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  2. Maybe not. But you definitely get fired if you suck at it. And that he did. 5-7 at Texas doesn't lie.
  3. Of course not. He should get until the 2nd or 3rd real game .... or until players start transferring, citing the reason being the new offense sucks and doesn't adequately utilize our skill guys.
  4. I renewed mine and kicked in an extra seat for the seats for soldiers campaign. I encourage those who can afford it to do so. Good for the Bulls for making this easy to do during the renewal process.
  5. I think he is bluffing. Probably wants to play it off like he is starting from scratch.
  6. Happy to see Nigel doing well, however the article in general made it seem like each and every player was going to star in the NFL. That writer definitely had the back of each individual player he commented on.
  7. Thanks, Brad. I may not remember anything from my USF math education classes but I do have a pretty terrific memory of my days working with the mens basketbull team.
  8. I don't recall. Our 4 seats in the south end one along with the $100 Bulls Club donation was just a bit under $700.00. We decided to pay all up-front this year after we got our income tax return.
  9. Kevin Willard was Big East coach of the year last year and his team has a chance to make the NCAA tourney again this year as well...he will not be coaching
  10. RT @UpTheThunder: DeAndre Jordan and Russell Westbrook hate rims. They hate them so much.

  11. On second thought, **** him. He should have said he's going to run the exact same offense and everyone else in football should too.
  12. A coach that leads the offense should get until spring practice starts??!
  13. Not letting the new coach have until, at least, practice actually starts before you criticize him is just as lazy, arrogant, and stupid.
  14. None that I could find
  15. Any official word from USF yet?
  16. Holtz was called out. We sure were wrong there too, right? I don't know that being OC at a team that failed to reach a winning record is a huge feather in his cap either. My speculation: he's going to run his offense without a care for what the previous regime did. That's not invalid, he still should just come out and say he's going to run the offense the way he wants and sees fit without taking into account the previous approach; considering it was a top 5 approach.
  18. 2017 1. Jernard Philips WR 4/20/2016 (SIGNED 1/9/2017) 2. Kelvin Pinkney DT 7/19/2016 (SIGNED 2/1/2017) 3. Randall St Felix WR 7/23/2016 (SIGNED 2/1/2017) 4. Nick Roberts DB 7/24/2016 (SIGNED 2/1/2017) 5. Jean Marcellus OL 7/25/2016 (SIGNED 2/1/2017) 6. Duran Bell ATH 7/26/2016 (SIGNED 2/1/2017) 7. Mekhi LaPointe S 7/31/2016 (SIGNED 2/1/2017) 8. Darrien Grant DE 8/2/2016 (SIGNED 2/1/2017) 9. Bentlee Sanders CB 8/25/2016 (SIGNED 2/1/2017) 10. Kelvin Kegler DT 9/5/2016 (SIGNED 2/1/2017) 11. Frederick Lloyd WR 11/29/2016 (SIGNED 2/1/2017) 12. Jeremiah Stafford OL 2/1/2017 (SIGNED 2/1/2017) 13. Jabreel Stephens LB 2/1/2017 (SIGNED 2/1/2017) 14. Donelle Thomas S 2/1/2017 (SIGNED 2/1/2017) 15. KeVaughn Dingle WR 2/1/2017 (SIGNED 2/1/2017) 16. Naytron Culpepper S 2/1/2017 (SIGNED 2/1/2017) 17. Keirston Johnson LB 2/1/2017 (SIGNED 2/1/2017) 18. Demetris Harris OL 2/1/2017 (SIGNED 2/1/2017) 19. Chauncy Smart ATH 2/17/2017
  19. It's one of those local urban myths/legends that could be true. Lehane thought they were .... and they made the story better.
  20. Did not think we had a chance to win 20 games or go to the big dance, but we can still do both.
  21. Yep, Valdez is the midweek starter. Hopefully we get 5 good innings from him.
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