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    Sorry for the delay. I've been really busy. Here is my version with the trophy presentation at the end. They had mic issues during the ceremony so that's why the audio is weird.
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    ? When's the last time a 5 star recruit had us in their top 5? That happened within a week or two of Strong's hiring.
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    1st time FAU football has been confused with Kentucky basketball in the history of life,
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    May the force be with you Clemson. Time to take down the Death Star.
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    Q made honorable mention at QB and Khalid McGhee made honorable mention in the secondary. Nice to see a couple Bulls getting nationally recognized for their Bowl performances. http://collegefootball.ap.org/article/usc-bama-and-clemson-star-aps-all-bowl-team
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    Listened to the beginning of douche-mig's show thinking he might mention anything Usf. He went down the list of conferences and their bowl results and left out Usf and AAC completely. I don't usually listen, just thought there might be a chance after a great season and a bowl win. He did mention basketball coach got fired, but that was it. Back to listening to music from 3-6.
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    All I know is I'm rocking usf gear all week long. Let those Clemson and Bama fans know who runs this city!
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    Right now, we are about as close to Big 10 membership as we are AAU.
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    None of that surprises me one bit. Seems like a bit of a control freak. I remember sitting behind him and heckling him when he coached you guys back in the early 2000's, when I was a student. I finally got him to turn around and give me a dirty look. Good times.
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    Cal's just mad he's going to have to find space on his staff for Antigua and Strickland this season instead of next...Cal loves yes men who can recruit.
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    The big dbag is past his prime if he ever had one. He often sounds incoherent and loses his train of thought...maybe dementia due to alcoholism. How he hangs on is beyond me. Are there that many knuckle draggers that still listen to him? JP was generally more positive on USF during the Skippy years...mainly due to his relationship with the Holtz family. Once Skippy left USF was dead to him. Now he's nothing but a Seminole propaganda machine. Boy sports radio in this market sucks!
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    I know it is 4 seasons from now but somehow I think CCS knows this game is on his future schedules. At Texas 9/5/2020 Austin, TX Texas Memorial Stadium Gametime TBA
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    Low scoring game. Tulane is a solid win if they pull it out. Tulane's current RPI is 36 and ours, 41. Solid.
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    The difference between 4.59 and 4.5 (which is still **** fast and VERY fast for even an above average DB in the AAC) is nothing. If Mack gets the edge and has a yard or two on the guy, he's not catching him over 40 yards mathematically at .10 difference in speed. The difference in Mack and an an above average LB is probably .10 going the other way and that means zero chance of catching him. To catch a guy from behind with 40 yards between him and end zone and a two yard head start, you need to be running at least a 4.4 to catch up to Mack. Ain't happening. That's why you never saw it. In the 2016 combine, there were 7 defensive players total with the speed to catch him.
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    I guess that's better then a bunch of Gamecock fans showing up with signs saying, "Cocks sucked this year but, we'll do better next year!"
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    ... should show their support by - buying tickets / attending games / donate to the program. Go BULLS !!!
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    People love to talk them some attendance. B Bowl has been all over the board with attendance. 2016 USF @ USC 31,229 2015 Auburn @ Memphis 59,430 All Time High 2015 UF @ ECU 30,083 2014 Vandy @ UH 42,717 2013 Ole Miss @ Pitt 55,099 2012 SMU @ Pitt 29,138 2011 Pitt @ UK 41,207 2010 UConn @ USC 42,610 2008 Rutgers @ NC State 36,387 2007 USF @ ECU 28,527
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    PITINO isnt leaving big ten to come to the mighty aac but i didnt think oregon would hire cwt so i wouldnt bet on me
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    This is pretty funny. People on here don't need to support USF teams to trash the coaches and/or the program.
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    I think the lack of recruiting success hurt Antigua badly. Sometimes a coach who seat is warm can buy themselves time with hope from an incoming class. Antigua had nothing to bargain with and any AD looks at stuff like that. Really not a hard decision to make a coaching change.
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    Yes men hardly can step out and lead.
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    Gary Parrish is a national CBS writer who started in Memphis covering Memphis basketball (Calipari teams) and he noticed all of Cal's asst coaches were nothing but 'yes men' who could recruit...he was shocked when he started covering other teams for CBS to find some coaches actually let assts do things like run practice, and even call set plays out of timeouts...Cal would have none of that...he wants recruiters only.
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    Clearly he doesn't know how to groom his assistants. I think UofMemphis may be onto something about yes men who can recruit.
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    Ya. It wasn't like there was only one thing wrong or progress was being shown by Antigua. It was basically a failure on every level. Record, recruits, cheating investigation. Taggart at least showed he had talent on the field. He wasn't using the talent right but the talent had been brought in.
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    I think the departure of his JMM was the nail in the coffin. Losing his top player, on top of the investigation and his 2 top recruits not making it to campus, had even me thinking go ahead and put him out of his misery now ...... but I don't think MH was dumb enough to have made the decision to fire Heath. All I heard that he said coming in was "if you're going to do it, do it now."
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    The only other player on the whole team that CBS Draft Scout has possibly getting drafted is Nichols in the 6th rd. I don't think there's any real chance he leaves though, and IMO I don't think he's quite ready anyway. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/prospectrankings/2017/CB
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    Glad to see Harlan pull the plug on this mistake. Usually you will see AD's hate to admit a hiring mistake and will back "their guy" to significant lengths in order to turn the corner. The firing of Heath and now Antigua is a declarative statement by Harlan that he expects strong leadership AND results for the basketball program.
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    We need an Irish coach. It's the only way we can counter the burial ground curse. Anybody else and it's the same "Next Season!" T-shirt.
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    Corey Davis's grandmother would have got 300 yards on us. The defense finished the year at 120 out of 128. Can not believe there are 8 worse defenses out there.
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    ^this is all that matters to me. Winning the conference is our priority
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    TBP threads: 1. OCS 2. Publix 3. The media coverage sucks 4. Will we be ranked if...? We have a new #3!!!
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    I was thinking Aids since UCF has been known to kill people from time to time.
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    Former Gator Assistant - Anthony Grant is my top choice.He did well at VCU, but bad at Alabama, and falls under Billy Donovan's tree. He is currently an assistant coach for the OKC Thunder.
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    Murry Bartow has 4 NCAAs, 3 NITs, 2 CITs, along with over 300 career Ws at UAB and ETSU. he's FAR more qualified to coach USF than Orlando Antigua. Fitts, Da Silva, Holston, Martin, Manderson, Thorpe...there is talent there for the next coach.
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    I don't know that Tulsa is going to be as good as everyone on here seems to think. They lose their QB, #1 RB, and #1 and 2 WR. They had a team loaded with Seniors, They also lose 1 SR OL and 5 senior starters on defense. While they might be as good as they were this year, they have a lot more question marks than we currently have.
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    Just to add. Masiello did go back and get his degree after his debacle with us but I don't think he is in much demand at the present. So to be clear, Harlan's 1st and 2nd choice have not had much success after the hire. So I think Harlan should go against whatever his instincts are on this one.
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    I do. I just got back in town so I can get mine up.
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    I wouldn't want Collin at TBT because he wouldn't be able to write the way he does. Right now the daily stampede is the best coverage for USF football. I know a lot of people hate on em, but it's true.
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    Flowers will get plenty of Heisman exposure at Oregon
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    I heard DJ is thinking about giving Legree a 7th year of eligibility..
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    Good for him but, I'm pretty sure Marlon Mack had all that talent before ever meeting Mr. Pimpleton.
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    I don't care what anyone says. QF is my GOAT! I'm in my 50's and I've never seen anyone turn more busted plays or sure loss of yards into touchdowns inl my life. The Man turned a sure sack into an 80 yard scamper for a TD earlier this year. Then he faked one of the best LB's in the AAC (If not the country), out of his shoes for a TD. The Man is pure magic and a pleasure to watch. He's soft spoken and humble. "The stuff of LEGENDS!" Many years from now we shall speak of the Mighty QF and recall his 8' frame and the fact he manhandled Defenders with a stare that caused them to become paralyzed with fear. We shall recall how QF ran onto Legion Field in Birmingham and the Game Cocks dropped to their knees and weeped at the sight of him. Oh and DJ nodded his approval.
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    Think 10 wins against the teams we beat isn't enough to generate the momentum. I think if we had beaten FSU and gained momentum, including from the media, that would have done the trick. We didn't see our attendance go up in the Big East until after being ranked number 2 in the 2007 season. If I remember right there were even threads in the BE years prior to that complaining about attendance.
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    Being stuck in the AAC will never allow us to have big crowds again. The OCS died with the B12 failure.
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    We love FCOA personally. Will miss him but can understand the move had to be made. That said, there really isn't anyone other than Calipari, Coach K or Petino that could ever make much out of USF basketball. Too many established programs to recruit against, no history to draw them here. I know, CJL had no history and did okay but, then, we never really won anything. CWT had no history but, again, haven't really won anything. So if we can get someone to get us to .500 - .600 in conference that is as much as can be hoped for. Don't see any national championships in our future. I'll be happy with some entertaining and competitive teams.
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