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    Thanks for the welcome everyone. Yes it is me. I didn't post yet because I wanted to read all of the threads. Few questions to answer: *No, I am not upset/mad people copy the move. Frankly, I find it funny and I think it's great. I just want fans to enjoy their time at the game. *I'm sorry to those who find it annoying, again, I want everyone to enjoy their time at games. We are undefeated and I just want to bring awareness to usf football and fill the seats! *I started this around this time last year. Flowers was called an offensive wizard. We were something on 4th down. Like 4th and 3 and I just randomly did this hand motion (totally not sober, obviously). They made the 1st down and I was caught on camera. It stuck and The rest is history. *I do have a usf hat, and another one is being made with a matching cape. I won't post the 2nd hat or cape so I can unveil it at the home game. Again, I just want awareness and fun brought to usf games. It's a great time to be a bull. I want our stadium filled! Feel free to follow my page too! Go Bulls!
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    That team is USF. If we go out and execute, there isn't a team on our schedule that can beat us. Cut down on the stupid penalties, tighten up special teams, and we go 12-0. Don't try to sell me on Houston, UCF, or Memphis.... they don't have the pure athleticism that we have and, most importantly, none of them have QF!
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    I honestly couldn't care less if they do. I'd love to see the defense keep chugging along and CJL get another shot as a head coach to close out his career. CWT is dead to me. I wouldn't shed a single tear if he gets canned in a few years and ends up at WKU again. I don't blame him one bit for chasing the money out West, but I'm not going to get upset if Oregon fires him and he has to start over again from the bottom of the coaching world.
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    This is my 20,000 post on here! Man I spend way too much time on here.
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    Because of us starting at Week 0 this year, and with some canceled games, this season has lead to some fun (but ultimately completely useless) facts: 1) With USF playing at 12PM this Saturday and FSU at 330PM, USF has a chance to secure their 5th win of the season before FSU even wins a single game (likely the only time in our existence that we'll have 5 more wins then FSU at any given point). 2) USF currently has as many wins (4) as FSU, Miami & UF combined (4) 3) At this point in the season, USF has outscored FSU & Miami combined Other fun facts: Since starting 2015 off 1-3: In the last 26 games USF has gone 22-4, averaged 41.1 pts/game and scored 30+ in 23/26 games In the previous 26 games USF went 7-19, averaged just 17 pts/game and scored 30+ in just 3/26 games And Yes, I'm bored at work waiting for Saturday
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    That was hm101. A bunch of us came out for today's show!
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    I hope the wizard guy stays, ups his game with a green and gold wizarding costume, and passes the mantel off to someone else. when he feels that he is done being it. You guys complain about lack of tradition. This is how it starts, organically, not contrived.
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    And let's not forget, UCF has herpes, while USF is free of STDs.
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    The main problem I have with JK is that he doesn't want to claim any responsibility for putting out actual attendance number for USF, when he KNOWS that by doing so he helps to perpetuate a false comparison to what is being reported as attendance by other schools. Also, he leads people, intentionally or unintentionally, into believing that USF is the ONLY school cooking up their attendance numbers, because he doesn't acknowledge that other schools count their attendance the SAME way. JK should balance what he can do and what he should do, when it comes to reporting actual attendance. If he feels compelled to continue to report actual attendance then he should at the SAME time mention that no other schools report actual attendance and that USF is not doing anything out of the ordinary.
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    Life is good and we are 5-0...sure we have some issues, but nothing that will slow us down! Cincinnati is next in a couple weeks, but can we just enjoy where we are right now? It wasn't long ago that our house was burning down right before our eyes! 5-0 is great...10 in a row is great...scoring 30+ per game in 22 straight is great. Live it up Bulls fans! Go Bulls, Beat Bearcats (in 2 weeks)!
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    Thought this was a tickets sold thread for Homecoming . . .
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    We need to root for UCF to have two losses before we play them, so we can be ensured of an AAC East title. Anything less than that, we have to beat them in Orlando on the last week of the season in a do or die scenario. I'd rather not have to deal with that on the road in a hostile enviroment with everything on the line. Doesn't anyone else see this logic?
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    So I'm out at Pass a Grille beach for the week. Had Bulls gear on and met a construction worker (Pass a Grille Way is totally torn up) at a shop while buying some shrimp. Turns out the guy was CWT's neighbor when Willie was a little kid. Said he treated him like his own son and was so pleased to see his success. He followed the Bulls the last couple years and is following again this year as he likes CCS too. I asked him if he was going to the game Saturday and he said he was planning to watch it on TV. Then he said he was looking for something to do Saturday night with his grandson and that going to the game sounded like a great idea. I told him I'll see him Saturday and he gave me a Go Bulls! on the way out. One step at a time.
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    Are those actual posts or announced posts? Congrats. I think.
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    With the win over Temple, USF extended its streak of consecutive games scoring 30 points or more to 21. The all-time record is 23 straight games by Oregon from 2011 to 2013. ECU might have the worst defense in the nation, giving up an average of 48 ppg. We opened up as 26 point favorites, although that number has dropped down to 24. I can't see us scoring less than 45 points in this one. Cincy gave up 36 to Michigan and 42 to Navy. The odds of USF tying Oregon's record look really good. If the Bulls are to set the all-time record, it will come on the road against Tulane. Lets get that record and get to 7-0 in the process!
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    They can help us get players for the men's basketball team.
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    The Bullspen, where 40 points and 500 yards per game is bland and ineffective...lol
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    Anybody else bothered by this? First, I hate coaches that don't take responsibility, even just a little, when things aren't working. He still blames our offenses shortcomings(red zone efficiency) on execution. Not one word about play calling needing to get better. From st pete times: For those who didn't keep track at home, USF ran 28 plays (including field-goal tries) inside the Cincinnati 20 during its 33-3 rout Saturday. The result: only two touchdowns and more than a little grumbling from the Raymond James Stadium audience. “Just an execution deal,” offensive coordinator Sterlin Gilbert said. "There were just some opportunities we had that we just missed." Second,this guy thinks we are a power run team and that we should be dominating teams at the line of scrimmage. It took Taggart two + years to figure out that the athletes we attract are ideal for a spread offense not a power run between the tackles offense. I hope his ineptitude doesn't end up costing us a game. again from the times: On Wednesday, Gilbert was asked if a run-pass option exists for Flowers when the Bulls get tight near the goal line. “We have several options to go to, but part of us and who we are, what we are, is about physicality and being able to run the ball downhill," Gilbert said. "Punch it (into the end zone) that way.” http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/bulls/usf-journal-bulls-address-red-zone-efficiency/2341548 Last year in the red zone we scored a TD 70% of the time. This year it's near 50%. This guy needs to get more creative and stop blaming things on his players. We ran the ball 22 of 23 plays inside their 20. I'd be willing to bet a majority of those were between the tackles.
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    In honor of DJ coming to town, New Orleans is changing the name of Mardi Gras, aka Fat Tuesday to Fast Two's Day!
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    JK posted it, too. But Collin is the one who broke the story. Joey will probably stay up all night with video physically counting people in the stands.
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    The new intern writes well. I wonder how long Joey will keep taking credit for his articles?
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    Actually, in honor of D'Enerst, Spanish is changing their counting to uno, DJ, tres...
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    I challenge the alumni on this forum to reach out to your fellow alumni at work and inform them about the details on our homecoming game and how they can attend for $15 dollars. I've reached out to 62 alumni; if you can beat that I'll give you one of my home brews while tailgating before the game
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    Swap Matt Baker.... for Hootie.....person with the most guest gets to throw footballs at him. I can hear the crowd cheering right now!
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    I'll be with you until San Diego State loses, then screw UCF
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    Lipstick on a pig. We play in a cavernous, empty NFL stadium. Until that changes, it's all pointless.
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    How many USF players does it take to change a lightbulb? Two. One to hold the bulb and D'Ernest Johnson to turn the Earth around it.
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    Man, if we just had a person or two to ask some of these questions and report on them...
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    I don't dislike Joey like others do. But to be honest, I've been ignoring him more and more. Problem is that he insists on creating issues with his readership for really no reason. For example, he could have noted the attendance issues, without harping on them. He also insists on retweeting others who clearly grate on Bulls fans. While I can at least understand why he retweets Fennelly - he also writes for his employer - he regularly retweets McMurphy. Why? Doesn't he know that most USF diehards dislike McMurphy because of past issues with the program? If he does, he's trolling us. If he doesn't, then he's clueless about USF football culture - a problem when you're the beat reporter. Bottom line: Joey has failed to make us feel like he's one of us. He confuses objectivity with detachment. Greg Auman was great because even though he was objective, we felt like he was part of the club and cared about USF as much as we do. Joey, on the other hand, doesn't seem to know how to join - or does, but doesn't want to.
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    i walked over to a bar in palo alto at 9:00 am, was drunk by half time. at the end of the game, before i left, i remember telling a south carolina fan that his wife looked nice, to which he nervously laughed and replied 'thats my daughter'. don't remember much the rest of the day...
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    No, I'm not doing one of those threads; I'm serious. Okay, we went from no football to a BCS team and then #2 in the land in no time at all. I mean teams like Troy who beat LSU last week, that was their glory ---for how many years of football? We've taken out FSU @ FSU and Notre Dame @ Notre Dame, to name a few. We started football in 1997! Speaking for myself, I'm always wanting MORE. I mean I want us to get into the top 10 this season! That's crazy, when compared to schools that have been playing football for eons and they never even crack the polls. I guess it's hard not to be spoiled when we are surrounded by the successes of UM, uf, and FSU. And I'm sure many of us migrated over from one of those teams when we got USF football. But my goodness, sometimes we have it so good that we still want it all. #OCS# Step back for a sec. We are ranked. We have most of the staff from last season's Texas. We are on national TV quite a bit. Most teams would love to play on ESPN! Georgia Southern, how often are they on national TV? Remember Hofstra back in the day? They closed down their football program... No USF football this weekend. But I'm going to make it a point to stop and appreciate what we have.
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    As a freshman at USF currently I have a huge excuse to just say the current team, but I voted the BE era. USF sports, especially football, are my absolute favorite things. When we beat Auburn it was my first time staying up past midnight for a sporting event. When we beat WVU in 2007 I remember rushing home after baseball to catch the start of the game. In 3rd grade for crazy hair day, my dad cut my hair into a "Gro-hawk". Grothe, Selvie, Moffit, Jenkins, JPP, Nate Allen, Evan Landi, etc. were my heroes. So while I absolutely love the CWT and current era it has to be the BE era.
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    At the risk of being called a superfan by attempting to temporarily distract you from the fall behemoth....USF ties #8 Louisville in Louisville in Mens soccer...that is all, we can all go back to our regularly scheduled fall obsession
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    As I said, people get too caught up on every play. When you hold any opponent to -4 yards rushing, less than 85 total yards and defense pitches a shutout and the offense puts up 43 points that is total domination. When you put up 680 yards and 47 points against a Big Ten team and hold them to 67 yards rushing with 45 coming on one run and only 1 score coming against #1 D, thats domination.
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    That's a fair enough point. However, if people on this board were asked BEFORE we played Temple how they would would feel if we beat them 43-7, I'm sure that the vast majority would have been ecstatic. So, reading many of the comments on this board after the game is somewhat disappointing. Of course, we can always improve, but let's give the team its due for a DOMINATING VICTORY.
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    possibly the worse team in the announcing booth in the history of college football.
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    I think you forget the illegal formations when CWT was trying to install his offense.
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    To me, crowd noise is like boobs, I don't care if it is real or artificial, the more the merrier!
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    Isn't that what Skip Holtz used to run here?
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    We've never had a squad like this. Never. All of the old rules are out of the window. I don't see this team losing. This is the most complete USF team we've ever had. They will not lose to a team on our schedule. These kids are winners and nothing seems to shake them. So I don't think they'll lose.
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    MD, if half the freshmen at USF had your passion, we'd be in great shape moving our Bulls forward. The core alumni and TBP fans thank you.
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    I think the sequel will be titled, "I didn't say it would be an ethical choice."
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    Mark Harlan tweeted back to me and said, regarding the need for him to fix attendance issues, he "got it." Something's got to change, and I think he realizes that. No benefit to "national exposure" on Thursday night if your team wins 43-7 but everyone is talking about crappy attendance. Say what you want about cush seats, HD video, and club seats. Give me an OCS with bleachers and green and gold decor, that seats 30-35K, and that would at least look better on TV. People bash Central for their erector set stadium but at this point I'd be ecstatic with something like that but a little nicer. Waiting 10 years for a $200m stadium that we can't afford and may or may not get built could kill this program. I'm officially in the smaller, expandable OCS soon (3-5 years) camp. EDIT: an OCS is NOT a reward for good attendance, so put that crap away. An OCS of some kind is a necessity for the long-term viability of this program at the FBS level IMHO. All other G5 teams in Florida seem to understand that except for USF because of our long-gone BCS status.
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