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    Tall is good provided he can knock the ball down on 4th and 24.
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    Daddy cant do all of your homework son...
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    Why are you dragging me into this?
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    A while ago there was a post about the new Beef O'Bradys tv ad with the Bull's logo in the background which is quite cool. Saw another interesting display on the new Pensacola ABC tv station tonight. It's a promotion for downtown Pensacola. It has a shot of people walking up the Main Street and there front and center, is a woman coming towards the camera in her green USF Bull's shirt. Nice, especially up here in FSU/Alabama/LSU country. Everything and anything like that can only be a positive for the university. Good subliminal advertising...
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    If somebody tells you *insert thing here* is the key to getting into the P5 and that thing isn't revenue brought to the new conference it's best to ignore them. If adding another mouth to feed to a P5 doesn't add to each of the current member's bottom line then that potential team is a non-starter.
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    Worked with USF Marketing to get Gators replaced with USF on this shirt. Show your USF/Tampa/Florida pride with this T-shirt. https://goo.gl/9cTA4x
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    I hate UCF but they were possibly and arguably the best team in college football last year. Now with Milton coming back and a lot of talent, how can ESPN justify putting UCF at 55ish?? There are 54 better looking teams than UCF? We can also scratch our heads about how USF has finished in the top 25 two straight seasons but is 63. ESPN is such a joke
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    Public self-destruction means we need popcorn.
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    He's the guy you haven't talked to since high school but you're Facebook friends with who always broadcasts his family drama online.
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    From the youtube video it appeared that both were thrown by Kean, however the first one was a tip drill type INT.
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    It is a fact the coaches messed up the starting o line for the first game and also it is a fact the coaches don't take enough chances to keep opposing defenses balanced. All the rest of it is hard to determine but it doesn't appear it was handled properly at the end, hence the tweet. Coaches need to be a lot better at handling young men than for it to go this far.
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    We are winning the conference title this year. Mark it down.
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    Sounds like he already has CTE and DUMB too.
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    The fact that the WRs are actually holding onto the ball is a plus
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    Correct it's a step in the right direction but people often try to pass off the IPF, OCS etc as some kind of silver bullet and that's just not true. I'm not saying don't build it but let's not pretend it suddenly makes us a shoe-in or even more attractive to a P5 conference by itself.
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    Happy Easter Everyone
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    All great on my end. 13-0, national champs*! But no really. The USF season was kind of a mixed bag, at least from my outside perspective. Fell short of preseason expectations since many had USF going undefeated but ended with 2 losses instead. And it sucks even more when your rival has the season you were supposed to have. But it still added another 10 win top 25 season to your resume, now in back to back seasons.
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    Based on what I see in local news sources, I think that it is more likely that Tampa builds FSU a second stadium in the area before they support USF getting one.
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    Many will be financed by student loans. Not a fan.
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    I'm not a fan of raising tuition for a stadium that isn't a necessity. You may not like RayJay and you may want the stadium to be closer but it isn't needed. At the end of the day, we still have a decent stadium to play in.
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    Goal posts are always ahead of kickers this time of year.
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    Place Tampa instead of Florida?
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