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  2. Aug. 26: Points Scored v. Punches Landed

    I agree he is going to get crushed, I'm simply being a contrarian and throwing out the other side of the argument. I think that for the sake of putting on a good show (and the fact that McGregor COULD land a lucky punch) Mayweather won't go 100% and the fight will last longer than it should. But I agree, it will simply be a spectacle, a circus sideshow, which is why I posed the poll question that I chose.
  3. San Jose State game

    I just emailed them again, will let you know what I hear. Here's their response. So unless someone on here has a ticket for me and wants me sitting with them (Yeah, right, eh?! LOL), I'll get my ticket from these guys. Attached is the link where you purchase tickets for the San Jose game. The ticket is $40 and $10 for them to mailing. After you enter your payment information, a pop up box will come up asking about seating access; the second question with the free form box is where you can type "Sit with Los Angeles Alumni". Here's the purchase link from USF athletics: We look forward to seeing you at the game. Go Bulls! LA Metro Communications Team
  4. Aug. 26: Points Scored v. Punches Landed

    Of course you are assuming McGregor can actually box...which he can't. It won't take that long.
  5. Aug. 26: Points Scored v. Punches Landed

    Best boxer of his generation against a guy who dabbled a little in amateur boxing about a decade ago, and is now making his pro debut. Not sure how they managed to sell this crap. Pretty funny though that ESPN reported that there was a 30K bet put in on McGregor. Don't know the specifics of the bet, but hopefully for that individual's sake, he/she wasn't betting on a McGregor victory.
  6. Aug. 26: Points Scored v. Punches Landed

    McGregor hasn't boxed in his life right? USF points. I mean I'm rootin for him, but I find it hard to believe he will go in there and take an undefeated defensive boxer.
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  8. Aug. 26: Points Scored v. Punches Landed

    Mayweather's punches will be coming way faster, and with much more accuracy than Diaz. Mayweather has been in with a few future Hall of Famers (De La Hoya, Mosely, Marquez, Alvarez), and those guys mostly struggled to get a glove on Mayweather. McGregor is way slower, and lacks the footwork or experience to make this even remotely competitive. I don't think McGregor even has a puncher's chance in this. This is a joke of a fight that McGregor has somehow talked his way into. This will look something like the Mayweather-Gatti fight, but far worse. Mayweather is not a power puncher, but I doubt McGregor goes the distance here. Will likely be stopped on cuts. They should have written it into the contract that McGregor doesn't get paid in the case of a DQ. I can see him getting frustrated and humiliated, and trying to foul out of the fight. The original Points scored v. Punches landed is a good question. McGregor will probably get credit for punches landed by tapping Mayweather to the body while they're in a clinch, which will probably account for the vast majority of his punches landed. I'm guessing we put up at least 42 on San Jose State. I think I'd go with Points scored on this one....
  9. Charlie Strong to go on First Take

    the tampabaytimes website is infected or something. The last few times I have tried to read their website on mobile I get crazy pop ups and it is unusable.
  10. San Jose State game

    I just emailed them again, will let you know what I hear.
  11. Aug. 26: Points Scored v. Punches Landed

    Mayweather hasn't knocked anyone out in the last 6 years, other than maybe 1 or 2 girlfriends. McGregor absorbed 157 shots to the head and body in 25 minutes against Nate Diaz and was never knocked down. ESPN Sports Science compared the punching power of Mayweather and Nate Diaz: "In fact, Mayweather’s power is about the same as volume puncher and McGregor rival, Nate Diaz.” Sports Science lists Mayweather’s average power punch at 814 pounds of force and Nate Diaz’s at 820 pounds of force." In order to KO McGregor, Mayweather is most likely going to have to wear him down with a barrage of punches over the course of more than a few rounds.
  12. Aug. 26: Points Scored v. Punches Landed

    Considering McGregor will not land more than 20 punches before being floored, I took USF.
  13. Aug. 26: Points Scored v. Punches Landed

    Some food for thought: Pacquiao went all 12 rounds with Mayweather and landed a total of 81 out of 429 punches. USF's all-time record for points scored in a game is 80 (in the first game ever), out most points scored in 2016 was 56 (v. Towson) and our most points scored in the last 5 seasons was in 2015 against Cincinnati (65).
  14. Fan Fest August 12th

    If they want to increase apparel sales they need to consider having the Sun Dolls model EVERYTHING!
  15. Given that USF's Drive to Georgia (Sponsored by Mercedes Benz) and the Mayweather-McGregor fight are both set for August 26th, I offer you this question: Which will be more, total points scored by USF against SJSU or total punches landed by McGregor against Mayweather?
  16. Charlie Strong to go on First Take

    The trade-off on having a big name coach: You get a ridiculous amount of press coverage (probably more this year than the last 5 or 6 years combined), but the head coach doesn't have the time to make it to an 11 year, fan-built tradition (Capogna's). This is great for USF, for our potential ranking, and for Flowers's Heisman hopes. Can it be August 26th already?
  17. Welcome sbull89

    Hello TBP members, Please join me in welcoming sbull89 to USF Bulls - - South Florida Bulls. sbull89 joined us on the 07/28/2017. View Member Go Bulls!
  18. Charlie Strong to go on First Take

    We are all over the ESPN network today. Can't buy this kind of pub. Go Bulls!
  19. Charlie Strong to go on First Take

    You can watch it now on ESPN's front page. They have cut it down though.
  20. Capogna's

    Too bad. I really appreciated how this went live on Facebook last year for all to see.
  21. Capogna's

    Bummer, was looking forward to it. Maybe next year.
  22. RT @DLeacock55: I Committed to USF #bulls #gobulls

  23. Sad losing Patrick Payton, too young.
  24. San Jose State game

    i think the los angeles group is getting tickets.i emailed them but havent heard back.
  25. Linebacker Shortage

    Watts/Mcgee type are most like Jamie Byrd. Its not really the size that is the issue it is the scrappy mentality you gotta have. It appears Strong prefers more size than Willie did though when looking at recruiting. I could be wrong.
  26. Can the AAC adopt this policy?

    the cbs games last forever.
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