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  2. Bulls AD Harlan About to Sign an Extension

    1. Unless every AD has to have "greater" success than the one before him, I'd say Harlan is doing just fine here. Football has had it's two best seasons under his watch W/L. Only two ranked finishes. Other sports seem to be doing the same or better. Basketball is still a dumpster fire, so it's not like he's doing worse. 2. COA wasn't a bad hire, just a bad result. We can only get two kinds of coaches. Retreads or up and comers. Up and comers carry risk, retreads you get what you pay for. We did the up and comer and it blew up, but I can't say he made a bad hire. If you want to pin the Masiello fiasco on him, I guess that's a thing, But it's not like he showed up and declared, "Mark don't do background checks, bitches!" He probably followed the exact same protocol UCLA did and USF did before him. They found a guy, interviewed, threw some numbers around, worker out the specifics, then did their background check and it bit us on the ass. He did what 99.99% of employers do and we caught it in time. Other hires, look to be fine. No complains about Mohl and Butehorn. Points off for the result of xCOA, but the hire I can't knock. I like Gregory so far. 3. Facilities are looking like they're on the upswing if the IPF pans out and OCS seems to be on some sort of track. 4. Definitely. 5. Attendance sucks, but if the facilities pan out, fundraising seems to be in order. 6. Unless there's someone ahead of us I don't know about, we're in as good a shape as anyone else in the minors. 7. Football scheduling doesn't look to good and I don't like it, but I don't know how much that's him and how much football scheduling has changed. 8. If Vinik counts as relationships, he's good here. 9. Don't really know how to gauge this. I live in Tampa and have employment ties to USF, so I never feel like I'm out of the loop, but others disagree. Our media seems appropriate for where we are. So to answer your later question... 4, 3, 4, 5, 4, 4, 3, 4, 4 - 35/45
  3. Mons Venus? Yeah. No, I mean.
  4. until
    University of South Florida Men's Tennis vs Tulane University http://gousfbulls.com/calendar.aspx?id=10531
  5. After reading the title of the thread I thought Mons Venus was back on public access tv...anyone remember that.
  6. ESPN Top 100 NFL Draft Prospects

    The real deal.
  7. Okay, we use a typical 1-5 rating system with 5 being superior. Perfect score is 45 points - how many points in your assessment, does AD Harlan earn?
  8. Today
  9. htqtp://www.espn.com/nfl/draft2018/story/_/id/23201964/2018-nfl-draft-jeff-legwold-ranking-top-100-prospects-picks We got 1 in the top 100. 80. Deadrin Senat, DT, South Florida, 6-0, 314 (5.16) Senat elevated his standing with his pre-draft work, including practices for the East-West game. He closed out the 2017 season with 59 tackles over the last eight games and had three sacks in the Birmingham Bowl
  10. Bulls AD Harlan About to Sign an Extension

    So, not only are we good enough for our coaches to be taken, they want to take our ADs too? But, we don't belong?
  11. Why is the USF beat writer . . .

    I think it's more than a feeling...
  12. Yesterday
  13. Why is the USF beat writer . . .

    I sometimes get the feeling he’s gotten to the point where he’s just trolling the whole fan base because it gets people stirred up and drives more clicks. I don’t think he truly enjoys covering the team even the slightest bit and merely does it because it gives him a weekly paycheck.
  14. Your trap didn't stay zipped long...;)
  15. Why is the USF beat writer . . .

    It gets worse:
  16. QF on Packers.com

    Make the move cheeseheads! You won't be sorry.
  17. Bay area has ‘hit show’ again, thanks to USF

    Now you've gone and done it. He'll get lit up.
  18. QF on Packers.com

    From Green and Gold to Green and Gold! At least he won't have to update his wardrobe, LOL Good luck Q!!!
  19. Bulls AD Harlan About to Sign an Extension

    Good list. Your number 4 needs to be number 1, BTW.
  20. Now Trip will say this is bad juju and I should shut up, but Pete has been synonymous with solid.
  21. "Life is just a fantasy, can you live this fantasy life?" -Aldo Nova, 1982 -Danny White, 2018
  22. Yep, I'll be over there tonight. Hopefully the bats show up. Need Pete to be solid as well and even the series. Still alot at stake within the conference
  23. Bulls AD Harlan About to Sign an Extension

    9. Unilateral National Championship self-proclamations.
  24. A quick google news search doesn't turn up a whole lot of immediate interest in Harlan, although this Maryland report suggests he's a possibility:
  25. Bulls AD Harlan About to Sign an Extension

    Outreach. Staff and Donor Relations. Media presence.
  26. It's a brief prospect report, but glad to see Quinton on the Packers site getting some attention...video available on page, follow link to go.
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