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    It seems they default to loss with road games against decent teams. I personally think we're going to win out.
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    I thought you were going to say the squad would look a lot better if John Egbunu was on it.
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    As a preseason ranking, I think I agree with where we are relative to the conference. Dying with anticipation to see it play out that way, but we still have a lot to prove IMO.
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    The $500 million endowment will be the hard one... $80+ million needed there.
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    Matt Murschel of the Sentinel has USF at #45 http://www.orlandosentinel.com/sports/college/college-gridiron-365/os-college-football-countdown-no-45-usf-20160711-story.html I half expected them to have UCF higher than us. USF is ranked higher than UCF, East Carolina, SMU, Tulane, Navy, UConn, Tulsa, Cincinnati and Memphis in the AAC.
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