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    Can't make this stuff up. My wife and I are expecting our first child, a son named Duke at the end of September... This is yesterday's ultrasound picture. I've bled green and gold (and awesomeness) for a long time now, and it's nice to see the apple isn't going to fall too far from the tree.
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    I'm very nervous about them voiding our wins and titles.
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    That's because he hasn't decided which NFL team he's going to draft.
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    Well it was an International incident.
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    So the ugly guy on the right with a bourbon in his hand and the cute blonde to his right would be yours truly and the unfortunate Mrs. http://www.tampabay.com/sports/colleges/bulls/
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    I decided at 53, to get a colonoscopy. No real issues, my wife then said, if you can do it, so can I so at 52, she went in, days after I did. Massive tumor, stage 3 cancer. Chemo Port in within days, 24/7 chemo, daily radiation, for almost a year , then surgery .I'll spare you the details, but she beat it. Not without ongoing issues, but she is 5 years post diagnosis, cancer free. I almost lost her, no symptoms. They caught it at the last "minute". Get tested. Colon cancer is almost totally avoidable. The worst part is not the procedure, but the prep. Just do it. It would have been an honor to shake Marks hand. I mourn for his loved ones. RIP young man.
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    Coach Gregory talked about how he was able to get 9 players out of 10 official visits... that he's rebuilding the culture of the program... He talked about the two Penn State guys coming to Tampa ... arriving and going to a restaurant on the beach... and committing before dinner was over. Coach Strong ran through the team and highlighted the talent we have... said Coach Taggart left him some good football players... but also good people... he said we have 5 million people in the Bay area, we should be able to find 50,000 to come to RayJay... that we have a Top 25 program and should have a Top 25 fan base... and that he would love to have an Indoor Practice Facility, but we need to raise the money for it.
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    Although we didn't always see eye to eye on a lot of things, always respected that he put his money where mouth was when it came to USF ..... This cancer thing is really starting to piss me off.
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    God ****, give me a game against UGA.
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    We must be getting good again if we are having so many arrests!
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    It's absolutely amazing to see how far Flowers has come. He's completely elevated the program. I'm happy to see the kid get all the accolades he's getting, as they are well deserved. Somebody once mocked me on a recruiting board by asking if I thought Flowers was some kind of savior or something... In hindsight (which is always 20/20), I can honestly say yes. I really think this season is going to be something special. I also think the defense will surprise many by being a top 25 defense. So I actually think he's going to have a chance to put up some absolutely insane numbers. Some that I dare not think of.
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    Saban: We win the national championship almost every year. Strong: not bad...but we have an on campus Publix. Saban: you looking for an assistant?
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    Wilcox needs to work on covering up the ball. He had 3-4 bad fumbles last season where he was being gang tackled and didn't cover up the ball or just should've went down because he was stacked up.
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    Hi, your showing up here only partially qualifies you for a camp t-shirt.
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    I'll see ya in Atlanta on January 8th.
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    Hi Coach Strong, I am Lucifer.
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    I'm in a restaurant in Virginia Beach, rocking my UA USF tee and all of a sudden I get a, "Go Bulls!"
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    If you were to pick and choose a block of years, I'm pretty sure you could make your "math" look feasible. If you review, his comment started with a pretty high compliment so apparently looking past relevant information is in your nature.
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    To hot, to cold, to late, to early, a Thursday or Friday, a bad opponent, a bad stadium, another game is on, to expensive, no freebies, the list goes on and on. Its a wonder we draw 18K.
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    I put this one on Coach Strong.
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    I'm Mark Awmiller's sister...and his 'Irish Twin', (we were only 11 months apart). since he passed away-I Google him periodically. He was so well liked, respected and missed that it warms my heart to see how many people saw the great person he was, like the USF alums. This is an important message as well as a happy story, below. Here's the important message: Mark was only 55 when he passed away June 14, 2016, from Colon Cancer. Please, if you are 45, at least get a screening kit...if you are 50, get a colonoscopy...your insurance will pay for it, probably with a small copay. It may SAVE YOUR LIFE. Cancer is an ugly, ugly and painful way to die. When you die that young, your parents are likely still alive. There is nothing like being with a Mother who is watching her child die. That scene is excruciating and I've had two brothers die...don't do this to your Mother, spouse or children. Now the happy story: I know most of you saw the highly intelligent and opinionated Mark. I hope you were able to get to know the bright, charming, selfless, and loving brother he was. I never found myself in a position needing his help; however, let me tell you a story that will warm your heart. Mark tried to fight the disease by going to chemo treatments as often, as prescribed. While there, he met a woman receiving treatments and on the same schedule as he was. He found out as they talked over the weeks that she had three children and was cleaning homes as her occupation. He also noticed that she took the bus to and fromthe treatments. One day Mark bought a used car for about $5k,had it checked out, replaced the tires and whatever other items needed to be done to make it as nice and safe for her and her three children, for whatever time she had left. He did not want her to feel 'funny' at their appointments, so he took the car to the Salvation Army and had them give it to her as some sort of prize they said she had won. I miss him terribly and I know who he was...I also like telling that story...I'm sure many USF alumni give back to their communities and I thought you might want to know he did, as well. Thank you for listening and more importantly, getting your screenings and colonoscopies. Sheryl-Mark Awmiller's sister
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    This was posted in the Tampa Bay and General Sports forum but I think this would be the appropriate spot for it ...
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    This mindset would have been spot on a decade ago when we were in the Big East, had access to the BCS, and had a competitive TV contract. Unfortunately, realignment (ESPN) ruined all of that for us. If we could get $1.2 million in guaranteed money and a national spotlight against a top 5 team, I don't see how we could turn down that type of money at this point. To provide some perspective, our current conference TV deal pays about $2 million per team annually. The problem for us, as BDYZR pointed out earlier, what good/great P5 team would ever give a team like USF money for the potential to suffer a devastating home loss? We are now a big fish in a small pond and have to find a way to thrive until we can, hopefully, find a bigger pond.
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    Teams in better conferences can get away with cupcake games. This SJSU stuff needs to stop and we need to play serious teams for all of the OOC games. We don't need 1-1 games. Just take the one away game deal and go with it. Serious question - Who has he added? I think he got Illinois and Texas then a bunch of mid range schools.
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    Interesting math by CCS. I've seen this somewhere before, but can't quite remember where. If only 1% of the Tampa Bay area population (3M) attends a USF game that would be 30K in the stands. No reason we should not have at least 35K no matter who we play. Really only need 20K attendees if students put 10K in seats for each game. It's an event, not just a football game and 30K should be very easy. Go Bulls!
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    I hate being used. But wait, if I bring the eyeballs then I must be interesting.
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    I'd be carrying around a baseball bat looking for this guy demanding an explanation
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    Suck it UF/FSU legislators!!!!
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    I know it's all political and diplomatic, but EVERY local politician voted FOR the bill. All these CYA comments after the fact are BS. Just remember the closed door, eleventh hour shenanigans that prompted this post in the first place and none of these local politicians even knew what they were voting on. Do you want your local and State politicians voting on bills when they have no clue is in them?
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    Maybe living out west you aren't getting a "feel" for it, but it certainly seems to be a rivalry game now. I think after they shut us out at home things changed.
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    Good to see you, Coach Strong. I appreciate you having D'Earnest break down our film; it should help get us over the hump this year.
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    It has been show time and time again that stadiums NEVER have a positive economic impact on the surrounding area. That being said, we should buy one. It really just depends on the time line. If we stay there for 50 years, I have to imagine it will at least break even when you factor in we get parking and ticket sales minus rent.
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    "Charlie Strong ... and you are ....?"
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    Had a conversation with my doctor who knows a former player that stays in touch with the program. For what it's worth, that guy said the defense is looking really good. Fingers crossed.
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    Whose heartbeat skipped when you saw the thread title?
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    CWT ruined two top notch Quaterbacks in Steven Bench and AW. Mike White was lucky to transfer before CWT's love of QF consumed him also.
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    Bench was framed. I suspect CWT came back to Tampa to hold Steven Bench down one last time for old times sake
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    OK, here is my take. I was there and saw every pitch. The Ump was bad all night, not just the 9th. He was bad for both teams too, not just USF. Should we have gotten a few pitches...yes. Should ECU have gotten a few pitches...yes. That isn't what lost this game. I, like many on this board was wondering where is Perez? I was calling for him in the 8th. We were lucky to get out of that inning. Why didn't he start the 9th? Why didn't he come in when two batters reached and there was a lefty batting with no outs? Very strange. There have only been a few of us who've been to games all year, so I say this as one of the biggest baseball fans on this board...I had no idea why there were no moves made. We've made the same moves all year with Joe C and Perez. Its like clockwork. He only trusts those two. When I say he, I'm referring to Kingston (and Mohl I guess). Its been this way since early on. Every now and then we see Savarese for an inning around the 6th or 7th. It was unbelievable to watch this game just slip away. And for those that say this is so USF, you are wrong. We haven't lost this way all year, this was different. I'm not sure of the strategy. Is Perez hurt? If so, bring in Savarese for 3 outs. Joe C cannot and should not be the only arm to trust in the late innings of a close ballgame. He already did his job. I'm not sure if we'll get an answer on this, since we have no reporters that actually report on baseball. Very frustrating as this would have put us in great position to contend for the title. We have potentially 4 games left in this tournament, with one healthy starter left. You do the math.
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    I really, really hope that the NCAA doesn't pile on more. Those of us that were left at the Sun Dome last year were punished enough.
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    When Mark passed, that was the final prod. I saw him at the Miami Bowl for the last time, and he looked tired. Still had that great sense of humor, but clearly weary of the fight...but nothing could stop him from watching first hand our first bowl game in forever. Shortly after his passing, at 50 years old, I got the colo (and you're right, the procedure is nothing. The prep isn't fun, but not as bad as some say). No real issues, but also triggered my need for an endoscopy (which revealed a few other issues, now since under control). Mark was an amazing fan, but an even better father, husband & friend, who left a positive impact on so many. I think of you often, Bulls brother. Rest in Peace.
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    I try not to post is such threads however, I would like to impart this wish; The hardest part of losing a loved one isn't their absence. There are many things throughout the day that can occupy your mind and distract you from your thoughts. It is when you're alone at night lying in the dark that the memories and emotions come streaming back. It is then that I wish you all, "Fond memories and Sweet Dreams." It is the living that suffer ones passing. It is my belief that those whom have departed have moved beyond sorrow. It is with that in mind that I post here today. So when the night comes I would once again wish you all, "Fond Memories and Sweet Dreams."
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    I was recently at Pittsburgh airport wearing a green USF t-shirt. As i walked around the airport, a guy shouted "Go Bulls." In 1974 when I graduated from South Florida, very few people outside of Florida knew of our school. It's awesome that USF is so well known now all around the country! That's what college sports does for a university.
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    Daniel Tosh said it best: "my biggest achievement at ucf was dodgin' the herp."
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    Games are scheduled many years in advance. It's not like USF has sustained success over a number of years. Some P5 teams just don't want to take any risk when scheduling OOC games. Coaches can jeopardize their jobs by losing to non power five teams. They realize that a bad team they schedule today can be a good team by the time the game is played and vice versa. The P5 teams are in the driver's seat. They can pick and choose from a very large pool of non P5 teams. The best thing USF has going for itself in scheduling is that it is located in FLORIDA which is a hotbed for recruiting. Of course, the same can be said about UCF, FIU and FAU. P5 teams that wish to make inroads in Florida recruiting, without having to schedule UF, FSU and Miami, will look to play one of the other four Florida D1 schools and try to make the best deal for themselves in the process. By playing one of US it also allows their Florida players to know that they will get an opportunity to play in front of their family and friends down the road. Perhaps, some teams might prefer scheduling FIU or FAU, because they have had even less success than USF and UCF. Or, they might just prefer playing them because they want to focus their Florida recruiting in the Miami area. USF might not agree to the same scheduling deal that one of the other three would accept. P5 teams can use that as leverage when negotiating. It has always been difficult for USF to schedule and I think that is even more true today.
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    You got it backwards 13-0 gets us in talks for the Peach Two losses by everybody else gets us in talks for the playoffs.
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    If there was ever a reason to stampede - this is it ...
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