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  1. I've noticed quite a few members that have joined recently (and some members that have been so for longer periods) have not personalized their profile picture.  Using the default profile image is okay:


    Those are some nice horns, but take a little time and you can break from the herd with your own image. 

    If you look in the upper right corner you'll see your screen name.  Click on the arrow next to it and select Profile, under Content.

    On your profile page, you'll see an icon to change your profile avatar.  I have included a look at mine below:


    The highlighted picture icon is how I added that BRAHMANS logo patch as my avatar.  There are multiple choices to add your own avatar, including the two most popular, adding via a URL (image already hosted on the internet) or uploading from your computer.  Both work just fine.

    Try updating your profile picture and give yourself an image others will come to recognize you by.  If you have any questions or need any help whatsoever, please reply to this blog entry.

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    I new to this whole blogging thing, so please bear with me.

    This past Sunday, my wife and I, moved our only child into his dorm over at USF. Many of you know how this feels. We had to move him in early because he is in the Navy ROTC program and they are having their orientation through Thursday.

    We had been to campus several times before this day with the college visit and the USF orientation, which I must say, USF does a really good job at both. My son was quite confident in his decision to attend USF. However, on the Saturday night before move in day, he confessed that he was really nervous. I'm sure his emotional parting from his girlfriend, who is staying in Orlando, had a lot to do with it. With all of that, we were sure that move in day would be a tear fest.

    Well it wasn't.

    First of all, the Poplar dorms are beautiful and our son was excited once we set up his room, which in turn made us happier. Then because we had to stay for his ROTC orientation, we left him for a while, and then we met him and a friend of his from high school for dinner. We then learned that he had already met six new people including his RA and he had plans to get together with them after dinner.

    The next morning we picked him up at his dorm at 6:30am and headed to the ROTC building. Once there, he got in line to check in and we were asked to sit to the side. We went into their auditorium and sat through a presentation. He was grouped with the other midshipmen and we with the other parents. After the presentation, the parents stayed for a Q&A session and the midshipmen left.

    That was it, no goodbye, no hugs, nothing. I believe that was actually a good thing.

    Now we won't see him until tomorrow night. This is the weird part. For over 18 years, we have not gone more than a day or two without some kind of contact. It will be four days before we see him again.

    I certainly miss my son, but I am so proud of him and I know that he will do great things at USF and in the Navy.