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    Pantsuit Padme ‏@PantsuitPadme Aug 29 B12 Sources CONFIRM meeting with Cincy reps at bar, gave them phone number. Cincy tried calling, number was for Sun Belt #Big12Expansion
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    Well you just lost any credibility you might have had!
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    Throwback helmets you say? Just finished painting these earlier this week.
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    Big, punishing hits are great for ESPN. I hope Woodie is also preaching the importance of arm-tackling rather than just trying to knock a guy over.
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    Honeslty... when we weren't good I was like "lets go AAC"... now I am only concerned with USF. I just want us to win every game, I don't care what everyone else is doing. I'm just focused on green and gold.
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    It also makes sense to take four, but this is the Big12 we're talking about.
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    usf beating fsu would be a monumental upset it makes sense taking both florida teams not one
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    This is what I've been waiting for someone to say! http://www.gousfbulls.com//ViewArticle.dbml?SPID=2981&DB_OEM_ID=7700&ATCLID=211157674 I asked CWT if our defense would be mean, but he seemed a bit reluctant, only talking about being fast. I want a defense that's gonna be known as jock rockers every time they hit somebody. GO BULLS!
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    Anyone else watching this game? Cincy looking very Cincy-like on defense. Allowed 75yd opening drive and TD
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    I hope the Big12 decision makers were watching the "steller" performance by Tulane, Cinci, and UCONN tonight
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    I want UConn and Cinci to win for the AAC. But I want them to lose for both any possible B12 implications... and because of their fan base.
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    We better show up on Saturday. USF may just be the class of the AAC if all comes together for the next two seasons. oh and the Vols down 13-3...O_0
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    UTM has the worst kicker I've ever seen!
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    Totally agreed. Not just that, but we're competing against these guys for a B12 invite! Imagine if that Orlando school is still winless again come mid-October, and Houston loses a couple early. Any little blemish could help.
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    I was just being funny...however, I have been saying all off season that Cincy will not be very good...lucky to get to 6 wins
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    I'm here to play games, make things up regarding our chances of getting into a conference, and insult people for little or no reason.
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    I'm with this. I don't want to be with UCF at all. We were just fine without being in the same conference when we were in the Big East. Oh, and the year we played them that they won CUsa, didn't we have our way with them? The war on I4 is a good rivalry, I'll admit even if it's just for the name alone, but I'd love to branch away from them.
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    I will go with USF, UCF, Houston, Cincy.. They will help also bring light to NCAA soccer as the Big 12 is a joke in soccer these days.
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    And best of all he's actually a USF grad.
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    Those are merely details. Details are for others to work out, I'm the idea guy.
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    Exactly. Well put and that is what I am talking about. Hopefully they have someone who knows what they are doing. No Dungy would not make the pitch, we would be in the back nodding along or in a clip in a video somewhere. Hopefully, they will be drinking coffee.
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    I don't know if its luck or skill, but we didn't seem to be affected too much with targeting last year. It seemed our opponents had about 5 or 6 guys kicked out of games, but I only remember Sanchez in the FSU game (and I think they missed that call)
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    That TX veto is one of the main reasons I think this is fake (That and NIU doing so well.). If it's NOT fake then someone is going to get fired because no one involved would want this released.
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    Now that is what we need to see. First game is going to be a slug fest. They are going to try and wear us down at the line and our LB's need to punish the their running backs.
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    Well let's update this gem, load it up, get on the bus, and head to the BIG12...
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    That my friend is a formula for success and normally culminates in special seasons.
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    Is now the appropriate time to say, **** TigerJay? And where the hell is my $100?
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    Those WVZu fan's and their straight line family trees....
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    Leaves USF and now looks like Tom Brady, another QB that CWT failed to develop
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    Need to have a strong start for the AAC.. 12 Wins possible.. 10 or more would be great! Football UT Martin Cincinnati 7 p.m. Maine UConn 7 p.m. Tulane Wake Forest 7 p.m. Friday9.2.16Football Army Temple 7 p.m. Saturday9.3.16Football Oklahoma Houston Noon Fordham Navy Noon Western Carolina East Carolina 6 p.m. Towson USF 7 p.m. Southeast Missouri State Memphis 7 p.m. South Carolina State UCF 7 p.m. SMU North Texas 7 p.m. San Jose State Tulsa 7 p.m. T
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    Come on man, even Grams showed UCF how you ball last year!
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    First game week is always a wild one. That's why I hope we're treating Towson like they are SEC good.
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    If anyone votes against Hall, they be dumb son.
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    Appalachian State can ball! On the SEC network against Tennessee..
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    Uconn looking very Uconn-like on offense
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    Brooks was/is on the board of trustees at FSU. I don't think he would be able/willing to sell the advancement of a university other than FSU.... Make no mistake USF in the Big 12 doesn't benefit FSU at all....
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    They played in the FCS championship game 3 years ago. Some of the guys that are seniors played on that team so they have some good experience. Good QB, OL and RB. his is a nice test for us.
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    Rice is allegedly still in the mix. But they got zero votes here. ECU got more votes, but they are out. Doesn't look legit, unless this was just a quick straw poll before information gathering or something along those lines.
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    Jerome Murphy is the school's all time leader in personal fouls committed at critical junctures. No contest for me. Oh yeah, this also: http://www.gousfbulls.com/ViewArticle.dbml?ATCLID=1210636
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    now that you posted it, they'll swarm it like flies, I mean knats
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    Send me the slides, and be sure to have somebody spell check them this time!!!
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    Could be tough b/c other games that day are Stanford vs. UCLA, Florida at Tennessee, Georgia at Ole Miss. I doubt Ole Miss if they lose to FSU.
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