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    As a freshman who just moved in yesterday, I have met a few people who are just as hyped as I am. I can not tell the overall hype just yet but if the team plays as well as we all know they can the students will definitely show up.
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    You gotta hand it to this Memphis guy. No matter how many Bulls try to a-hole him, he keeps his cool and actually contributes to the discussion. Kudos.
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    Just having corners not giving 10 yard cushions to opposing recievers and attacking on defense should make this a much better defense im hoping.
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    you guys did a fantastic renovation of the Sun Dome. College hoops could be a great way to get USF fans back on campus. Hopefully Brian Gregory can get USF to a competitive point and supply some entertaining on campus college hoops for USF.
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    First loss of 2017 is this post! lol We are going undefeated, winning the AAC title, sneaking into the playoffs and winning the National f**kin title bruh!!!!!
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    Here's the way I see it: When I go to on-campus college football games... it's unequivocally different than attending a game in an NFL stadium miles from the school. I want an OCS to get that college football feel at MY school, not someone else's. I want to tailgate at USF, not in a dale mabry parking lot. Beyond my own interests.... I have to imagine that an OCS makes a profound impact on student life. Walking to the stadium is a lot different than driving, bussing, whatever... it becomes a center piece of the university. Additionally, I DO think it's relevant to future P5 consideration. UCF has one and we don't... the differences in our universities are relatively small and we should address any area that makes UCF a more attractive option. Yes, it's a ton of money... but it's a long term investment in athletics, student life and the university as a whole.
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    We all have ways we support USF, as we close in on a new academic year/athletic season, I want to challenge all of us to find new ways to support USF and do it in addition to the ways we already support USF. For most on this board the most obvious ways to support are: Season Tickets and Bulls Club Donations that are tied to the seats we buy. We should all look to find new ways to support USF, based on what we can afford to give (and sometimes, that is just time, which is totally ok). Here are a few ways that maybe you didn't think of: Give to the Bulls Club in addition to what is required for your seats. Buy an extra season ticket to take a friend to each game. Attend a USF event (like a play) Get a USF license plate (the Official State of Florida one) Go to more USF sporting events (lots of good teams to support) Mentor a USF student Shop at a sponsor of USF and tell the owner that is why you are there. Give to your college at USF (like the College of Business for me) Buy an extra piece of official USF gear Ask media outlets for more USF coverage Go to a sports bar and ask them to turn on the USF game Hire a USF grad Become a member/lifetime member of the Alumni Association Tour the campus Support USF coverage on fans sites like this one. Go to a road/bowl game. Display your USF diploma (I'd love others to add other suggestions in the comments). Now - I do have a specific plug. I work under the larger umbrella of Student Affairs and Student Success. A big part of our focus is retaining and graduating USF students. We have made great strides in those areas, but we need to keep improving. This is the front lines on the battle for preeminence and eventually AAU membership. Consider throwing $10-$20 towards this important USF fund: https://usffdn.usf.edu/herdfunder/261/ But don't do it instead of something else you were doing to support USF, do it in addition to what you already do for USF.
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    Well BULLS Fans, I thought this was the year we couldn't make it happen, but the BULLSRALLY is finally set for Sun, Aug. 20th from 2-4 pm LIVE AT CAPOGNA'S WITH HEAD COACH CHARLIE STRONG !!! I know I didn't have time to advertise or talk to you personally, and this is last minute, but I just found out! Let's show up in full force to welcome in the new Football Season! We will not settle anymore! #22-21 is just the start! I know this year's party might low-key, but lets show up as STRONG as we can! Bring a friend! I'll try my best to keep the BULLS Tradition alive! If you have questions, need info, or are able to help, contact me at Usfmutt1@gmail.com Gonna be our best season yet! Go BULLS !!! Capogna's Dugout 1653 Gulf to Bay Blvd. Clearwater, FL
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    Call me crazy but I go to see the Bulls play and will go no matter who they play or where they play. Hell, I even went to the fan fest and watched 2 hours of Bulls on Bulls practice. With all that being said, I hate the RayJay experience from the 2/3 empty stadium with red seats to the eyesore that is the pirate ship to the Bucs logo and branding everywhere no matter how they try and cover it up to tailgating in West Tampa. I have club access seats and would gladly trade them in for bleacher seats in our own OCS. If I want to watch a game in air conditioning in a comfy chair back, I'll stay home and watch it on TV. Oh, and I'm over 50. Playing at RayJay screams USF is an after thought, which in reality we are in our supposed home field. But because I love my Bulls, I will keep buying tickets to go see them play at RayJay in hopes that one day we can be like 97% of other FBS programs that play their games in their own OCS.
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    I didn't get back to Jupiter till nearly 1 AM last night (after attending Fan Fest, Ferg's Pre-Game and USF Night at The Trop. I can't find a thread on insight from the scrimmage. Is there a thread already? If not, I'd love to hear some feedback from those who were there. For me, Flowers looked good (the touch to tackle made him look less successful, but that's not reality, as he showed last year...lots of touching; little tackling). Salomon is a man child. Culpepper looks big, fast & strong, and likely makes an impact as a freshman. Felix had a nice TD (called back, but still). He's got good size, and could be an impact player. Rice Grad Transfer Alaka entered the game, when a coach (Sterling?) yelled, "Hey, 12, get in here". He caught the next pass for a TD. He's got good size, too. Tice & Conkcrite ran very hard, and Dillon had a good game. Lots of energy on both sides of the ball. Funniest moment was when Flowers eluded a pass rusher & ran right into Coach Strong, causing the sack. I swear I heard "Come on!" Funny. Biggest concern for me in the LB crew. Secondary has some good, young size. Lots of talent there, but still makes me a tad nervous. Best part was being 10 feet away from the players, and hearing the interaction from players to players, and coaches with players. Overall, great experience...well worth the trip from Jupiter. Looking forward to seeing our Bulls hit people NOT wearing green. GO BULLS!
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    My two cents on why this must happen at USF. The other schools that are competitive with USF in the next round of realignment have all invested in their facilities. Houston new stadium Colorado State new stadium UC major renovations UCF has been improving their stadium Tulane new stadium USF has been perceived as not being all in with supporting the program. This line has been heard repeatedly from coaches and newscasters. If USF waits until there is realignment moves it may be too late. The school and administration should have learned from the last Big12 talks where we were not a slam dunk and were perceived to be on the outside. this would be a signal to the Big12 that USF is willing to step Big with quality and would put us back in the front seat of additions. In my book the administration has no choice but to move on this or we might as well start thinking Sunbelt or 1AA
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    Announced vs. Actual attendance will be our first loss. Joey Knight's defense will be too much for us.
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    True. People need to get over that. Things will never be like that again ... no way WVU ever gets ranked #5 again.
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    To think that an OCS would not improve the game day experience, bring people back to campus, increase student game attendance, and by extension increase alumni support is silly. That is all the reason we need to have one. Do we "need" one, of course not, but it would benefit the program greatly. Some people are just to stuck on C. Florida to settle for anything less than a pro style stadium, which is short sited and, in my opinion, aids the school in Orlando as they continue to pass us in alumni support.
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    Forget preseason polling, just use the same formula every year to sell magazines and clicks: 1. Always rank these teams regardless of prior record, prostitution for coaches/players, underage drinking, stealing, sexual battery/assault, academic cheating/fraud, recruiting violations, paying players, etc: Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Florida State, Miami, Georgia, Tennessee, LSU, Virginia Tech, Clemson, Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Ohio State, Michigan, Wisconsin, Penn State, Southern Cal, Notre Dame and Oregon. These are the 21 programs you select from EVERY YEAR, it is up to YOU to rank them. 2. For 22 - 24 you select from these teams: West Virginia, Pitt, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Miss St. , South Carolina, Nebraska, Iowa, Baylor, TCU, UNC, Utah, UCLA, Washington, Oregon St. , Washington St., Minnesota, Iowa, Purdue, Missouri, Louisville and GA Tech. YOU determine who's in and who's out. 3. For your 25th team you are required to select Boise St in 3 of the 5 years you vote. It is up to YOU to pick the YEAR. 4. For the two remaining spots in a 5 year period for the 25th team you select a G5 team. But for one of those two years you are required to select BYU or NAVY. 5. For the last spot in a 5 year period for the 25th team you select a G5 team. But the team must have > 20 starters returning, average > 35 points the prior year, have a dark horse Heisman candidate, a great coach ready to jump to a P5 program in two years, have a crappy OOC schedule, and suck at Defense. Choice in 2017: USF
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    Starts with events like the one below. I'm not sure if got play here, but this is how you win hearts and minds.
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    That was a record breaking dollar amount for an MLS player, a record achieved by a USF alum. And he is second in goals in the MLS the last four years. Forget Orlando, this is a Bull done good. Give the man props!
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    Great interview with Jim Rome. QF came across so well. Reading the comments on Twitter, he and USF just gained a lot more fans who will be following him this season as he and the rest of the Bulls try and make history. Take note 620 WDAE and the rest of the local hack media, that is how you do a compelling radio interview. Ask a few pointed questions and let a guy like QF run with it.
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    We recently purchased a condo in downtown San Antonio on the Riverwalk (our condo is located on the 27th floor above the Grand Hyatt - the Grand Hyatt goes to the 24th floor). The other day, I received a piece of mail from USF asking for money... except, it wasn't for me - it was inadvertently placed in my mailbox. I thought maybe, just maybe, there might be another USF graduate in our building. This morning, my wife gets out to the garage and there's a note left on our car: "USF Alumnis here - Reza - 310-xxx-xxxx Go Bulls!". I have a USF Bulls plate holder on the front of the car. I sent the individual a text and it turns out we are neighbors. He was the class of 1996. He was also a resident and faculty at the USF College of Medicine. You might say football season will be a little bit louder on the Riverwalk in San Antonio this year when USF plays.
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    Breaking News: DJ already scored a TD and it is only Monday. Bulls up 7-0, 15:00 to go in the First Quarter.
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    So instead of handing them the play on a piece of paper, he diagrams it and then they have to write it themselves? That's called teaching and it's why no one just hands their students a sheet of notes past 3rd grade.
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    I was always buzzed on campus
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    Why would USF want the fans to dress in blue and orange?
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    Q, brought us back from the depths of hell
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    The 2017 season has NOW officially started. 👏🏻
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    Our secondary WILL BE the best in the conference...count on it. No a single bowl victory is not the only measurable he rebuilt a **** storm that was Louisville and coordinated one of the best defenses in the nation to national championships at Florida. As soon as we win the Peach Bowl this year I am sure he will be back at the P5. Last time I saw your coach he was pissing and moaning to the refs on every play so QF kept throwing the ball down field to shut him up. Before coming on a USF board bad mouthing the coach perhaps you should be more concerned with the fact that ECU has one win against USF in its history.
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    Secondary is the best in the conference; Charlie Strong would like for you to see his Sugar Bowl ring; if you want mediocre coaches, look no further than ECU.
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    Has someone ever polled current\former players on their opinion of On Campus vs. Ray Jay?
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    All you have to do is look around the country. USF needs a stadium point blank, the Atmosphere at RAYJAY sucks. Look at what Colorado State is doing ticket wise with the new stadium opening this year out there. Its pretty simple but people can keep acting like the problem doesn't exist . But he, lets just keep playing with a top 25 team and a 3/4 empty stadium and **** near half empty student section. Its a shame when the Hot Band is only part of the stadium that looks full. But keep moving people, no problem here, nothing to see.
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    You got moxy kid, I like that.
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    I imagine there's going to be enough shade thrown at us by UCiF fans to cover us the entire season.
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    If you can recruit others to be on the Amway poll, do you get to move higher?
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    My money is on Temple in both of those games.
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    "You're getting 0 money down, you're gettin no payments for the rest of the year, you're gettin a flat screen TV, and then you get to attempt a 3 point shot for tickets on a cruise to the Bahamas with me and Caroline, obut that's not it Caroline, you know what else you get? I'm giving you season tickets to the BEST team in FlAhhhhhhhrida, the USF BULLS, and you get to hang out with my man DJ, now that's what I call yuuuuuuuge, Tampa, yuuuuuuuuge."
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    Thank god someone remembered to post this thread, we almost lost this game. Whew. Close one.
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    Wish I could go, but I'll be in Naples that weekend, on a couples retreat...and trying to find a way to watch the game on my phone discreetly. I guess the fact that I'm surely going to try that means I need a retreat.
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    I booked the Embassy Suites downtown (walking distance from the Georgia Dome). Anyone else book their room yet for the 31st?
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    Date Time Opponent Site TV Result Attendance August 30 7:00 p.m. Western Carolina* Raymond James Stadium • Tampa, FL ESPN3 W 36–31 31,642 September 6 3:30 p.m. Maryland* Raymond James Stadium • Tampa, FL CBSSN L 17–24 28,915 September 13 3:30 p.m. NC State* Raymond James Stadium • Tampa, FL CBSSN L 17–49 27,269 September 19 8:00 p.m. Connecticut Raymond James Stadium • Tampa, FL ESPN W 17–14 28,273 September 27 12:00 p.m. at No. 19 Wisconsin* Camp Randall Stadium • Madison, WI ESPNU L 10–27 78,111 October 11 7:00 p.m. No. 19 East Carolina Raymond James Stadium • Tampa, FL ESPNU L 17–28 31,567 October 18 12:00 p.m. at Tulsa Chapman Stadium • Tulsa, OK ESPNews W 38–30 18,744 October 24 7:00 p.m. at Cincinnati Paul Brown Stadium • Cincinnati, OH ESPN2 L 17–34 30,024 November 1 4:00 p.m. Houston Raymond James Stadium • Tampa, FL ESPNews L 3–27 29,782 November 15 8:00 p.m. at SMU Gerald J. Ford Stadium • University Park, TX CBSSN W 14–13 19,463 November 22 4:00 p.m. at Memphis Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium • Memphis, TN ESPNews L 20–31 34,635 November 28 12:00 p.m. UCF Raymond James Stadium • Tampa, FL (I-4 Corridor Clash) ESPN2 L 0–16 36,963 *Non-conference game. Homecoming. #Rankings from Coaches Poll. All times are in Eastern Time.
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    Before I dive into my list of the 10 Bulls to watch for this season I'd like to introduce myself a little bit. My name is Ian Lindsay, I'm a class of 2016 USF graduate with a passion for sports and sports media and a degree in Mass Communications. I feel that there needs to be more quality conversation and buzz about the Bulls online and I hope to work closely alongside Brad to help push this site and USF athletics into the forefront of the sports conversation. My friend Matt (another USF grad) and I are also in the process of developing a USF-based podcast that would be exclusively produced for TheBullsPen.com. Leave feedback about what you would like to hear discussed, opinions you have and any tips that you have that can help this blog, this site and hopefully our future podcast be the best it can be! Now with only 10 days before The Stampede heads out west to run over San Jose State, I figured it was a good time to countdown the 10 Bulls to watch for in the upcoming 2017 season. Like all lists, understand this is my opinion and not fact so feel free to disagree and share your own! 10. Punter - Senior Jonathan Hernandez Named to the Ray Guy Award watch list for best punter in the country, Hernandez is coming into the season with high expectations. The senior averaged 41.2 yards a kick last year and downed 25 punts inside the opponents' 20. Hernandez big leg is a great tool for Charlie's squad as it gives the defense more real estate to defend. 9. Center - Senior Cameron Ruff Named to the Rimington Award watch list for best center in the country, Ruff is tasked with leading an offensive line that paved the way for two 1,000 yard rushers, and set program records in touchdowns, rushing touchdowns, rushing yards and total offense. 8. Tight End - Sophomore Mitchell Wilcox Named to the Mackey Award watch list, the redshirt sophomore is looking to fill the gap left by former TE Sean Price. Coming off a season with 12 receptions and 2 touchdowns, Wilcox will look to assert himself as the go to big man for Flowers. 7. Defensive Tackle - Senior Bruce Hector One of the studs of a powerful Bulls defensive line, Hector tied the team lead last season with 5 sacks and 7 tackles for loss. Coming back for his 5th year at USF, Hector has already graduated and is considered a leader on the defense. 6. Wide Receiver - Senior Marquez Valdes-Scantling Coming off a standout first year playing at USF, MVS is ready to take over the #1 receiver position after his high school teammate Rodney Adams was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings. Last season MVS caught 5 touchdowns, including 2 bombs of 77 and 51 yards and is expected to thrive in Sterlin Gilbert's new air-raid offense. 5. Linebacker - Senior Auggie Sanchez Named to the Nagurski Award watch list for best linebacker in the country, one of the all-time Bulls, Auggie is coming back for his 5th and final season at USF. Even during what some considered a poor season by his standards, Sanchez, was 1 tackle shy of tying the school record for most tackles in a season. Hopefully a new defensive scheme can get Sanchez back to his peak ability this season. 4. Defensive Tackle - Junior Deadrin Senat Named to both the Nagurski watch list for best defensive player as well as to the Outland watch list for best interior lineman, offense or defense, Senat has a lot of hype following him into the season. Last season Senat was named the team's defensive MVP and led the d-line in tackles and tackles for loss. 3. Running Back - Senior D'Ernest Johnson Following the departure of USF legend Marlon Mack to the NFL, Johnson will be expected to pick up the load and keep the Bull's offensive machine rolling. An incredibly versatile back, Johnson owns the school record for career receiving yards by a running back and also returned a punt for a touchdown against Syracuse last year. The Bulls will try to get him the ball in a number of ways this season. 2. Cornerback - Senior Deatrick Nichols Coming off a banged up 2016, Deatrick has already been named to the Nagurski Award watch list for best defensive player in the country. Nichols has been THE shutdown corner at USF since he arrived in 2015. After having 4 interceptions each the last two years and 7 additional pass breakups in 2016, Nichols is looking to ready his stock for the NFL draft. 1. Quarterback - Senior Quinton Flowers Do I even have to say why? Q, Glock9, Mr. Flowers, however you refer to Quinton, you are referring to the greatest player in USF history. Coming off an incredible 42 touchdown season where he also accounted for over 4,300 yards of offense and led the Bulls to a program best 11 wins, the hype and the expectations are real. Q has been named to the Davey O'Brien Award watch for best QB in the country, Johnny Unitas award watch for best Senior Quarterback, Walter Camp award watch for best College Football Player and the Heisman Trophy watch list. These are lists no USF player has ever been associated with and is a big step in Flowers' and USF's development as a national name. So that's all! Obviously this list is a tease while we wait for real USF football but hopefully it makes the wait a little easier, 10 MORE DAYS!!!
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    Q's in the same boat as BJD--he could easily get the call with another good year but he'd have to have a stellar throwing season to get the nod at QB. Senat and Nichols should get a call. DJ will let the NFL know if he wants to be drafted...and whether he'll require a re-name of the league.
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    USF was #120 in total D last year. No way they duplicate that this year. If they cut that in half, they have an epic year, assuming they can keep QF off the trainers table. If he picks up a medium yardage throwing ability, USF probably wins every game.
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    See my other answer, but I'd say a bit better. We have the talent to disrupt, and we HAVE to have better coaching this year. Woodie was likely a great guy loved by Taggart and the players. But I think he was in over his head, and I can't think of a single time that he made adjustments. So many times last year, we allowed comebacks to almost give away games (the last 5 games should have been bigger wins, but we let teams back in on D). We almost managed to let Navy beat us, giving up 4 TDs to a RUNNING team that we KNEW had to throw...something they weren't good at...and they nearly took us to OT. Man, my BP is up just typing. So...we SHOULD have as much or more talent, and almost certainly better coaching.
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    They'll need chaos? Good cause chaos is a ladder.
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    THE PLAYoff spot is usf's too lose
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    DJ started work on the stadium this evening...said he will be done in about two weeks.
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    Some serious flaws in this rendering as follows: 1) No On Campus Stadium Publix (OCSP) 2) No giant case for all of the national championship trophies we are going to win because of the OCS 3) No 60 foot tall statue of D'Ernest Johnson striking the heismann pose 4) No giant block of cheese to go with all of the whine flowing from TBP
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    We had 3 1/2 years notice to replace the MSU game. We created an entire football team from scratch in 2 years. I feel like we had ample time to find a decent (not great, not even good) opponent.
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