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  2. Girls are still doing really well this year, overachieving IMO which is a great sign. It just seems like they get stars in their eyes when playing the ranked teams. CJF is showing his skills with this team, there's still time to get even better.
  3. Including Gasparilla in the tour could be a nice bonus or a complete catastrophe. The floats are probably the best & safest vantage point, lol.
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  5. Lesson: When you want to be vocal about something, make sure it's not gonna make you look whiny. This just makes me glad he lied on the resume, or he'd be saying it with a green & gold tie and a little lapel pin.
  6. SEEMS like he is having a nervous breakdown
  7. Guess we're pretty out of touch here in Tennessee, we should know our place and submit to our betters from the University
  8. 1. Clinton, begrudgingly. :/ I was feelin' the Bern. It's gonna be a long four years. 2. Feb 1 3. duh, #GoBulls 4. Touring the country with a new musical 5. Chicago (Gotta have those horns baby ) #GoBulls
  9. RT @justicedems: Watercooler talk for Booker and Pelosi and Schumer tomorrow.

  10. I heard DJ was going to be the float that carries the team in the parade this year.
  11. Still love my Mosaic.
  12. couldnt. agree. more. #GoBulls
  13. Villanova, Louisville, UK, and others arent having any problems with a "fraudulent" society. Sounds like an EXCUSE machine. #GoBulls
  14. Oh, look... David Reaves' dad.
  15. I heard it took over from Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle...
  16. Actually kind of understand where he's coming from but I don't think "fraudulent" is the correct adjective ...
  17. More like Alta Vista.
  18. What's this google? Is it similar to Ask Jeeves?
  19. Also, I have Google and can look at our present class and those before it.
  20. I'll the guy who covers USF's opinion over those of some here. Not just because it aligns with my opinion but because you know he gets paid to talk to recruits and cover them.
  21. If he was smart, he'd realize the minute he picks his school he's losing 9,950 of his followers.
  22. I've always been a fan of when the guy next to me is texting, pulling forward quickly so he catches me out of the corner of his eye going forward and thinks it's a green and hits the gas as he looks up, only to see it's still red.
  23. That only works if the increase in ticket prices isn't offset by turning a few people away with the increase. Personally, I wouldn't be raising prices until demand meets supply. If we're at about 16,000 season tickets from last year, a $20 increase nets us about $320,000 dollars. Granted it's more, but not substantially more. Factor in how many of the season tickets went to FSU fans, and we'll be lucky to break even for this season with an increase in our fans and a decrease in FSU tickets. I just don't see how raising prices on our home schedule this year with no FSU and no UCF works to our benefit. Keep them static and cash in for 2018 when we've shown sustained improvement in quality. Unless they're thinking that with 2018 being a season with 6 home games instead of 7 and that would be VERY hard to justify.
  24. Wow, this guy is as out of touch with truth as Trump is!
  25. This year? Jan 4 at #31 Tulane (62-53)
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