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    I think we are all missing the bigger picture. We are getting national attention for our players getting arrested. This screams P5 and I would not be surprised if we get an invite before the end of the week. #streetcred #belikeP5
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    1. John McDaid. The ref who called the " illegal forward propulsion" call
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    I always find it helpful to blame the Longhorn network for bad things happening.
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    When I got out of the Army, medically retired actually, I was a bit out of my mind. I'd already been deployed twice and was a bit out there. I decided during my last deployment I'd go back to school and pick up another degree (I actually graduated initially from Old Dominion University... I'd transferred there from another school which is why I don't mind transfers likely...lol) so I decided I wanted to move to Tampa and go to school there. One of my buddies in the Army graduated from USF and went on and on about it. So in 2005 during my deployment I applied when I was deployed in Iraq. Started following everything the school did from afar and in 2006 I got sent back stateside and sent to MacDill Air Base and started at USF. I was already completely balls deep with the football team. It actually helped me deal with PTSD, injuries from the war, and losing my mom all in a four year period. So USF actually did a lot for me. It gave me back my sanity and some assemblance of normality in a lot of chaos. I excelled at USF... earning my degree with two minors. So much love for the school. In a way it likely saved me. I will be forever grateful for the friends I met and the family I gained.
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    Hey Judge - please spare us your editorials and just stick with the case in front of you.
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    Martin Fennelly you are next!
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    It seems like the judge is putting Coach Strong on trial. If she bothered to do any checking, she would learn that CCS has a reputation for not tolerating bad behavior and has dismissed many players, over the years, for their off the field conduct..
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    If two arrests means out of control, then who has control of their program?
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    If we don't average 50-60 a game and hold our opponents under 20, no one will take us serious this season. We need to go undefeated and put a hurting on every team in our path. Part of me finally liked Willie because he wasn't afraid to run things up (he then ran off - but hey - gotta do whatcha gotta do to get paid). I doubt Charlie Strong will bring that mentality to the table.
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    I don't know...Vinik is like someone handing me ice cream (probably a Choco-Taco in this case, because they're awesome) and USF basketball is like someone punching me in the balls. The combination of the two of them may or may not break even.
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    At least your lawn looks nice.
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    Any chance BM will land in Oregon covering the Ducks?
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    I'm not. Not pulling against him either.
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    I went to my first game which was USF vs West Virginia 2007 when I was 15. I was hooked on the team ever since attending as many games as possible. I joined the navy in 2011 so I missed a lot of home games until I got out this year and caught the UCF season finale (i did get to catch some away games like uconn and ecu). I'm about to apply to the school today actually, and I'm looking forward to being able to finally attend a full season of games this year!
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    I am a long-time Hurricane fan, but was incensed over Margaret Taylor's comments on Coach Strong who is a very honorable individual. She obviously does not know anything about Coach Strong who #1. Has only been with the program a few months, #2 Did not recruit the ones arrested #3 Of all the head football coaches throughout the entire USA he is the toughest disciplinarian of the group and expects high moral standards of both his staff and players. She needs to know her subject prior to opening her mouth and proving she doesn't have a clue what she is talking about. Glad she is not a graduate of the U.
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    And the guy with the old, "USF isn't even in South Florida" crap. I've got news for him, the geographic center of Florida is in Hernando County 12 miles NNW of Brooksville.
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    12-step plan to get through the regular season: Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win
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    Unless, of course, the state senate decides to change established rules and guidelines to ensure the Gators are superior.
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    Whoever's buried under the Sundome...
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    Couple theories... Charlie Strong gave her an STD and she's just leveling the playing field indiscreetly. Charlie Strong bought her South Tampa house at a discount during her divorce and she's pissed about having to move into a condo.
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    "Mr. Jackson, again assuming the facts surrounding your charges are true, your behavior is reprehensible." I was under the impression we were supposed to assume innocence in this country until guilt was proven.
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    Nice soliloquy. However, how is the coach responsible for the actions of this young adult? And, how do the actions of this person you've never met make one so ashamed that you take your diploma off the wall? Unless The Honorable Judge Taylor is attempting to raise her profile, and maybe make that jump to a federal district court, or the state supreme court, by playing to the cameras with her prepared remarks, I just don't get it.
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    He's going to prove himself big time.
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    I'm rooting for Leavitt to have a good defense there. I'm not rooting for Taggart to have a good offense there. LOL
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    It's no offense to him but transfer quarterbacks haven't exactly worked out at USF; especially ones that transferred due to lack of playing time. Sure he was a 4 star out of high school(so was Woulard) but I'd rather we focus on continuing to develop the guys we have here now and focus on high school quarterbacks who aren't afraid of a little competition. But that's just my opinion...
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    Think about that for a minute and how impractical it would be for them not to have to wait ...
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    Some perspective: Our "nationally" televised games from last year were as follows (doesn't include games on CBS Sports Network, as they aren't rated/measured) FSU - 2.6 million South Carolina - 2.3 million Temple - 1.3 million Navy - 556,000 Memphis - 169,000 Cincinnati - 144,000 For all the hemming and hawing by our fans, it would certainly seem to be extremely advantageous from a National exposure perspective to be playing weeknight games. I would venture to guess that if our game against Temple was on Saturday night instead of Friday night, viewership would have been between 200 and 300k. Getting between 4 to 6 times the amount of eyes on the awesome and exciting product that USF football is putting on the field is worth being inconvenienced and only being able to tailgate for an hour or two 3 times this season, IMO. I encourage everyone to sacrifice the hour of sleep, get a babysitter for the night if need be, and support what could end up being a Top 10 team this season.
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    Daniel Tosh said it best: "my biggest achievement at ucf was dodgin' the herp."
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    USF is #6 in Win/Loss percentage in NCAA Division 1 Baseball. Reminds me of football. Neither team won the league but I think both baseball and football were the best teams in the league. While it sucks to lose, gotta hand it to the baseball team...Great Season. 40 Wins Multiple Rankings throughout the season Beating UF and FSU on the road in the same season Taking 4/6 from the Tinmen 19 Game Win Streak Alot to be proud about. Hopefully we make some noise in the postseason. Guessing we'll be a 2 seed in either Charlottesville, VA or Wake Forest, NC. And while we do lose some key guys, we have a lineup full of Sophomores. Things look bright for the baseball team and that is a good thing. Go Bulls!
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    It's obvious that the meeting was not her idea but the chief judge's. Hopefully we'll find out more about what was said in the meeting, but if she apologized to him or in any way took anything back from what she said, she needs to do so with a public statement at this point - not in a private meeting. Some will say let it go, but in my book, she doesn't get off this easy. She stays on the list for now.
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    A law school probably doesn't help the metrics or get us research dollars. I'd like to see USF keep following STEM, computer science, and medicine and patents and entrepreneurship and business leadership. Keep pushing for studemt success and best outcomes. Despite having lower 4 and 6 year graduation rates, USF students had higher salaries upon graduation and we have more patents, and we are gaining in research output. We need to keep pushing those type of metrics. Does a law school advance those? Or just saturate the labor market of lawyers and make USF a degree mill?
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    Too bad it took a lecture from a respected judge to provoke this Strong discipline.
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    You know we make our own ooc schedule, right? Not sure where this NCAA questioning is coming from ...
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    It's great.... to beat..... the Florida Gators.....
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    I started off at HCC (where I met my wife) and took a semester off between HCC and USF. Wife started her Mechanical Engineering degree at USF my semester off and I was last working on a Business degree. When I found myself helping her with homework questions I knew that I was going to be doing engineering as well. I was the first one in my family to go to college (youngest of four kids) and at times, graduation felt like an unobtainable goal. The years came and went I both my wife and I stuck with engineering and she graduated a semester ahead of me in 2006 (USF's 50th Anniversary) and I went into 2007. I met one of my closest friends at USF and countless friends. USF helped me achieve things professionally that I never thought would be possible growing up.
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    Saved / cost me a ton of money when I dropped Bucs season tickets and went all in on USF athletics.
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    1. Winn Dixie 2. Kroger 3. Aldi ...
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    I make sure to let everyone I come across who asks about the schedule know that Wisco willingly pulled out of their return trip to Tampa this year. The whole "you need to schedule better" is difficult when other "have" programs decline or cancel. It's getting back to the point where USF needs to schedule one and done OOC road trips.
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    Coach Strong has more character and class than this twinke eating nitwit judge. I do hope someone from the university responds to her. What a moron.
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    I agree. Why is she passing judgement before the facts are heard and he has representation. OMG, this is my problem with Judges
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    We need to be overranked this off-season and start the season in the Top 15 because with our schedule we won't be moving up very far very quickly and need to crawl one position at a time right from the beginning of the season as teams ahead of us lose.
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    He was injured while practicing at GT. Because of that, he already sat out a year He left GT,apparently, on good terms. He chose to transfer to USF, one of his favorites early on. I'm sure he could have transferred to any number of schools. We should welcome him with open arms.
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    I love Dre and he is in my top 3 favorite bulls of all time but Mack is the better NFL prospect by quite a bit. Dre did it all but no part of his skill set was elite/special. He wasn't a freight train power runner, he wasn't a true home run threat that could run away from the defense, He had good but not great change of direction, he was a good but not great receiver out of the backfield etc. Mack on the other hand is special in a few ways. His vision, feet, and change of direction are all special. There's a reason why he had so many long runs in his career. Dre on the other hand was a jack of all trades but master of none. What made Dre great was he could do everything and was very durable. Dre had a higher floor than Mack but Mack has a much higher ceiling. Mack could be a legit starting RB if he can truly develop his game to be a complete player (Pass Blocking, Bounching outside less, Ball security, running with a touch more physicality). Dre's ceiling was always going to be a 2nd or 3rd back on a NFL roster IMO. Mack on the other hand could be a Jamaal Charles type of player if everything goes right and he hits his ceiling.
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    What CBG has accomplished in his first 40 or so days on the job is nothing short of amazing. He and his staff deserve national recognition for being able to land the players that they have while the program is under NCAA investigation and just about the entire roster transferred out. I am genuinely excited to see USF men's hoops transform over the next 2 to 3 years.
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    So we don't want Saturday day games because it's too hot and we don't want week night games because it's too inconvenient and we want more butts in the seats because it's embarrassing to see empty seats.
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