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  2. 38 years

    Off topic but gotta ask. How many bottles are in your collection? Mine was over 2100 bottles, before I sold it all off.
  3. Two Tickets to WBB vs. Houston 2/21 7pm

    The traffic going over the bridges from 5pm until around 7pm is horrific! The roads in Tampa aren't made for the number of cars driving on them today. I'd love to go to more USF events, but work gets in the way. One day I'll hopefully get the chance to retire and spend more time at USF.
  4. There’s a school in Starkeville led by CVS that says otherwise.
  5. It wasn't all Gilbert... it was Flowers too. I think his play calling will be better with a QB that has bought into what he wanted to do. Flowers wanted to do what Taggart let him do, his own thing and create. I think the offense will be better with a different style QB in it. All of those dive plays weren't dives, some were reads that Flowers just handed off. Also... if Q had been more consistent in the short passing game... I'm not saying anything anyone doesn't know. Short hopped passes...
  6. Can Battle or McCloud Challenge?

    I don't think either will be able to challenge in the absence of an injury. Kean and Oladokun both have QB talent and very talented arms. They both have a year in the system and will be light years ahead of those guys by the time they get to campus. I think the QB battle this spring will be tough... just looking at the spring game last season, I can see the eventual starter having a huge season. While I was one of Q's biggest fans and defenders, he short hopped a lot of passes and he couldn't make all the throws. I think both of these guys are likely a better fit for this offense. I think the offense may be better and more balanced this year than last. We bring back a ton of talent at the WR position... it could be argued that McCants and Salomon were the best two WRs at the end of last season. Getting Bronson back... with Dukes, Roland, Antione, and those other guys, the passing game could see a huge jump. Kean and Oladokun both are strong arm guys with a lot of confidence. I'd be shocked if Battles or McCloud beat either out for the top two spots. I also think Conkrite will take a lot of pressure off the starter. He's the best back we have... was last season too, but had to sit.
  7. This does not give me the warm and fuzzies.
  8. Win as many games as possible to get a better seed and maybe, just maybe get away from the UCONN bracket.
  9. @Brad Thanks, this was the first time I have downloaded something from the site so I didn't know If I was doing something wrong or not. I ended up downloading it off my computer and putting it in my google drive, where I could take a screenshot without any heading on it. So in the end I figured it out, but I probably put way more effort into it than was needed.
  10. Club Owner

    I wouldn't mind helping you out. Just let me know, unfortunately, I don't live close enough to make it to very many games but I try to stay as informed as possible on USF baseball.
  11. Can Battle or McCloud Challenge?

    Wouldn't mind seeing it happen as long as they earn it and its not injury related. But I doubt it will happen
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  13. Good Vibrations
  14. It'll be interesting if either can make a serious push to get on the field this year. They weren't in the top 15 here but are mentioned as others to watch:
  15. We're a larger university in size only ...
  16. He apparently really wants to be here and that, right now, is Priority One ... but he doesn't suck, either.
  17. Just Sterlin Gilbert as far as I've heard.
  18. Can’t help but wonder if we are better off winning one game in the conference tourny and then relaxing a bit to get ready for the NCAA’s...obviously the chances of winning the conference is next to nil
  19. Artwork

    The quote is what makes the piece...
  20. Short Campus Tour With One of the Kids

    Of course it's swimable, not safely though.
  21. Only problem is, half our fans hate the coaching staff.
  22. This really can't be understated. This is huge like having the same teacher-you know to teach you math. Maybe this will translate into a scheme to be recognized instead of missed assignment? resulting in a touchdown or a big stop. That list, btw, blew my mind how many coaches we've had come trough USF. Some welcomed back ( TJ) and some not (Cosh).
  23. For a change, USF football staff remains the same Matt Mattox becomes USF's first offensive line coach to remain for a second year since 2012. (OCTAVIO JONES | Times) Joey KnightTimes staff writer MORE ARTICLES Published: February 22, 2018 When the 2018 Bulls hit the Morsani Complex fields March 5 for their inaugural spring practice, they'll be greeted by a stabilizing force of sorts. Familiar faces, all around. For the first time since 2011, USF will enter the season with the same coaching staff from the previous year. The coordinator carousel has stopped. No new terminology to decipher, no fresh philosophy to ingest. For USF's veteran offensive linemen, the familiarity must be especially refreshing. This spring marks the first time in their respective college careers they enter a season with the same position coach (Matt Mattox) from the previous year. Mattox is USF's first o-line coach to remain on staff for more than one season since Steve Shankweiler from the Skip Holtz regime. On the other side, Brian Jean-Mary is the Bulls' first defensive coordinator to remain for a second season since Chuck Bresnahan in 2014. Related: USF spring game set for April 14 And while Willie Taggart was the play-caller for most of his four-season tenure, the '18 season technically marks the first time in six years USF will have the same offensive coordinator (Sterlin Gilbert) from the previous season. The only staff alteration: the addition of a 10th assistant coach. The NCAA approved a measure last year allowing football programs to add another assistant starting this season. Coach Charlie Strong is expected to announce his newest staffer in the next few days. Revolving doorstop A look at some of the recent turnover on USF's coaching staff. For the first time since 2011, USF will enter the season with the same staff from the previous year. Offensive line coach 2012: Steve Shankweiler 2013: Walt Wells 2014: Paul Wulff 2015: Danny Hope 2016: Darren Hiller 2017: Matt Mattox 2018: Matt Mattox Defensive coordinator 2012: Chris Cosh 2013: Chuck Bresnahan 2014: Chuck Bresnahan 2015: Tom Allen 2016: Raymond Woodie 2017: Brian Jean-Mary 2018: Brian Jean-Mary Offensive coordinator 2012: Todd Fitch 2013: Walt Wells 2014: Paul Wulff 2015: Danny Hope (run game)/David Reaves (pass game) 2016: Darren Hiller (run game)/T.J. Weist (pass game) 2017: Sterlin Gilbert 2018: Sterlin Gilbert
  24. Short Campus Tour With One of the Kids

    That looks nothing like the campus I attended. Mine had much more of a Kabul or Afghanistan feel to it. Haven't kept up much with usf bball of late but Justin Brown seems like a nice kid. Is he any good? Side note is that beach/retention pond swimmable? I'd be hesitant...
  25. Yeah, I just don't really buy that sentiment at all.
  26. As you can see in the member list, I am listed as the “owner”. I’m seeking co-ownership from someone that would like to help drive this experimental club. Ownership allows you some other club options and an opportunity to hlep grow the group If you are interested, please let me know. I’d be happy to have a longer discussion, but wanted to get this out there. Thanks, Brad
  27. @BrassBulls12, I will look at it and see if I botched the upload (quite possible). I’ll respond here later this evening. Thanks for making me aware. Brad
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