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  5. Hot like Hansel.
  6. We're most likely heading to Tallahassee or Gainesville. Not sure which one we would have a better shot of getting out of
  7. No. He transferred in time for '97 season. OGs were here in '96 for the practice season. You'll see the full article tomorrow for #88. Until then...
  8. Brian Erb was an OG though....
  9. And FSU is like stupid hot all of a sudden for no reason
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  11. BA has us going to Tallahassee.
  12. Career profile of USF defensive end Derek Hintze. #90 DE Derek Hintze - Redshirt Freshman(?), 6’5”, 225 lbs. 2016 Stats: Derek did not play last season. We have a lot of questions about Hintze. He isn’t listed on the 2015 roster, but he might have been on the team them. So we don’t know if last year was a redshirt season, or if 2015 was. Also, he was listed as a tight end last year, but he doesn’t have a tight end number, and he recorded a tackle in the spring game playing on defense. Plus his Instagram (more on that in a minute) labels him a defensive end. So that’s what we’re going with. How He Came To USF: Like his brother and business partner Ryan, Derek Hintze played at Braden River High School in Bradenton. The Pirates made the Class 7A football playoffs in his senior year in 2014. Derek also played power forward and center on the basketball team. He walked on to the football team after enrolling at USF. High School Highlights: Got ‘em right here. Recruiting Rankings: Derek wasn’t rated by any recruiting services. Follow Him On... Derek’s Twitter is @DerekHintze. His Instagram is private, at @dheezy_. View the full article
  13. Houston is hosting a regional.
  14. Yesterday
  15. I agree with Johnson as of now, but expect that Wilcox could take it over as early as this upcoming season.
  16. We'll have to revisit this no later than after Mr. Wicox's senior season. Plenty of potential, will he overtake WR Taurus Johnson?
  17. Never thought I would miss the days of winning 12 games but that is a heck of a lot better than the last few seasons
  18. The BasketBulls as I know them are back?!? 12-20 here we come!!!
  19. Good to see USF have some west coast games so that the West Coast Bulls get a chance to attend
  20. Yes Yes Yes. See y'all there!
  21. RT @claravelarde13: "The confederate flag isn't racist"

  22. These Totti farewells ????????

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  24. NEWS: Join USF Baseball as it holds an NCAA Selection Show Watch Party Monday beginning at 11:30 in the USF Sun Dome Arena Club. View the full article
  25. RECAP: The Bulls finished their season with a fifth national finals appearance in the last six years at the Sperry's ICSA Nationals from May 23-26. View the full article
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