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    I just want to take a moment to acknowledge Mr. Quinton Flowers. I was on the Tulsa side of the field with my wife and 7 year old son. We walked down to field level after the game to take in the final moments of the last home game this season and celebrate the Seniors. The players all funneled down to the band/student section. They all shook hands and hugged one another after the game. It was really nice to watch...all of a sudden #74 (Ruff) comes over and acknowledges the few of us standing there, shakes our hands and genuinely thanks us for the support. What a nice, classy young man. As time passed it seemed clear to my wife, my son and me that we were on “the wrong side of the field”. After the players slapped hands with the student section, they walked down behind the Bulls bench shook hands with the fans and made their way to the locker room. All of a sudden, Quinton walks over to our side of the field with his beautiful baby girl in his arms...and shakes hands with the 5-6 of us that were on the opposite sidelines. He went out of his way to do it. My 7 year old son had tears in his eyes, he shook hands with Quinton Flowers. I told him “Son, that is the greatest QB in Bulls history. But more important than that, what a great man. After all that he has been through. He’s humble and appreciative of where he is” He took the time to acknowledge a tiny group of people that were well away from the rest of the pack. I wish him the best of luck for the next 2 games and for the rest of his life. After all he’s been through he deserves a great life. Sent from my iPhone
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    You played a hell of a game as did many of your brothers. You left it all out on the field. We appreciate you all! Keep your head up and finish strong for each other.
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    They're practicing the QB Dive and the HB pass.
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    If there were a single coach that has excelled beyond his invested capital its Jose Fernandez. If the Men's BB head coach 'debacle' over the last decade has proven one thing, its this- Jose Fernandez should held onto with all of the university's capital we can spare- bringing this program up when he really wasn't supposed to be our coach, watching him bring us to this point as a commonly named, recognized program in the NCAA's- enough said. Jose Fernandez. Superb. For life. He's a true Bull. Thank you a million, Jose, for what you've done. 17 years. More than most of us have even considered giving to the University.
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    Yes! You are reading this correctly. All the data that I've been gathering about this game says USF WINS. I know we've played sluggish football all year offensively, and we've gambled too much on defense at times and paid the price at least once -to Houston. However, everything is lining up perfectly for a nice, solid win over the rusted tin men. (1) Florida Athletes vs. Florida Athletes: USF wins this matchup because we'll have more rest and we have more seniors. (2) Flowers and the senior leadership on this team, they've seen it all, including losing their head coach and adjusting to new coaches. (3) Flowers, his talent, and his elusiveness. ucf hasn't seen a QB like Flowers since last year when they got beat. Nobody has ever stopped Flowers! ---NOBODY! (4) Our guys have already gotten all the bad voodoo plays out of their system, including that snake-bite play against Houston. The guys will play well. (5) Strong and Gilbert will make better decisions on play selections: the odds are just staggering against them making the same mistakes after what they've seen this season. (6) ucf is not that good. Solid but not world beaters. I've watched a lot of their games now. With Flowers and our RBs, I think we will move the ball and score plenty. Not a problem! (7) All things being equal, I think the intangibles favor USF. Plus, ucf hasn't had to fight for a game this year; they don't know what it's like. Get on top of them and they will start to doubt. And deep down they know their coach is gone after a few more games. That's got to eat at them. Home field advantage? I don't think so. Our players are just going across I-4 and taking their year-long frustrations out on the rusted tin men! These gnats are very average (as in not a FSU-like team when we played FSU). USF WINS! I GUARANTEE IT! ---In all the years on this forum, don't think I've ever guaranteed a victory before.
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    Joined in '07, 5 total posts, ucf week . . . Yep, I think we've got us a troll!
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    Tell ESPN to stop worrying about the G5 and to get those Chapter 11 papers ready
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    Sterling must be running all those secret plays he has been holding back all season!
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    Quinton Flowers should get 25% of each paycheck Slick Willie receives.
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    Maybe ESPN could officially divide their on-air personalities into various levels of money-generating power. Only the top 5 employees would actually matter. We'll call them the "P5" for short. The single best analyst from the next level down could be guaranteed one prime time show per year on the big network and a one-time bonus check, but they can forget about getting any pay raises. In fact, maybe the non-P5 employees could just start their own sports network and quit bothering the real sports personalities with their pesky up-and-coming energy and new ideas. Imagine how much more exciting and profitable Sports Center and 30-for-30 would be. Also, all those non-P5 employees should just shut up and be happy that they aren't getting laid off. Oh wait...
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    Here's hoping ESPN implodes and goes bankrupt.
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    Also want to point out offensive content is frowned upon here.. youre going to have to delete the word "UCF" from the title...
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    No wifi on the plane to Gainesville...
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    This is all I have to say about Texas Tech:
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    Tampa #13 is a bigger TV market than Orlando #19. ONLY USF, FSU and UF are" preeminent" Universities in the state of Florida. UCF is NOT. USF (#140) is also ranked 31 points better than UCF (#171) in USN&WR. USF does about $500 million in research/yr and UCF only about $150 million/yr. When we were in the Big East we averaged 45,000-50,000 every year in football. So we already have a multi-year track record of good attendance in a major conference. I believe only WVU drew better than USF in the BE. Our attendance compared to Pitt was, on average, about the same. The other BE teams were behind USF in attendance. That information was included in our presentation to the Big 12. So, they already know those facts As for UCF, we have a better overall percentage of football wins and we were in a tougher conference. We have won more bowl games than UCF and have a 6-3 record head to head. Yes, they have won some "minor conference championships" and their one real claim to fame was beating Baylor in the Fiesta Bowl. However, we have much better wins over all including: Bowl win over Clemson, @Auburn, @FSU, @ Miami, @ND, Bowl win over South Carolina, and wins against WVU, Pitt, Louisville, TCU, UNC, NCST and many other current P5 teams. If you compare our P5 wins to UCF there is no comparison. Conference realignment as almost everything to do with football and very little to do with basketball. If otherwise, UConn, Memphis and Cincy would now be in a P5 conference.
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    We are: 9-2, we had to cancel one very winnable game, we had a first year coaching staff, we were playing a meaningful game at the end of the year, we are going bowling, we will be favored to finish 10-2, and NONE of our kids got seriously hurt. I'm very proud of our team and look forward to next year. If Frost leaves, we will be favored again in the east. To the seniors, thank you... To the underclassmen, FINISH WHAT THEY BUILT!!! GO BULLS!!! PS: I'm now going to EPCOT to get drunk...
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    This MAN deserves his own thread. What an effort tonight by a WR: 9 receptions for 227 yards and one of the most amazing strong-man competition TDS I’ve ever seen. Aside from Q he was the most valuable player on the field for the Bulls tonight. So glad we have him for another year.
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    Mark Harlan‏ @MarkHarlanUSF @American_FB is tough & deserves more respect. Improve our leagues non conference schedule?Tell that to the many teams unwilling to play us!
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    Didn't see anyone do this yet, but when comparing our divisional common opponents, the "divide" that some seem to perceive between us and them really isn't there. Yeah, they've had the opportunity to prove themselves vs a couple more solid teams than we have (but we don't know how we would have faired vs Memphis, SMU or Navy this year). So looking within our division: vs ECU; USF (61-31) + 30 pts; UCF (63-21) +42pts vs Temple; USF (43-7) +36 pts; UCF (45-19) +26pts vs Cincy; USF (33-3) +30pts; UCF (51-23) +28pts vs UConn; USF (37-20) +17pts; UCF (49-24) +25pts USF (43.5 - 15.3) + 113 pts; UCF (52 - 21.8) +121 pts So in 4 games, UCF only outscored those opponents by a difference of 8pts total (2 pts each). They've been better on offense, but worse defensively against those teams. I really think we have better talent then them, the question will be, whether we get out-coached (which seems possible).
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    This is the same media that thought Hillary was going to win.
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    We were going to start one but due to the herpes and genital warts epidemic currently spreading at UCF, we kind of just went in a different direction.
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    Well, gents it's time to bash UCF with all we have and troll there boards! Please join and make this a joyful experience!
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    Dude, the defense shouldn't have been even close to being in that position. Our coaching staff chose t run the ball 55 times directly at the best interior lineman in the country. They chose to run the ball on first down 26 times for a total of 21 yards. We had to punt NINE times. That is what lost us the game.
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    He must be a great recruiter because Skip won with his guys.
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    The grades to get into Bama? That's a good one.
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    This team had the chance to get a great bowl. They blew it. Our resume is barely beating a bunch of crappy teams.
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    http://ucfstadiumcollapseinsurance.com/ Not that being endangered by a public institution is a laughing matter or anything....
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    Give some credit where it is due...BJM and CCS came up with the perfect adjustment/plan to beat UCF, QF played better than any USF player has ever played in a game......and screw the ucf lovefest, Go memphis and go Ferguson u tattooed carolina gun slinger whatever u are, go tigers
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    I agree with all this and to the last point, our current student body isn’t camping out for tickets like we did in ‘07 with or without an OCS. Sure we will have one some day but that day is not today nor should it be in the next decade IMO. The ROI on an OCS in the current sports climate makes one a money pit and it does nothing to solve our problems other than shutting up a portion of our fan base who will have to then find something else to blame when the OCS is inevitably 1/3 full after the novelty wears off within the first 5 years.
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    ...and god i hate this ******* team we have to play tomorrow. As always Go Bulls 🤘🏼, i hope these kids have half the hate i have for them. Run them out of their own rust bucket.
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    I think you're being a bit generous for a noon game ...
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    https://www.si.com/college-football/2017/11/21/quinton-flowers-south-florida-bulls-family Pls do not paste the article on forum. Articles like these need clicks! Nice read. Go Q! Continue being the change brother!
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    I suspect they are coaching up the HB dive. They just need to execute.
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    I've heard from lots of players and their families that the team has given up on CBG. It's obvious he hates it at USF and is looking to leave.
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    A big part of that is ignorance. 9 wins is the second best total in team history and we have 2-3 games to go. I know we all want more and better, but we shouldn't forget what we have.
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    Man, it’s time for my annual Green and Gold goggles post. This blog is getting way to depressing. It’s like when we do well, the blogs are empty, but when we have issues, the blog posts sky rockets. Let's get one thing straight..USF has no glory days. When i first started following the blogs, we had a few highs and more miserable lows. so to be unhappy at 9-1 is crazy. Yea we are underachieving, but we are still waaay ahead of our past success. 1. 2017 USF has a top 10 offense and top 20 defense. We are currently 9-1 and will finish the season at 11-1 with a freakin AAC title and a NY6 bowl game…I won’t guarantee a NY6 victory until I know who we play lol But if we have to finish the season ugly then so be it, as long as we win. 2. QB - We have two great backups for the next 3 years who may not run as well as flowers, but can throw better. We also have 2 bad a$$ freshman QBs coming in and if we can at least hold on to one of them we will be good. 3. Wide receivers - Dropped passes have been mainly an issue with MVS, Chris Barr and Alaka. All will be gone next year and maybe Barr learns how to catch over the summer. I feel Solomon and McCants have better hands. We also have Kevaughn Dingle, DeVontres Dukes, Randall St. Felix, Jernard Phillips, Ryeshene Bronson, Darnell Salomon, Stanley Clerveaux, Deangelo Antoine and 4 star recruit Zion Roland (if we hold onto him). I REFUSE to believe these guys can’t bring success to that position. 4. Running backs - We lose Tice/DJ, but have Cronkite, Sands and Sutton. I know nothing about the other running backs but assume they will be good as well. 5. Defense- We have two Freshman stud DTs (Da Kelvin BoyZ) who played well this year and should be better next year. In addition to Marlon Gonzales, the transfer DT Boyles from Duke is here as well. The defense is set, plus Stroing recruited a lot of defensive players in his first and 2nd recruiting class. Best of all we will still have Brian Jean-Marie. 6. We have great tight ends 7. Our strength of schedule that may be strong enough to crash the playoffs for the next 3 years. 2018 – Georgia tech & Illinois, 2019 Wisconsin, GT and Central Michigan, 2020 – Texas, Nevada, FAU, San Jose state 8. We will still have CCS, Gilbert (I’m not cray about, but will give him a chance) and BJM. Nobody is trying to hire them away from us, b/c they still must prove themselves, so I’m sure they will step their game up next year. 9. Our current recruiting class is rank 45th nationally and 3rd in the AAC. and should improve by signing day. I feel that the future looks **** bright for USF. I have no worries what so ever about this program for this year or the next 5 years. If you want to call me crazy or whatever names you want go ahead, but just remember this post when I’m right. Go Bulls!
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    So to summarize we have the following traditions: a wizzard a stripper an inflatable bird God help me, but I do love my alma mater! Go Bulls!!!!!
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    Our defense last year was great at getting the ball back. Unfortunately it was via kickoff
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    And this... Flowers is responsible for school-record 100 touchdowns in his career. He has run for 31 touchdowns and thrown for 61. He is the all-time leader in the state of Florida in college quarterback rushing – ahead of Tim Tebow. 61 + 31 = 100!
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    DJ says not even Sterling Gilbert can hold him back on Senior Night.
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    The recruit has to sit a year for leaving for a similar gig....thats what isn't fair. One pays a price for the commitment made and the other doesnt
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    Good! I’m so sick of only being able to purchase overpriced Under Armour dry fit material shirts. Might finally be able to find a cotton shirt LOL
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    Who's got it better than WKU? Nobody! (except USF). Who's got it better than USF? Nobody! (except Oregon). Who's got it better than Oregon? Nobody! (except maybe FSU).
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    I'll weigh in here since I've been off the grid for a couple days attending the game. I've never had a bad experience at a UCF, but this one blew the others out of the water. The game was the game. There are a 100 threads going with everyone going from one extreme to the other. I guess I fall somewhere in the middle on that. I don't feel like wading through it all to throw in my take into one of them, so I'll wedge it in here. 1) I thought our offense did a great job. Looked like they went all out to stop the run and QF's passing stats were bonkers. Something like 300 yards in the first half. I told the people I was with, that seemed like the game plan from the start. Do not let us run and absolutely make QF win the game with his arm. He did everything he could. Had a few passes sail on him and he skipped one in there, too. But, I don't think anyone in their wildest dreams thought he would or could have a game in the air like that. No complaints on the offensive side. We couldn't abandon the run completely, so I knew we were going to pick away at it with some runs here and there. I liked that as the second half came around, QF loosened up and broke off a few nice runs. I think the took the reigns off and told him keep chucking it, but if you've got space, take it and keep them a little honest as they started backing off. 2) The defense wasn't outstanding, but hell, we had out chances and bottled them up for the middle of the game. That's not a small achievement. They came out firing in the beginning. We seemed to make some nice adjustments. Then they adjusted. It is what it is. Last year's defense would have given up 50+ in the first half. I know someone mentioned it earlier, but the defense personnel is still the same players we had last year. It blows my mind that everyone bitches about the offense not being what it was last year with the same guys (minus, you know, our two NFL players) and then glosses over the fact that this year's defense is light years better than the last one. 3) The penalties irked me. I thought the early personal foul was ********, but I guess you can't suplex a guy out from in bounds to out. I might have to look that up. Otherwise, yeah, we made some stupid penalties. It's annoying and something that needs to get cleaned up. It's definitely a reflection of coaching the little things. 4) Special teams, as always, woof. I was 100% certain we'd have something blocked, but I guess that kick return was our tradeoff. The atmosphere... 5) Tailgating was top notch. I was in the RV lot beforehand and after and it was legit. Good natured ribbing, but not disrespectful. After the game, I was the only USFer for miles in the area and I had about 20 strangers gush about the game to me. Not a single jerk off. Same goes for walking in and out of the game itself. Not a single person treated me with anything but respect. 6) Inside the stadium was fantastic. I've been to every USF game there and this one was above and beyond. Crowd was into it. Everyone in my section standing. I used to think the keys thing was dumb, but its been a decade now I've been watching them do it. Every tradition is dumb when it starts, but those ******* keep doing it and it stuck. Same goes for that god awful zombie nation thing. Hated it. Still hate it. But they all do it and it rocks. They started doing it when they were students and they're still doing it now that they're out of the student section and adults. 7) Are we really trying to downplay the cell phone thing? "But we have NFL lights, so we're better and that was dumb..." Don't know what it looked like on TV, but inside the stadium, it was pretty awesome. The guys I was with said, "I didn't know that was a thing we did, but we do now!" 7) Traffic getting out of the parking garages? You sound like whiny little bitches. If USF decided to have every person on campus leave the campus at once, do you really think you'd be getting out of our garages any faster. Hell, it takes 20 minutes to get off campus right now at 5:00 on a school day. I was there for WVU. Yes, it was a great atmosphere. But, you're lying if you think yesterday didn't smoke every other game you've ever seen as a USF fan. Also, an OCS would be very nice to have.
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    Q is keenly aware of the high rates of STD transmission on the UCF campus and is simply preaching "safe sex" out of compassion for his fellow man.
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    I mean Temple and then 0-12 UCF won the division before we did.... it is a tragedy.
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    Probably means Kinnan is on campus. #heres-hoping
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    We may be the worst 9-1 team in the country, but we're still 9-1.
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    I'm certainly glad that UCF is looking past Temple the way we looked past Tulane. Are we still not believing that a) we'll get outcoached or b) outplayed or c) all of the above? UCF's coach won't have to make any excuses about the way they are playing. He won't be telling the reporters that his players aren't executing. He won't have to say that maybe we looked past them to USF. I still hope that we win that game next Friday but I'm just not seeing it.
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