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    When you have an On Campus Publix, you can raise your standards.
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    We'll never be a big time Ice Hockey program with out an On-Campus Ice Rink (OIR)
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    Depends on how fast he is.
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    Foxboro? Who the hell wants to play their games in an off-campus NFL stadium?
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    Just put him in a crypt. It will be quicker and cheaper in the long run.
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    Publix at USF's Tampa Campus Set to Begin Construction LAKELAND, Fla. (Feb. 07, 2018) – Publix Super Markets has announced the commencement of construction for the Publix at USF located at Fletcher Avenue and USF Palm Drive, on the University of South Florida’s Tampa campus. The store will be approximately 28,000 square feet and offer students and faculty indoor and outdoor seating areas, bike racks and sidewalk connectivity to the adjacent residence halls in addition to the traditional offerings of a Publix. An opening date for the location has not been determined. “We’re excited to bring a Publix to the campus at USF where students can live, work, play and eat,” said Maria Brous, director of media and community relations. “Conveniently located next to USF residence halls, the short walk or bike ride will offer plenty of fresh grab-and-go options, including our world-famous Publix subs, deli teas, decadent desserts and sushi.” Additional details about the Publix at USF will be released closer to the opening of the location. Publix is privately owned and operated by its more than 190,000 employees, with 2016 sales of $34 billion. Currently Publix has 1,167 stores in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia. The company has been named one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For in America for 20 consecutive years. In addition, Publix’s dedication to superior quality and customer service is recognized among the top in the grocery business. For more information, visit the company’s website, corporate.publix.com. Publix at USF's Tampa Campus Set to Begin Construction
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    Go to their house. Take their money. Eat their lunch. Kiss their spouse. Keep doing it year after year. If you don't get the return game you still make the noise that you are as good and better than these P5 teams.
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    In terms of scheduling I wish we took the position of anyone, at anytime, in anyplace perspective. You only live once, take them all on all the time.
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    First, USF just doesn’t have it. It annoys me how many good things are introduced one season and discontinued the following season. Second, I recognize that going back and forth with those who weren’t/aren’t a part of the Fraternity/Sorority community is a waste of time. So I’ll leave it at this: While I can understand, and to a degree, agree with your (whomever applies) sentiments, as a former high ranking student leader, I must say that trying to work with administration is WAY easier said than done. Have a great day all. Go Bulls. 🤘🏾
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    Don't call it a frat, it's a fraternity Do you call your country a ****?
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    One thing I have learned and am constantly reminding myself of is the fact that you cannot change people's willful ignorance.
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    confirmed, no home weekday games except the War. http://gousfbulls.com/news/2018/2/12/2018-football-schedule-announced.aspx
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    Genshaft has done a masterful job of raising academic standards during her tenure. This is all part of the grand plan. We need to fit academically into one of the P5 conferences. This is great news. As always the left will argue for equality and exceptions. We should have tough standards where we accept the best and brightest. Go Bulls!
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    How often should we dig you up on order to keep adding the new pages?
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    Actual or announced followers?
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    This might be the real "signing day suprise" Joey was talking about
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    Was hoping for... THE University of South Florida System,Tampa Main Campus.
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    http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/bulls/2018/01/25/bulls-ad-program-wants-to-get-away-from-playing-i-aa-schools/ BREAKING NEWS: Joey Knight reporting that UMass has been downgraded to FCS.
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    HB Dive collateral damage.
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    So what's it like working in hell?
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    It's hanging in my office next to all my Orlando Antigua memorabilia.
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    100% agree with this... how many times did Q's legs allow him to make a pass (good or bad) when another QB would have been sacked. Also, "passing" is great, but, give me <good decision, errant pass> over <bad decision, ball on the money but intercepted> pretty much any day of the week. There are a lot worse things a QB can do than throw an incomplete pass. Q also had an uncanny ability to elevate his game in pressure situations. I don't care if he was 1-for-12 passing, when we needed a score, he got it done. If we have a 75% passer that folds under pressure, what good is his completion percentage. Note, I haven't seen enough of any of these QBs to believe that will be the case, but, I also haven't seen enough to trust that it's not going to be the case. Not picking on Kean, but, against Temple in 2016, pressure situation, he threw a pick-6 and got sacked for a safety I think. I don't think that is necessarily who he is as a player, but, it's the sample size we have of meaningful snaps in the last 3 years by anyone other than Q. So many unknowns at the QB position. We'll need to rely on a running game. No, we can't run on every down, but, if we can have success on the ground, the windows open up for passing.
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    Come on, man, hasn't MBB been through enough??
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    Oh boy, what a question well its basketball (college not NBA), hiking and movies, then baseball (college not MLB), hiking and movies, then Nascar, Rowdies, Wolverhampton and movies, plus, this year, the World Cup although much less WC this time stupid team USA....this last part is the really bleak part cause i effing hate the heat but then its gets better with NFL preseason and USF soccer, then regular season brings back the thought of hiking so by the time football is done i'm sick of sitting around and I'm ready to hike and it starts all over. To me there are three seasons, Football Season, Hiking Season, Hell Season all wrapped up in a continuous warm blanket of movies and occasional outbursts of actual work which are subdued by trips to Vegas,
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    I expect the defense to be well ahead of the offense in the spring. I think we'll see a shift back toward the CJL days when we won games with defense. You just can't bank on having a QF leading your offense year in and year out. The ball control offense we played last year will look much more appealing this year. It comes down to the trenches. Can the OL open up holes to consistently pick up first downs?
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    I'm only arguing because I am enjoying the platform the troll is giving me to tell everyone how good we have it right now with WBB.
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    This is so tiring, we just won game 22 on the season, and we may have up to 6 more games before selection day. Reasonable to think we will be at 25 or 26 wins on selection day. If this doesn't make you happy, then leave.
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    I'm all out of outrage for the annual "Greeks missing first game" announcement.
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    Was going through by "Bulls" folder to file away the football ticket info for this year and, at the very back, came across the sports section of the South Bend Tribune dates Sun, Sept 4, 2011. Had forgotten about DeDe Lattimore's interception and overall play in that game. What a day that was. Edit: Top headline was Irish can't weather the storm
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    Literally just explained that the “frats” have nothing to do with this. 🙄 To be fair, you’re entitled to your opinion, but if you weren’t/aren’t a part of it, you can’t objectively say what has more value over the other. People pay insane amounts of money for many frivolous things. One would think that making an investment in friends and experiences has more value than a myriad of said “frivolous” things. And that’s not to mention that we’re talking about a non-conference “cupcake” game.
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    Winter is coming! Are we ready? I am ... not sure about our offense though. I am 99% certain hb dive will be the most called play this year on offense.
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    This Harvard on the Hillsborough.
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    Wouldn't solve your problem. I'm about the same size as you and got an OL jersey ... ... they're not meant to be worn in public by adult males.
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    True. I've never used all of my timeouts. Too busy satisfying customers.
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    1 month until the QB battle!!!
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    Glad the Pats lost, wish the Eagles could have lost as well.
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    Dillon said the same thing. He said he liked catching less than 10 balls a season for CWT and that was more his talent level, but CCS tried to squeeze double digits out of him. Square peg, round hole and whatnot.
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    Yes getting his paper is the only thing that’s important here. He will always s be a Bull to me too.
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    I’d rather have people in those seats than look at them empty. People on here complain about attendance, then when USF tries to do something about it...they complain about that.
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    I have to give you credit. As a deep sleeper cell it took you over 13 years to come out of the closet as a UCF troll but alas the last 3 months have proved it.
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    B12 refuses to admit winter is coming, they don't believe in the white walkers. Does Bowlsby think UT and OK are gonna take him along for the ride when the conference dies and they move on? Or is it just the bane of capitalism where he only cares about the next quarterly balance sheet and not anything sustainable?
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    You, along with me and most other observers, found it hard to find even one win after the UCF game. It's all going to depend on which team shows up. Team that showed up against UCF and Tulane has a good chance of winning two more ... one that showed up against ECU doesn't have a prayer. Honestly, though, the record this year doesn't mean that much in the way of real progress. At the very least, the 4 top scorers won't be here next year. It's all about getting the players who haven't played at this level before experience here, and experience playing together.
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    USF would be Co-National Champions with Bama if Mike White had been our QB last season
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    Getting the diploma is more important than playing time. Good luck Mr. Da Silva!!!
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