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  2. USF WBB - Never Been to a Game Offer

    Some games are still available for any first timers. You will not be disappointed. NYC, if you can make it please let me know. Thanks to everyone for the kind words and taking me up on my offer. The ladies play great hoops and are fun to watch. Go Bulls!
  3. CCS and Coaching Openings

    Agree...otherwise he would be running up score on weaker teams.
  4. WBB: USF #17 AP Poll

    Jose putting in that international work.
  5. CCS and Coaching Openings

    CCS is not coaching like someone who is trying to leave.
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  7. CCS and Coaching Openings

    he is being mentioned for ucla job
  8. Curious: Are you concerned about...

    Nope .. not concerned at all.. then again I've never been over there. People need to stop being such pansies. Don't be belligerent and keep your cool. If some one acts up and is embarrassing themselves (fans of both teams) then they should be put in their place by their respective friends. Its all about good competition and some competition don't ruin it for the normal people who are there to have a good time. Win or lose.. point blank. Ill be tailgating right in the stadium with friends and hope to meet chill fans of both teams.
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  10. Curious: Are you concerned about...

    Im there... all thats matters
  11. Curious: Are you concerned about...

    I understand that event is now sold out. That is what we would have done, had we planned on going to the game.
  12. Women's Basketball vs Butler

    She put on a little weight in the off season, but not all that much. Despite her height, she is really not a post player. I think she is more a 3 point shooter. Perhaps, Jose would prefer to red shirt her for next year.
  13. Women's Basketball vs Butler

    Maybe cause Bond is thinner than a spaghetti noodle.
  14. Women's Basketball vs Butler

    Shae Leverett (RS Fr), and A. Prieto, (True Fr) have done well. V Blagmon (True Fr) is just getting her feet wet. D. Nagy (Soph) was supposed to return against Butler, but didn't. Perh Fresh)aps she will be used in our next game. I think Enna P (RS Fresh) will then follow pretty soon. I don't know why Jazz Bond (Soph) hasn't played. Our transfer A. Rader (Junior) needs to sit out until some time in December. Perhaps, we want to red shirt S. Serrat. So, for the time being our five starters and three playing freshmen will have to make do until more help arrives.
  15. CCS hates it here

    Charlie has not coached like someone trying to jump ship.
  16. Curious: Are you concerned about...

    I'll be there in all my drunken glory decked out in USF gear. If we win, awesome. If we lose, I'm planning on asking a UCF coed to give me a pity flash since I'm old. I'll probably ask one before the game, too.
  17. USF/UCF Common Opp

  18. Game Preparation: UCF Encyclopedia

    Usf couldn't get to a BCS Bowl and had AQ access for 7 years. Even UConn got in one. Usf won only 2 games in that same defunct and dying conference in 2013. It's fans like you why usf has empty seats in Ray Jay. Spoiled by the BCS Big East days and still trying to pretend it's all a bad dream, still.
  19. Curious: Are you concerned about...

    I bought tix to the USF tailgate party which includes guarded parking and a bus ride to/from the game. Primary reason was to just be around fellow Bull fans for food and some rah rah before the game. However, don't think the idea of having a safe place to park didn't weigh in a little. I have a prominent Bulls decal on my truck and it would make a good target.
  20. Women's Basketball vs Butler

    Shaw an Pietro have proven to be good role players so far, but we have ZERO bench play for the 2, 3, and 4 positions
  21. Game Preparation: UCF Encyclopedia

    #15 Houston? How about #6 Louisville at their place vs C. Strong? Alabama in 2000 was big because it was our first over a P5 (formerly BCS) opponent.
  22. Expiration Date: 21 hours and 24 minutes Ends Tuesday!
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