jose is at the helm.
  10. USF WBB @ Temple 1/10/18

    Laura will be back next year.
  11. I remember my last was back in 1996.
  12. Jose has done a great job building the program, he’s recruited more talented players, but his coaching has peaked out. Time for him to step aside.
  13. Lucky for you, you weren’t there.
  14. The time has come for CJF to retire from USF.
  15. What Assistant coaches do we lost next year?

    “Do we lost”???? That’s more embarrassing than 🏉 attendance.